Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Between the Tsetse and the Zika

My previous posting prior to 'Sleep' yesterday 2nd February, was on the 27th Jan. Just after that posting, I fell sick the next day. Yes, it's either my defense mechanism is not strong or the heat was really getting to me. In all probability though, both.

So there I was again, like a guy stoned, lying on the sofa and quite like the few years back, hardly able to keep my eyes open, with my walking more like a wraith floating around and sometimes not quite the direction I wanted to go, and luckily me, not stumbling over anything that might have left this blog with no owner. A frightening thought that can be. No, not the last part but the stumbling over. Oh, they're related in sequence, eh? Never mind.

Anyway, found the strength to hop over to the nearest clinic and had to pay a bomb of in excess of RM100! "By Jove" an Englishman would say, "have they now turned to pubs?". Truth may not be that far away for with the medicine given, I was knocked out again and again till I decided to fight it out and thus, the video by Albert Hammond. Strange thing is, no sooner the video is up, I did not feel like a tsetse-bitten guy after that.

OK, Tsetse flies are not to be found here but when one look around at some officials, it does make one wonder. The Sleeping Illness is no laughing matter and in Africa it may stretch right up to the Red Sea, which is rather frightening because when you look at the map of the world, the northern parts of our country is not too far away. I mean, though we've had or do know of sleeping officials before, were something like this illness strike us there, it can be quite alarming. Maybe I am exaggerating it maybe I'm not. Like I mentioned, we've had sleeping officials before and by now, I would very much like to think our Health Ministry has looked into the problem.  Oops sorry, I'm digressing.

Anyway, soon after I upped the video yesterday, my mind ran a different direction. The doctor at the clinic was kind enough to remind me to come again should the temperature persist for more than 3 days, fearing what I have might be dengue-related. And I would have had followed through the advice had the doctor been someone with long hair and nice lanky legs to go with. As it was, the doctor was a guy and in no way was I going to pay in excess of RM100 again. But it did give me a thought and soon there I was on the road - soon after the video was upped - heading towards Sungai Buloh Hospital. Don't mind telling you that even before halfway there I was feeling much better already.

Yup, no sooner I registered at the ER, I just did not feel like moving an inch. I mean, with so many angels floating around right in front, was there a need to? It was like a ringside-seat. Hmm...don't know if that should be the right term. But anyway, move I did have to with an angel waving me delightfully into a room to check my blood which soon had me asking her in the most softest way I can, bearing in mind my voice was as husky as Willie Nelson or Joe Cocker, maybe both combined for better effect "What's wrong with my blood? Is it blue or green?" It just came out straight and I did not mean it any other way but somehow it tickled quite a few in the cubicles around. Say, can't a guy spend some quiet time together with an angel? Some people.

It was waiting time again. Oh, I don't  mind. Er...did I mentioned it already? Anyway, soon, perhaps after 2hours of  eye-candy angels, the Doctor there called me in and pronounced me fit as a fiddle and able to go home. What? What about Zika, I asked her. She said no worries as none has been reported in our country. At the corner of her lips though, I could swear she said "Tsetse up north".


To the lovely medical staff of Sungai Buloh ER, here's a song for you.

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