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Friday, October 30, 2009

Legend of the Dragon

Legend has it that a dragon would appear in the skies around Earth with the sole intent of swallowing the moon. And when it does, the world would then be engulfed in darkness. This, raised the fear in many people and were sometimes capitalised by certain individuals hoping to gain respect and adulation from the society they live in. The present time equivalent to these individuals would perhaps be certain politicians. But that would be digressing.

Though the legend above can be found in many past civilisations across the globe, it is more prominently told in ancient Chinese and Oriental scrolls.

In a story that may perhaps be traced back to these scrolls, the people of many communities would try to overcome their fear of the dragon in their bid to save the moon. The moon, after all, is the pearl of the night sky which provide these people with many nights of romantic and romanticised stories handed down by their ancestors to the generations below; how could one then, live the nights without the soft light of the moon?

Thus, their fear thrown aside, the people would gather at an appointed time and place to try and scare the dragon away. To do so, they would find any material they could get their hands on, and beat on them in hope of making enough noise to scare the dragon away. As stories told from such legend, the people did succeed, and the dragon was chased away but not before pulling the moon out of it's mouth...only for it to reappear again every once so often.

Today, many people are aware that such stories remain only within the minds and scrolls of yesteryears: dragons and their lores have been debunked and the story mentioned above persist but only as a legend. Then again, maybe not.

In one of the many stories equated wtih these mythological dragons, one dragon tried to rise above the rest and be the king of his kind. Though I cannot remember the story clearly now, this story perhaps has it's roots with Shi Huan, the first Emperor of China. Locally, and today, another is putting his foot forward in a bid to relive this legend. Whether he will succeed or not, time - and perhaps not too far a distant - will tell.

Rather late to be writing on this with constrains of one kind or another blocking one's mind, not to mention one's keyboard. But event of late has forced such blockage out. And hopefully, for good too.

Don't know what the broo-haha about the budget was about. In fact, didn't even want to read but was forced to hear some bits about it. Mostly, the propoganda that it is good for the people, and that the money to be spent would be done so wisely. But when you look at events and the piece by Sazlin here, one must be excuse if one puke or even cry. Not, not at Sazlin's writing, but at how the budget is being abused and misused even now. This is especially so with the deaths at the (one-what?) camp in Kuala Dipang, where, in their haste to kowtow their leader, the untouchables has set the new propoganda in motion; not at the expense of the Khidmat Negara camps (what khidmat, if not a blatant waste of money), but on top of it, stretching the nation's coffers even more than before. Sadly, had the deaths not occured, many would not even know how: 1) the money is being spent for propoganda and hence, a total waste; 2) that some hanky panky went to the building of the camp, the said bridge in particular (read here, here and here). Is this what the budget for the people is all about?

Earlier, in a bid to be accepted, countless ringgit were thrown away. And for what? Certainly not just to legitimise an illetimate state government (what do you call one born out of wedlock?).

Then today, a No.2 said, which I freely translate here: "For the sake of the people, we will give our full support to any independant Reps (I guess he means both: DUN and Parliament)" (read here). Hullo! Who are you trying to bullshit here? Or perhaps, don't you know that within DUN and Parliamentary seats, there are Malaysians there too? Or, are you trying to tell us that there is now a 2Malaysia concept? You and your boss make me sick to the stomach! And that goes for your retinue of untouchables as well.

Dragons or legends, the lot of you are not. Slither fools and forked tongues, more likely.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Just A Short Note

In conjunction with the Holy month of Ramadhan, the Chairman of the Social and Welfare Committee of PAS, YB Doctor Lo'lo', invites any interested parties or individuals, to contribute towards the needy of, especially, the citizens of Lorong Haji Taib, Kuala Lumpur.

The Committee, Lajnah Kebajikan dan Kemasyarakatan PAS Pusat, or LKKPP for short, will be handing out packages which would include: Rice and Porridge, Guidebook towards a more fruitful Ramadhan, Prayer Mats, and several other items.

