Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Pow Wow

Met a guy the other day. We first met when the Residents Reps of the area were trying to get acquainted with the various RAs, in an effort to make a better place for everyone. So far things are going good and meeting him again by chance the other day, helped give a better perspective of things.  And as usual these days, the main topic would revolve around politics. As usual too as many would with new acquaintances, I'd rather do the listening and was glad I did. 

Apparently, this guy, Nick, as we will call him, is or was from the other camp but he and his peopleare ready to change allegiance to another. He was speaking rather fast and in a mamak shop where all sort of noises can be heard, several words were lost to me. Words such as 'pow-wow' and 'July'. While the latter could possibly indicate something big this coming year, the other had me scratching my head on what was meant. And believe, one wouldn't want a guy like Nick to repeat things. Oh, he's a nice guy but you just don't that to him. After we parted, I began trying to put things together of what was said. 

'July' can mean anything such a wedding, Raya celebration, a...er, whatever else there is. The other, 'pow-wow', though, can be quite specific but such is the mention, then it old news to many unless something more sinister is being brewed. Hmm...too big a play for someone like me. Hey, I'm no Sherlock, mind you. Then again, what if it was a single word such as 'pow' or 'pau'. Intriguing!

Well, for one, 'pau', could not be anything else but that 'kueh pau'; originally a Chinese snack which almost everyone has a fancy to. But it would be ridiculous for Nick to mention about food. Or, perhaps not. 

The other word 'pow', most certainly could not mean the sound cdof a fist landing on someone's face. As I was contemplating the word Nick meant, my thoughts strayed to a distant past to the age when a young man would think he is invincible. The recent events in his life has proven such a notion a fallacy but one do have to admit that he took a very long while to realise it.  Still, all is not lost. I hope.

Now, I wouldn't know of the present day usage but back then, 'pow' simply meant extortion and usually but not all the time, demanding money by force on the streets. Robbery, in another words. Or, if you wish, highway bandits. Oops, strike that last one out as we already have those in legal form.

Back then, a guy would join the young pups of a secret society, mostly to prove himself a man. Sometimes though, another would be forced in simply to keep company of a friend of friends. Such was the tale of one in a distant past.

Having followed the pups around and watching them pow strangers of various age and color, it was his turn to prove his worthiness and loyalty. The spot chosen was rail track that was sparsely used. The track was built during colonial times and may have carried dignitaries within the short distance of the city.

While the pups lay in hide, the boy stood on the tracks waiting for a passerby. A girl in her early twenties soon walked into view, using the tracks as a shortcut to her destination. When the girl stepped nearer, they boy - feeling guilt all over - asked the girl for the time in a rather polite way. The girl, with her eyes bulged wide, was clearly in shock and began looking all around her. Before the guy could say or do anything, she screamed out loud and ran the direction she came. It must have been a real fright for her, one, perhaps, she still remember. For the boy though, it surely would be one of the most embarrassing moments in his life. The good thing that came out of it is that the guy regretted his intended action and vowed never do such things again to anyone.

Some very many years later, he found that many people are being subjected to at least one form of extortion that has been made legal. A bad company that we can surely do without. 

Not The Bad Company below though. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tabik RR

Found this picture on the net and feel it is the most appropriate thing to put up in view of a tragic event yesterday. Justice, may you reign soon.

For Justice

* My apologies if pictures in this and past entry does not appear. Transition to iPad is proving a nightmare of sorts for a non-IT geek like me. Had to as motherboard of old laptop burned itself out.

Sunday, November 06, 2016

I Stand Up To You

I may not know you in person. But I have read the news you've created and I salute you and your young friends. I do suspect in this near future, many Malaysians and I will be saluting not only you, but those who stand their ground just as you chose to while the cowards hide behind a phalanx of illegalities and immoralities made legal.

Adam Adli, irrespective of the court's decision, I pray Allah s.w.t. will grant you courage and wisdom. You and all your young friends are the new generation leader. Thread not the path of thos who have betrayed this nation.

