Monday, February 19, 2007

It Never Rain In California...

Nope, it might not. But as Albert Hammond aptly put it: "It, it pours".

Got to admit, my life's quite like that. Normally all quiet to the point of boredom. Then suddenly, when something happen, man, does it happen! Wish I can share the high and low of it without revealing too much or offending anyone. I mean, a blog is sort of a personal diary where one can pour out what ever one wish. And I really thought that's what its going to be like...until that smart alec of a Sofian listed it somewhere while he hid his. Anyway, for what ever its worth, here's to you bro...what ever, where ever, you may be.

Honestly, it took me sometime to get my thoughts back here. I was having a swell of a time elsewehere, where only a precious few know my identity. Alhamdulillah, those who do are rather supportive of my, shall I say, religious-moral-social obligations? Whatever. Though brickbats do come my way - and I do admit to being hurt at some of them - I have come to accept it as part and parcel of the game: we each come with our own mind and beliefs.

Sometimes though, I do admit feeling silly doing what I do. It makes me fell so odd, so out-of-place, so...crazy? Like the other day, a guy 'screamed' at me. Normally I would not reply. But when I do reply, alhamdulillah, out of nowhere comes heaps of support. It makes me feel wanting to thank them personally, but I can't. I'm there not on my personal capacity. I'm there for a reason. To make it simple and short, I'm there because of Allah s.w.t.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not the super-religious kind of guy stereotyped by media wearing a kopiah and a long beard to boot. Nope. Fact is, I'm just an ordinary joe who happens to view certain things rather seriously in a world gone mad with the entertainment industry - almost every other person seem to think there's plain too little entertainment. From the primary 1 kid to schoolgoing teens, to 9 to 5's! Their simple excuse is: "to relieve their boredom and tension" - as though they've been living either in a solitary confinement or they're right there in Iraq or Palestine! Sheesh! Perhaps they should be there.

Oops! I'm begining to go overboard.

Anyway, since I can't be telling of my high and lows of certain things, I thought I'd like to share this: webtv8 ( and I patched thngs up. Though I'm not as active as before, I have been on 2 or 3 assignments with them. I make a lousy journalist as I am at writing, I don't mind telling you. Apart from covering the 'Kota Damansara' Food Court Scandal, we were also present for the 'Criminalisng War Conference' at PWTC, and the Cuban Embassy Press Conference with regards to the US Military Base in Guantanamo Bay. Have to tell you, I really suck there.

On the personal side, things seem to be looking on the up side, insyAllah. The storm may have passed. Either that, or I'm in the eye of it. If the latter is true - hopefully its not - then I'm in for a real serious pour.