Apart from the above, the LKKPP will also be hosting Iftar and Terawih Prayers for the benefit of the people in Lorong Haji Taib, under a program named "Iftar dan Terawih Warga Insaf Lorong Haji Taib", and insyAllah, will last throughout the whole month of Ramadhan al-Mubarak.

The estimation for expenses needed on daily basis throughout the month are:

1. 100 Packed Rice per day - RM500
2. One Large Pot of Bubur Lambuk per day - RM400
Any extra contribution would be appropriated accordingly.

The LKKPP seek your compassion for the citizens there, and your support for these and other programs we may have. Kindly send your contributions to:

1. In Person or by post:
Pusat Khidmat Wakil Wakyat Titiwangsa.
No.10, Jalan Raja Muda Musa, Kampung Baru
50300 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 2698 0025


2. Dana Kami Prihatin
Bank Islam (BIMB)
Account No: 12113010026150


3. Yayasan Prihatin Titiwangsa
Maybank Account N0: 564799106040


4. Dr Lo'lo'
CIMB Account No: 14410005980052

On behalf of YB Doctor Lo'lo' and the LKKPP, I thank you in advance. May Allah s.w.t. reward you for your kindness.

Have a Blessed Ramadhan.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Quite Like, But Not...

There's a virus in town.

Malaysians have been told that it is deadly.

Were Horatio Nelson still around, perhaps he would have been called upon to arrest the spread of this virus. He did, after all, conquer the Spanish Fleet at the Battle of Trafalgar. But then again, that was a different era, a different war. Most certainly, a different kind of sickness.

We were told that this virus is deadly. To prevent or minimise an outbreak, the authorities, long ago, decided to isolate anyone showing symptoms of the ailments that comes with the virus, hoping the isolation would suffice to curb the virus before it reaches an epidemic proportion.

Yes, this virus is not new. Its been around for a very long time. Perhaps, as long as human civilisation began centuries ago. Yet, not many were aware of it. Or those who were, were told to keep their voice down. And the fate of those caught with the virus...not many stories came forth. But that was then. Before the Internet provided the people with news of the world, all at their fingertips.

Back home in Malaysia, the authorities tried to inject an anti-virus. No, not the sort meant for Personal Computers, but one meant to safeguard the interest of the Nation. But even that is not quite right. To be more precise, the anti-virus the authorities injected, was meant to safeguard their own interest and had nothing at all to do with the people of Malaysia. Or if it did, such noble thoughts and intention were superceded by another strain of virus in the form of greed, and afflicting those who are in power. One which was conveniently overlooked by them.

Now, before anyone thinks I've gone bonkers already, or that I am trying to mislead anyone, the virus I mention is not the H1N1 (click here) afflicting Malaysia and many parts of the world. But this virus is only deadly to the authorities, those who are afflicted with greed and corruption. Ironically, the anti-virus mentioned is...a virus of the mind of the authorities and named Internal Security Act (the ISA), which the authorities have abused many times over in their effort to imprison the minds of the people of Malaysia. InsyAllah, no more.

Come this August 1, it is hoped that many Malaysians from every walk of life will join in the protest against this one weapon which the government is using to safeguard it's own interest instead of the people...the rakyat! Nay, never a thought was given to the people as was aptly written by Praba Ganesan here.

So Malaysians, do come and join us for a lovely walk in the Sun. If you are, then kindly read this message here first.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

2 Reminders and Media Statement

Just a reminder for 2 events and a Media Statement from Doctor Lo'lo'.

First, the Pesta Buku Selangor has begun at the PKNS Complex in Shah Alam. It was officiated earlier today by Puan Mastura, and end on August 3, 2009. For more info, please click here.