Sunday, October 09, 2016

Double Whammy

A decision had to be made.

After fighting the pain for more than 12hours, the man decided to give in. But before proceeding to the course of action needed, he dragged himself to the bathroom for a shower, being careful with each painful step as not to exaggerate matters to beyond manageable point. Soon as he's done with dressing, he picked up the landline and made a quick call. Having locked the front door and grill, he sat on the wooden chair just beside the grill. He did not have to wait long.

Less than 20minutes later an ambulance arrived in a silent mode as requested. The first paramedic rushed to the man who needed help standing up. After a few steps, his legs buckled just as the 2nd paramedic arrived with the stretcher.

These past 5years or so, my health has taken one bad turn to another. Small jobs including a lovely script writing for a corporate video had to be passed on to friends simply because I could not give the needed concentration due to another recurring pain, one that last visited me more than a decade ago. Yes, I do realise that I sound like a crybaby as there are more people with worse pain that I can I imagine. Borrowing a title from a song by the The Carpenters, let me just say that "I Can Write(Dream), Can't I?"

It's taken me a while to whip my phobia into place and get back to blogging. Yes, every time I'm away for a while, I do tend to be afraid of writing though the words and sentences flow beautifully whenever I'm away from the pc; not that I'm good anyway. Oh, the turmoil of the day does not help either with the antics of those clowns in red.

Arriving at the ER in great pain, the doctors made some quick physical checks before administrating 2 painkiller shots with the second 10mints or so from the first. The man lapsed into a state of unconsciousness only to be woken by soft voice of 2 people dressed in white and standing beside his bed.
"He looks dehydrated" said a man's voice.
The man half opened his eyes and asked in a near quivering voice "You a sorcerer?"
The man in white heard and laughed out loud, taken by surprise at the question and played the game too "An early twenty first century, fully certified", as he leant nearer.
"How did you know I'm dehydrated?"
"Your tongue's dry".
"Oh!," said the man already feeling like a fool.
"Say Doc," the man continued "don't you think grass would have worked better than whatever you put into me just now?"
Again the doctor laughed out loud but this time in a more controlled manner before replying "Sorry, we're all out of stock". His reply almost came to nought as the man slipped back into unconsciousness.

Happily though, between that latest ER episode and now, quite a number of good things have been happening namely 2 reunions and a union. Not mine though that union part, but of my niece and an Aussie student she met while studying in Berkeley. And plenty of photos too to keep warm the heart. Still, the initial results of the gathering of sorcerers does put a lid on all. Somehow it left me feeling all too serious in some ways and a sharp tongue to go with. Not trigger-happy kind but loaded and waiting for some inexplicable moment. That's bad, yes, I admit but just can't help myself at times.

 After more that 12hours lying on bed and having been transferred to the ER Observation Ward,  the man was waken rather rudely by a young doctor but who in turn was baulked at where he then retreated quietly. From then on, it became like an episode in the TV series 'House', where doctors of different departments came and went, along with other tests where in one instance, before the man could finish his sentence, had the Leading Doctor sent the man for x-rays. All the man said was "A punch and a kick..." referring to the point of pain.

Several more hours passed by before the final verdict came in. Last but not least to arrive was an orthopedic who declared the man to be suffering from 'Thinning Disc'. Just prior to that the Leading Doctor mentioned of traces of blood in the urine which might indicate kidney stone movement. In other words, it was a Double Whammy that had caused so much pain. 

"In any bad situation, some good can be found," so it is said. I do very much believe in that. Within these few years of my being in and out of hospitals, I have been treated kindly and gently by almost all save a few. And it is not only to me that they've been kind and professional in conduct but to other patients too, as I have observed. Mind you, I'm not talking about private hospitals here but Public as well as Semi-G (hospitals of universities). From Orderlies to Nurses and Doctors, as well as other support staff, I have nothing but good words for each and every one of them. And I also learn to accept humility where in one instance with my inability to move, a young Chinese Nurse fed me with no rush nor complaints but a smile on her face.

Looking at them and the many more from each walk of life, I believe that together, we can brave this stormy weather we seem to be sailing into and come out shining bright. Undeniably, we need the change quite like say...music has changed throughout time. Take for example the duo below.

I just love watching their performance though purist of Classic Music may not. But hey, I'm a barbarian but not barbaric at heart such this group of people here. I mean, a group of 'brave men' attacking one; how 'braver' can they be. And only the other day I was in shock watching a bunch of primary schoolboys beating up a girl of their age. Need I wonder now where they learned it all.

Anyway, that Anderson and Roe duo, in my opinion, might be their best yet of the many I've seen. It's like 'Emotion(s) In Motion".

Go easy now.

Monday, August 15, 2016

He Speaks, Yet Again

He speaks, yet again
of knowledge and the need of it
to chart and navigate our future
and the splendours that await us
Yet the very book needed he close
and the instruments 
he lock them away

He speaks, yet again
of justice and being righteous
and the nobility of the two
Yet he understands them not
for the two, he is known not to be

He speaks, yet again
portraying intelligence 
but instead becomes a mockery of it
For as sure as the sun in a bright day
Koko and Kanzi 
are far superior to him
the mircale they are
the miracle he is not

He speaks, yet again
yada yada yada
and a scribe worded it venomously

He speaks, yet again
the mircale is
when he's left
with no words to speak

He speaks, yet again
he is the manifestation 
of this song
Let him speak no more

Monday, May 30, 2016

Spring What?

Hmm...I'm going to have some fun writing this. The bad kind of 'fun', that is. Not for any real reason but the reply given by a certain someone in a community chat group left me wondering whether to laugh or give him a blast of my tongue. Oops, make it fingers. I mean, no one goes tapping the keyboard of their mobile with their tongue do they? That will be yucky and plain stupid of the person. Then again. Oh my, before the keyboard warriors of the goons report me to the nearest Police Station, let me just say this: Nah, your bosses ain't worth my spit. This has nothing to do with them so why don't just go back to your mama.

Now, where was I? Oh, OK.

My command of the English Language is bad. At times, it really sucks, I readily admit. But when you find someone who is supposed to be a Someone and he making a mistake, it somehow made me feel like a Nobel Laurette nominee. Now, should I laugh or should I bring out my 12 gauge? But since I am not in possession of the latter, I guess laugh will have to do even if by myself. Now, that reminds me.

Within the month I've not been able to move around, I've been catching up on some TV series, especially those episodes which either I missed or they just did not reach our shores. I mentioned it in an earlier posting how I watched the entire 2 seasons of Stargate Universe. I thought 'Wow! That was something'. Try watching the entire 5 seasons of 'Fringe'. Me, I nearly went bananas. 5 seasons within 3 weeks? I did go bananas (grin).

Don't get me wrong. I love the series and I really do admire John Noble for the character/s he played. To make it short, in the series he was a mad scientist who was released from a mental asylum to help the FBI solve some paranormal and what-have-you events, and one who voluntarily had himself lobotomised for fear that he might venture onto some scientific experiments which would wreak havoc on Earth. The eccentricity he portrayed was short of a joy to watch. Now, being eccentric is normally associated with being either rich or one with high intelligence. If you do not have one of the two, people will just say you're a loony. Quite like the guy writing this, I suppose.

Then, there was 'The Night Manager'. That, was a gem of a watch even if was a mini-series of 6 episodes. Adapted from a novel by the same name and written by Le Carre, There was a tinge of disappointment though. Won't say much but if one remember a 1987 US TV series with the title 'Wise Guy', then one gets the drift. Still, it's a notable watch. Oh, for fans of 'House's Hugh Laurie, do catch him in an entirely different setting. Even if you're not, you should because you may just love the ending. Now, no peeking, please.