On a more serious note - not that the above is not - the Anti-ISA March this August 1, 2009; kindly refer here. Anyone who would like to read in depth the suffering of not only of those who are being held illegally by the stooges of BN, but also the suffering of the families who are left to fend for themselves and not knowing when the father of their children would be realsed, please read Puan Norlaila's account here.

It is interesting to note that a group calling themselves Pewaris and very much pro-ISA, have announced to march at exactly the same time and date mentioned. However, I do wonder if they - those so called supporters of ISA - know what they are getting themselves into, or what their real stand is. Clearly to me, they are there as provocation and nothing else, remembering the blundring oaf of a former Minister who is famous for his stammers and 'erection' (instead of election), who mentioned on live international TV "What if we, we, also march at the same time. C...can you imagine what would happen?" He was referring to the BERSIH March, which is famous to justice-seeking citizens of Malaysia, but infamous to the clowns who wants to keep Malaysia in their tight grips.

And what have the Police to say about this now? Nothing, not a single word! Perhaps they want to wait for a bloodbath to happen before joining in, on Prowaris side, undoubtedly. But enough of that.
With regards to model who has been sentenced to be caned by the Syariah Court in Kuantan, kindly read Doctor Lo'lo's Media Statement as below:

Kenyataan YB Dr. Lo’lo’ isu hukuman sebat ke atas pesalah minum arak untuk membetulkan kenyataan media.

Dari YB Titiwangsa, Doctor Lo'Lo',

Artikel bertarikh 23/07/2009 dengan tajuk-tajuk berikut “Outrage Over Caning For Model” dan “Syariah Lawyers Association Regrets Shahrizat’s Statement On Whipping Of Model” adalah dirujuk. Di dalam kedua-dua artikel tersebut ada menyiarkan seperti berikut :

a) Titiwangsa MP Lo'lo Mohd Ghazali, who is also head of the women's wing of the opposition PAS, said that punishment should educate and not cause hurt.
b) Shahrizat said she was shocked by the Syariah Court decision and called for a fair and just punishment.

Meanwhile, Dr Lo'lo was surprised that whipping of women was sanctioned by the Malaysian syariah law adding punishment should be educational, and not to cause hurt.

Petang semalam saya telah dihubungi oleh wartawan meminta saya memberi sedikit komen berkaitan hukuman oleh Mahkamah Syariah Kuantan yang menjatuhkan hukuman sebat terhadap seorang model sambilan atas kesalahn meminum arak. Saya telah memberikan komen saya dengan sucihati megikut pengetahuan saya berkaitan hukuman dan realiti masyarakat Malaysia. Malangnya terdapat pihak-pihak yang melihat kenyataan di akhbar dari konteks yang lain.

Pertama, saya terkejut dengan hukuman yang dijatuhkan oleh Mahkamah Syariah Kuantan ke atas model tersebut. Memang saya terkejut kerana ada juga Mahkamah Syariah di Malaysia yang berupaya menghukum pesalah dengan hukuman sebegitu walaupun peruntukkan tersebut telah lama ada. Tetapi baru sekarang hukuman sebegitu dijatuhkan bagi pesalah kesalahan tersebut. Saya amat bersetuju dengan hukuman tersebut kerana sekurang-kurangnya hukuman tersebut begitu hampir dengan hukuman Hudud.

Di dalam Hudud, hukuman bagi pesalah minum arak adalah 40 kali sebatan malah ada ulamak yang mengatakan sehingga 80 kali sebatan. Sebelum ini tiada Mahkamah yang menjatuhkan hukuman sebegitu walau pun Mahkamah Syariah sepatutnya menghukum mengikut hukuman Allah tetapi di Malaysia ini hukuman yang dikenakan tidak seperti yang ditetapkan Allah dalam Al-Quran dan Sunnah Rasulullah S.A.W.

Apabila Mahkamah Syariah Kuantan menjatuhkan hukuman sebat ke atas model tersebut, ini membuatkan saya terkejut. Bukan terkejut kerana hukuman tetapi terkejut kerana keberanian Hakim Mahkamah Syariah tersebut. Syabas kepada beliau.