I have it out of my chest already. Really, I don't have to go bad-tapping that someone now. Still feeling naughty, I'll just let you into it. Just a tad, mind you.

Someone: "Local Authorities will be doing Spring Cleaning in our corner of the city.
People: "Yeah! Yeah! Clap! Clap!"

Mighty nice of them, I thought. But since many Resident Groups have recently had their annual 'Gotong-royong', just what is this Spring Cleaning about then? So, being the illiterate I am I asked: "Can you clarify on that?"

After a deafening silence of about 8 minutes, I got my reply and was really anticipating something really really meaningful. After all, as one of the representatives from the residential area I am in, I would need to report something to them and not ride a horse all around howling 'The British are coming! The British are coming!', forgetting that they left some 70years ago. Now, that would really be dumb, not eccentric. But anyway, he replied in all capital letters:

I need my 12 gauge!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Perils of A 5 Series

The man knocked on the door of the primary screening room and opened it without waiting for a reply. He then hobbled in and the nurse asked "what happened to your leg?". 
"Think I broke my heart" the man replied nonchalantly, and the the nurse laughed out loud.
"Your poor thing" said the nurse as she begin checking his blood pressure and temperature.
"So what's with the bandage, then?", she played along.
"Well, no one taught me how to bandage my heart". The nurse, feeling jovial, began humming 'Patah Hati', and old Malay song.

I have a new Battle Cry. But before I unveil it, I do have a confession to make. Moving around with a limp since I cannot remember when,, I was not able to run as well as most boys would and constantly find myself warming the reserve bench whenever the class has a soccer match. Worse still, my two elder brothers would often trick me into supporting the losing team of the English soccer matches. The English Premier League was non-existent then and those matches played between the First Division teams were normally shown several months late which my two brothers having known the results, forced me to support the losing team. After a while, I gave up on soccer only to pick it up again at the age of 13 but then, only as a spectator.

With the Merdeka Stadium just next to my school and the home ground for Selangor soccer matches, I did not need much prodding by classmates to go cheering. It was there and then I learnt of the game's technicalities and techniques and whatever else there is to know.Or so I thought-lah.

Over the years as the team's fortune takes a dip, My friends and I consigned ourselves to watching the important matches only. Needless to say, we are not part of the diehard fans, but fans we were. Under coach Mehmet Durakovic, the team won the prized Malaysia Cup last year. We were delighted and looked forward towards another grand year of soccer supremacy. However, that anticipation is being muddied currently.

Losing to Singapore is acceptable. History has shown both team sharing an almost even statistics on being victors. Losing to the Singapore Invitation Team as we did recently is acceptable too for the same reasons mentioned. But losing to SIT on home ground advantage is hard to swallow. Worse still, losing to SIT on home ground advantage when they were one man down is not acceptable and humiliating. Thus as a fan, I now cry "Sack Zainal Abidin!'. Sack him and bring back Mehmet Durakovic or get someone better! Erm...this is an alternative to political sacking most Malaysians, yours truly included, yearn for but a taboo subject to be writing about ya.

Now, since I mentioned footie, perhaps I should tell that my left ankle ballooned in size again. This is the 4th time in 8 years or so since the BERSIH march to Istana Negara but luckily this time the swell is not so big as previous 3. A friend took me to a Chinese Medical Practitioner who happens to be a Qi Gong Master, while another kindhearted friend paid for my consultation at a Chiropractor who incorporate Oriental and Western philosophy into his practice. Between the 2, I am more comfortable with the Master Soon (image below) though he admits not being able to do much for me. Perhaps though, he might be able to assist anyone reading this entry. He is in SS2, PJ, but you would need to call for an appointment. My apologies as the image is not very clear.

As for the Chiropractor, I do not have his business card on hand but he is located in Empire-Soho, Subang Jaya. I did not get to see the leading doctor himself that day, but the lady doctor who attended my case, suffice to say, she had my other sensations tingling. Oops!