Kedua, saya mengatakan sebarang bentuk hukuman yang dikenakan samada denda, sebatan atau penjara, semuanya hendaklah dalam bentuk untuk memberi pengajaran kepada pesalah, bukannya untuk mendera atau menyebabkan kecederaan kepada pesalah. Hukuman di dalam Islam adalah untuk memberikan pengajaran kepada pesalah dan khalayak supaya menginsafi perbuatan itu.

Di dalam kes ini, saya berpendapat masyarakat umumnya masih tidak memahami kaedah bagaimana sebatan ke atas pesalah dilakukan. Adakah ianya dilakukan sama seperti pesalah-pesalah jenayah lain di dalam undang-undang jenayah sivil. Masyarakat umum mengetahui bagaimana hukuman sebat dilakukan ke atas pesalah jenayah sivil seperti di dalam kes pengedaran dadah, merogol, meliwat dan sebagainya.

Adakah hukuman sebat di Mahkamah Syariah dilakukan dengan kaedah yang sama? Inilah kebimbangan yang saya sebutkan kepada wartawan tersebut bimbang hukuman sebat ini dianggap sebagai hukuman Mahkamah Sivil sehingga memberi tanggapan buruk kepada Mahkamah Syariah, lebih-lebih lagi yang dihukum seorang wanita. Ini yang perlu diperjelaskan. Inilah maksud saya bila saya mengatakan hukuman sepatutnya untuk tujuan pengajaran, bukan untuk mendatangkan kecederaan. Saya merujuk kepada "Titiwangsa MP Lo'lo Mohd Ghazali, who is also head of the women's wing of the opposition PAS, said that punishment should educate and not cause hurt."

Artikel ini dengan jelas tidak tepat kerana saya bukan Ketua Muslimat PAS seperti yang didakwa. Justeru saya mengharapkan agar tiada pihak yang sewenang-wenangnya mempercayai sebarang tulisan di akhbar sebelum mendapat maklumat secukupnya. Saya kira sudah sampai masanya pihak berkuasa di Malaysia iaitu UMNO/BN “merotan” Pengurus MAS yang menyebabkan semua mereka yang berada dalam satu-satu penerbangan terlibat secara langsung dengan arak, iaitu dari pramugara/i yang hidang arak sehinggalah pilot yang mengemudi kapal terbang tersebut. Begitu juga perlu “disebat” pihak yang terbabit berpuluh-puluh tahun membiarkan orang-orang Islam terlibat secara langsung dengan arak di hotel-hotel, 7- Eleven, pasaraya-pasaraya dan pekerja-pekerja Islam di kilang Carlberg.

Akhir sekali, SYABAS KEPADA MAHKAMAH SYARIAH KUANTAN dan Syukur Alhamdulillah kepada Puan Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarnor yang telah menginsafi perbuatan tersebut. Moga Allah menerima taubat hambaNya yang menyesali kesalahan. DI SINI SAYA LONTARKAN PERSOALAN INI KEPADA SEMUA ORANG ISLAM DI MALAYSIA, SIAPAKAH YANG SEPATUTNYA DISEBAT DALAM ISU ARAK DI MALAYSIA??...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Somewhat Late

This is a somewhat late entry on the Kelana Jaya Stadium gathering last Sunday.

Attending Public

Justice for Beng Hock

Media and People

Our Trust in Them

Seeking Truth and Justice

Signing the Petition


Unit Amal

Except for a brief line on Friday about the probability of this gathering, nothing else was mentioned by the Media after that leaving many to wonder and skip Sunday's gathering at Kelana Jaya Stadium. Thus, the relatively low turn out by the public which many put at around 3,000. By my estimate however, it was higher, maybe more than 5,000 as many walked in and out of the stadium. On such a short notice, perhaps the organisers could have put a large whiteboard at the entrace, announcing the attending VIPs. But as mentioned, it was such a short notice.

Anyway, those liliputian media slammed the gathering as they said that PR was politicising the issue. Don't know whether they - those liliputians - are even worth mentioning as it seem they do not know what politics is all about. If the safety and security of a citizen is not part of politics, then we certainly do not need the liliputians helming the government at all. In fact, it would be better for all of them to tender their resignation, beginning for the top man down to the ketua cawangan. Oh, please do!

For my friends and visitors who may have missed the news, kindly read A Sad Day for Malaysians, either here or at Malaysia Today.

OK, time for me to rest my arms. There's another bout of wrestling I have to attend to!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Even by 1

During the Visiting Hours of UMMC yesterday, YB Doctor Lo'lo' led a small group of people from the Lajnah Kebajikan dan Kemasyarakatan PAS Pusat (LKKPP), to visit the casualties of a bus accident as in the image above. The visit was ad hoc as the good Doctor wanted to see for herself the condition of the passengers. Of the 28 passengers on the bus, we were informed that 8 were admitted into the various wards, with 2 in critical condition. The remaining 20 suffered light injuries and were released on the same day itself.

On behalf of the LKKPP, Doctor Lo'lo' also distributed a small hamper of fruits to each of the victims warded, along with a token of money in an effort to relieve the expenses the families have to bear. At the same time, the Doctor took the opportunity to get acquainted with several of the staff at each ward, especially in view that she had served in the hospital early in her career as a Medical Doctor.

Soon after the visit, the Doctor was interviewed by reporters from Harakah, touching especially on the recent ManekUrai by-election.

Doctor Lo'Lo', quite like many voices in Pakatan Rakyat, voiced her displeasure on the manner BN conducted their campaign, stooping low with not only the blatant abuse of the government's machineries, money politics, as well as promises which can tantamount to either a threat or bribery, or even both. She also mentioned the selected investigations of MACPA especially on the 2 Pakatan Rakyat ADUN in Selangor, while turning a blind eye to the underhand campaign tactics in Manek Urai, and the RM500,000 DUN allocation which the BN representatives utilised within 2 months prior to the 2008 General Election (at this point of time, the news of Teoh Beng Hock's death was not reported yet).

It was towards the end of the interview that a thought came to my mind.

True, PAS won the Manek Urai seat with a mere 65 count. Many a new portal, conventional media, and even bloggers pointed out to the issues which contributed to the narrow win. And to be honest, almost all of them were right in pointing their views as there was not a single factor, but lots of them, all mixed into one small bowl resulting in a 'masam masam manis' victory for PAS. Nonetheless, a win it still is.

But there is one factor which many seem to forget. Perhaps, we were to look into the past election record of Manek Urai, one might agree that one strong factor that led to the narrow win was, ironically, Allahyarham Ismail Yaakob, the ADUN who passed away.

Were I to read it correctly, except for the 2004 GE and Parliamentary term, Allahyarham Ismail, had been the ADUN for Manek Urak for 5 terms. In 2004, he did not contest the seat and PAS lost it to UMNO. But in 2008 when he was fielded again, Allahyarham won the seat back for PAS. Looking at the trend, the narrow win this time was around was something perhaps PAS should have expected. And along with all the factors many others have pointed out, PAS indeed was lucky to have retained the seat.

In view of this, Emak and I enjoyed some small fits of laughter when Tok Pa claimed that BN's had won a moral victory, despite all the immoral practices used throughout not only the by-election in Manek Urai, but throughout the history of Malaysia and in all elections, General or By; the result speaks for itself: a win is still a win. Even if it is by a single vote.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Man, TGNA and ...