For the past 3 weeks or so, I have been lying on the sofa doing whatever comes to mind. Could not walk nor sit for a long period as I also have Plantar Fasciitis which have been plaguing me for more than 8years now. It is only of recent that I'm seeking treatment for PF at Sg Buloh Hospital but the physio leaves much to be desired. Perhaps, my expectation is too high. But hey, for a man who's been in 5series for several years now, I think I should. Talking of which.

Lazing on the sofa somehow had me thinking of the 6series. I wonder what it will be like moving around in it. Given the current situation, I might be better stead than now. Hopefully.  But maintenance-wise, goes without saying, would be higher. With more than 6years to go on current state, I guess I'll just have to wait it out. Now, before someone has the silly notion I'm talking about the Beemers, heck no! But yes, it is something which can get one sentimental about. Please do blame this song which has been playing in my years for about a week now.

The man limped to the Pharmacist counter soon as his name was called. The lady there started handing out the medications and instructions and the man looked at the lady."No grass?"
She laughed. Definitely a different portrayal of her very serious look before.
"Not even Crack?" the man asked again.
Again she laughed and gently shooed him away.
"How cruel," he said with a smile and started his limp back to his car.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Latex of a Jackfruit

It was still mid morning but the sun has already begun to shine its best . I was making my way out of the area and about to negotiate a sharp bend when my eyes caught the white metallic surface moving slowly up the hill. The curvature of the surface had no visible markings and with the lower parts hidden by tall grass and small rises, my mind wandered to a land I have never been to. Although I knew by then what it was, the mind still insisted in projecting the image of a dhow sailing upstream of the Nile river.

Moments later, the image of the dhow was rudely shattered by one of a monstrous steel contrivance on wheels, one that is known as a concrete mixer. Sent to assist in the construction of a building, it in turn became an accomplice to the destruction of bushes that had sunk their roots deeper into the grounds of an area that had become barren where once, wildlife and a forest had been.

"El Nino, my foot!" the voice of a friend resounded, and a Malay proverb came to mind - Orang lain makan nangka, orang lain kena getahnya".

Friday, April 08, 2016

Back From the Fields

A man walked into the dressing area next to a very large tent. There was no one to be seen as all who have any business being there were busy somewhere nearby. With each step, his eyes wandered between a row of small wooden cupboards which he assume serve as lockers, and a row of dressing mirrors with chairs strewn, a few rather haphazardly. Nothing on both sides attract his attention as he continued walking towards the end where a single chair seem to await his arrival and, beside it, a pair of  shoes too colourful for his liking. He knew too, even from afar, the size of the shoes were larger than his feet.

It's been nearly 3 weeks now since my last posting. Somehow, I have been reluctant to post. Perhaps due to tiredness of doing nothing. Yup, that's what I have been doing. I stand, sometimes in the hot sun, sometimes in the shade of a make-do shelter, doing nothing. Sometimes I snap a picture or two. But no, not with my Cannon. That, has been sitting idle close to 4years now. Don't know when I'll pick it up again.

In between doing nothing, I managed to watch the entire 2seasons of Stargate Universe and feel sad that the series has been discontinued. Would certainly be nicer if the people can discontinue you-know-who, just like the way studios do with the series.

Not much too write for now. Just wanted to fight against my reluctance and fear of my tapping on the keyboard. And given the current situation, perhaps all of us can be singing this song with joy soon. The change in situation should warrant a change in performers, wouldn't you agree?

Go Izi.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Off to the Fields

Somewhere in the corner of the brain, a synapse comes to life triggering a memory of an image of a Chinese Brush painting of a villager walking out of the frame with a hoe slung over his shoulder and a straw basket on his back. The painting was published in a magazine and was viewed only once and remained hidden until - subconsciously - it was reproduced via digital photography several decades later. A poor reproduction, it must be admitted, especially in view that the original artist must have been a master of his art.