It seems some people are comparing the stature between TGNA and ... Seriously, I really do not know how it came about, nor what to make of it. After all, they are all mere humans with blood coursing through their veins, just like any other human. Like any other human, they too are susceptible to pains and ailments just like everyone is. And as far as I know, no members of PAS has ever mentioned too highly of TGNA, which is quite the opposite of the conventional media where over the so many years I can remember, nothing but praises upon praises were heaped on ... or whoever within the circles of ... that needs to be pushed down the throats of the citizens of this country. It even got to a point that on one of those days where RTM played scenes of ..., my Emak said in disgust something which is more often said of lovers: "bila nak puji tu, tahi dia pun mereka (...) kata wangi". Loosely translated, it means "even the smell of ...'s shit those people say are fragrant".

Look, I don't know TGNA personally, nor do I know of ... But I have met him on one or two occasions, and even tried to meet him at his house in Kelantan. Unfortunately, the 2 times I tried meeting him there, he was not around. But this I do know, from the conversations I had with a student under TGNA's tutelage: that he is a humble, pious, gentle and caring person. He is also deeply knowledgable in Islamic matters, having been a religious student and later, teacher. In fact, I believe should you ask him to choose between the two, he might reply that he is still a each and everyone of us are.

Over the nearly 2 decades he has led Kelantan, he has tried to his best, to administer the state within the constrains that he put on himself as a humble servant of God. At the same time, he also had to administer the state withing the constrains forced upon him and his State Government, by the likes of ... A recent example of how bias ... has been towards TGNA and Kelantan is the denial of petroleum royalty to the state when even the EPU implied should be given. Another of many more, is the late disbursement of state's grants which is off course, ...'s attempt to cause financial hardship on the state. Ironically, however, Kelantan leads the rest of the country in the repayment of such grants while some of ...'s administered states came close to bankruptcy.

As mentioned, I do not know TGNA personally. But over the years, I have seen and read him led congegrations in prayers, give khutbah, teach, and administer a state. At the same time, he is also a responsible husband, a father, a father-in-law to several, and a grandfather to many children. And he does all that without, or using very little, the perks allowed to him as a Menteri Besar. In fact, he does not even have a policeman stationed at his house.

Off course, some of ... may have many of the attributes mentioned above. I can't say for the rest of the ..., but I have seen Abdullah Badawi leading a congegration of prayers, though I must say I have not heard him giving the khutbah. And since we are on this former PM, there is an interesting note I would like to wonder out loud.

Several days back, one or two of the ... mentioned that his party is more Islamic than PAS. Well, if it is true, then I welcome it with all sincerity. But, I do wonder, did your belief ended when Abdullah stepped down? I mean, hardly a mention of Hadhari been heard since; is it something else now?

People of ..., please know this that no one - most especially the people of Kelantan, and members of PAS - take TGNA for more than he is. We do respect and dearly love TGNA not only for the position he holds, but also for the man he is. But we also believe him to be an ordinary man, and not one who is free of mistakes. And I have never heard him glorifying himself. Which is quite unlike some people who does, if I were to read it correctly here.

Oh, people of ..., please also know that none amongst us is better than the other, except for he who believe (beriman).

Friday, June 05, 2009

Obama's Brave Words: Help Him!

U.S. President Barack Obama, gave a speech in Cairo and in it, told the Israeili government to stop their illegal settlements within Palestinian lands. Though I had reservations about him previously, I now salute him as it take real guts for someone in his position to say such words openly, remembering how lopsided the US policy has always been for the region. This, and a couple more of his actions may help to ease the burden of the Palestinian people.

In an effort to assist him, Avaaz, and organisation that has been championing peace throughout the world, has made an appeal to the citizens of the world to show their support, and can be read as below:

Obama: "Stop the Settlements"

President Obama's speech in Egypt today was a stunning step toward achieving Middle East peace. His first new move: to press Israel's right-wing government to stop their self-destructive policy of building settlements on Palestinian land.

But Obama needs help from around the world to face down the powerful opposition already mobilising against him.