Title: Off to the Fields
Exposure: 40secs, F11
Lighting: Torchlight
* background edited. Ironically, lighting used to dispel shadow 
revealed too many blotches of the background wall instead.

It used to be the tradition for Chinese community world over would take a very long break from work to celebrate Chinese New Year. Beginning from Day1 right up to the Chap Goh Mei - the 15th day - this would be a stretch of a much needed rest having worked hard throughout the year. However, with changing times and with it, so do working conditions as well as economic needs. Where once it may have been a taboo to work during this period, now it would be considered normal for a man or woman to be driving the taxi or opening shops even on the second day. The days of a long break are almost over for many just as I hope the day will be ending soon for a few.

To my friends, here's a belated wish for Chinese New Year.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Between the Tsetse and the Zika

My previous posting prior to 'Sleep' yesterday 2nd February, was on the 27th Jan. Just after that posting, I fell sick the next day. Yes, it's either my defense mechanism is not strong or the heat was really getting to me. In all probability though, both.

So there I was again, like a guy stoned, lying on the sofa and quite like the few years back, hardly able to keep my eyes open, with my walking more like a wraith floating around and sometimes not quite the direction I wanted to go, and luckily me, not stumbling over anything that might have left this blog with no owner. A frightening thought that can be. No, not the last part but the stumbling over. Oh, they're related in sequence, eh? Never mind.

Anyway, found the strength to hop over to the nearest clinic and had to pay a bomb of in excess of RM100! "By Jove" an Englishman would say, "have they now turned to pubs?". Truth may not be that far away for with the medicine given, I was knocked out again and again till I decided to fight it out and thus, the video by Albert Hammond. Strange thing is, no sooner the video is up, I did not feel like a tsetse-bitten guy after that.

OK, Tsetse flies are not to be found here but when one look around at some officials, it does make one wonder. The Sleeping Illness is no laughing matter and in Africa it may stretch right up to the Red Sea, which is rather frightening because when you look at the map of the world, the northern parts of our country is not too far away. I mean, though we've had or do know of sleeping officials before, were something like this illness strike us there, it can be quite alarming. Maybe I am exaggerating it maybe I'm not. Like I mentioned, we've had sleeping officials before and by now, I would very much like to think our Health Ministry has looked into the problem.  Oops sorry, I'm digressing.

Anyway, soon after I upped the video yesterday, my mind ran a different direction. The doctor at the clinic was kind enough to remind me to come again should the temperature persist for more than 3 days, fearing what I have might be dengue-related. And I would have had followed through the advice had the doctor been someone with long hair and nice lanky legs to go with. As it was, the doctor was a guy and in no way was I going to pay in excess of RM100 again. But it did give me a thought and soon there I was on the road - soon after the video was upped - heading towards Sungai Buloh Hospital. Don't mind telling you that even before halfway there I was feeling much better already.

Yup, no sooner I registered at the ER, I just did not feel like moving an inch. I mean, with so many angels floating around right in front, was there a need to? It was like a ringside-seat. Hmm...don't know if that should be the right term. But anyway, move I did have to with an angel waving me delightfully into a room to check my blood which soon had me asking her in the most softest way I can, bearing in mind my voice was as husky as Willie Nelson or Joe Cocker, maybe both combined for better effect "What's wrong with my blood? Is it blue or green?" It just came out straight and I did not mean it any other way but somehow it tickled quite a few in the cubicles around. Say, can't a guy spend some quiet time together with an angel? Some people.

It was waiting time again. Oh, I don't  mind. Er...did I mentioned it already? Anyway, soon, perhaps after 2hours of  eye-candy angels, the Doctor there called me in and pronounced me fit as a fiddle and able to go home. What? What about Zika, I asked her. She said no worries as none has been reported in our country. At the corner of her lips though, I could swear she said "Tsetse up north".


To the lovely medical staff of Sungai Buloh ER, here's a song for you.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016


Silent danger go to sleep

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Lull Before The Upswing

With his eyes gazed northwestwards into the blue sky above, he wondered what lay beyond. Having been fascinated with the stars since a young age, he has read quite a bit about the yonder, mesmerised by all the colourful pictures of an expanse so large that man cannot even comprehend its vastness, only to nod silently, half in awe beyond words and the other, of a child listening intently the words which may well be of a foreign language - understanding nothing but embracing it all with eagerness that  would have aroused envy and jealousy of 2 lovers lost in a world of their own.

His eyes followed the invisible line of the clear sky and blueness began to pale with the radiance of the Sun; itself an alien body in the yonder, but one that inhabit his life and many in this world.

Turning around facing the blow of the southeasterly wind, dark clouds have begun forming in patches that blotted the Sun's ray to the ground below them, making a glaring difference between the lit and not, and in huge patches, of like day and night. Their movemenst, are like the dance of an opening gala where each small cloud are like single dancers congregating to isles assigned.

These past few days, I have been slightly more worried about Emak. About a fortnight ago on her bi-Annual Medical, the doctor changed her medication for High-Blood as she was worried that the one she was on can lead to a potassium build-up leading to a blockage. But soon as Emak began taking the new dosage, she's been coughing with more phlegm than normal. Din, my elder brother, prefer to wait a while before taking Emak back to the hospital as he suspect that it the coughing might be caused by the heatwave we're experiencing now where presently, many are feeling under the weather too. Still, I keep remembering that day 3years ago when Emak had her first ambulance ride to a hospital. It is still fresh in my mind and an experience I will likely not forget.

We had just returned from Mekah for Umrah, courtesy of Emi, my eldest. The last few days there, Emak had shown signs of weakness which many said were fatigue of the journey. In Jeddah, hours before the flight, she decided to skip a short tour which she herself had requested for. While the rest in the group went on, she slept in a room and that was when I first heard of her wheezing. It was not loud, but it was distinct and I woke her to give her the puffer to use. Her tired face and movement were well noticeable but we spoke none of it for not wanting to worry her.

In any normal times when Emak is not well, she would always refused my asking to take her to the clinic citing 'Alah, sikit je' (just a minor thing). Whenever her ailments showed signs of worsening, I would have to call Din and ask him to bring Emak. And an asking from Din on such matter is something Emak cannot refuse. Sometimes I would smile by myself seeing Emak so obedient to one of her sons. Sometimes I feel sad about it. But on that night when we reached home after Umrah, I asked her and surpisingly, she agreed. The very next day, I fell ill and for most of the time during that period, Emak tended to her own needs.

About a week later, I awoke to a loud sound emanating from Emak's room. I peeked in and seeing she was not on the bed, called out to her. She was in the bathroom and replied, asking me to come in. I opened the door and found her sitting on the bowl all sweating. I tried to get her up but she was too tired and slipped down to the floor.With my weakened body, there was nothing I could do but called the family, everyone of them, for help. The ambulance arrived not too long after and Din rode in it with her. Later that evening, I was informed the doctors there had to induce Emak into a coma-like state in order to stabilise her condition. I was alone at home, praying for her well-being.

It was only a few days later that I was strong enough to walk, even then with the aid of a walking cane, that I managed to visit her. Words cannot described the shock I felt when I first saw her in the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital; unconscious, but with many tubes inserted for various purposes, but mainly medicinal. As the days rolled by, her condition improved and soon the hospital stopped giving her sedatives and later transferred her to another for recuperation and rehabilitation. Two weeks later, Din took her out and straight to his house knowing I was under no condition to look after Emak.

Back to present day, when she called me earlier in the day asking me to take her to a clinic, the scenes of the episode above came rushing to my mind. I don't mind telling I was real scared. Even now.

Only the absence of colours one normally see in a carnival such as Rio or many more, kept the man aware of reality and of the approaching upswing of the Monsoon Season.

ps. I've just rediscovered using labels again (Smile and wink)