Let's raise a massive global chorus immediately to support Obama’s statement that the settlements in occupied territory must stop, by joining our voices to a petition based on his very own words.

We’ll advertise the number of signatures in key papers in Israel and Washington DC – support Obama’s message now, sign the petition below and spread the word today:

Petition to the Government of Israel and the
United States Congress:

In the words of President Obama, just as Israel's right to exist cannot be denied, neither can Palestine's. We do not accept the legitimacy of continued settlements in the West Bank. They violate previous agreements and undermine efforts to achieve peace. It is time for these settlements to stop.

- . -

* Click here to sign as a show of support.

** Read Obama's speech here.

Thank you.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

A Simply Funny But Honest Piece

Reading Zan Azlee's column here, one can't help but laugh at the humour in it. It was a well written piece of perhaps, a true incident in his life. But as funny as the situation he was put in - not the religious matter, please - there is a much grimmer truth to be told: After more than 50 years of rule under the Perikatan and later the BN, both led by umno, there are still many people, yours truly included, that have vague understanding of Islam. And if the Malays themselves cannot understand their religion well, not much can be said of the non-Malays if they don't, can we? This, relates to the story below.

There is an old story about a Malay kampung. No specific location need be mentioned as the kampung is as typical as any. And situated in the small town of the kampung, one would find at least one coffeeshop, and another selling grocery and sundry goods to serve the needs of the villagers. In many occasion, both shops would be owned by 2 different Chinese families, though there were a large number where a single family owned both the shops. And typical as it was then and even now - in different guise, 'accounts' would be opened in the form of those small 555 note books. But that is not the point here.

At the above point of time, the kampung's statistics would probably say "98.5% Malay, 1% Chinese, 0.5% Indian", where the Indians would most probably be either serving with the Security Forces, or living in a small community of rubber tappers. It would then natural for the Chinese shopkeepers - many of them non-Muslims - to sell and serve alcoholic drinks, which is well within their rights to do so. What isn't though, are, or were, the Muslims who, without shame, participate in a binge or two.

The point of this story as told to me years ago, was that despite the overwhelming numbers, the Malays/Muslims were not able to hold staunchly to their belief but succumbed to the temptations which is against it. Now, I am not being a prude or having a holier-than-thou attitude here, but merely recounting this story which I believe, is well known already. And this, is what umno is all about: they fail to hold on to the principles of the cause of their founding, and created new ones along the way, the kinds which goes smack opposite the former. And instead of creating better understanding of Islam, they turn it into something different that confuses the minds of many, Muslims included, and yours truly not excluded (no need to mention anything specific as there are far too many incidences). But perhaps, their actions can be attributed to their very own lack of knowledge; a wishful thought to some, but we are taught to think kindly of another, weren't we?

An example of the above mentioned lack of knowledge and confusion can be found in a comment here, where the person do not understand the role of a Muslim to a non-Muslim regarding dakwah - ours, is only to propogate the news and understading of Islam, and not to convert people into our faith. That, lies within the sole discretion of Allah s.w.t. And clearly the person in question, who is of umno faith, does not understand this. And it is for reasons such as this one whih makes me loathe the party ever more.

As with Zan Azlee's writing in his column, let me too mention that I am no Ustaz, nor a man deep in knowledge of Islam. It is with that latter confession which makes me believe that if not I, then later generations, would be able to understand and appreciate Islam, not only as a spiritual faith, but one that is encompassing including the good governance of a nation, were PAS to replace umno, and not stand alongside it. And with that too, I cannot understand why certain quarters - sadly, within PAS - who believe in umno's invitation for some form of a coalition government. To me it is very clear: If a non-Muslim is against Islam, then in high probability they do not understand the religion. But, what do you make of a Muslim who not only go against the teachings of Islam, but help fan hatred towards it? A traitor, perhaps.

Going back to Zan Azlee's simply funny but honest piece, if there is a need for us to cleanse ourselves, that it must be of the misdeeds, cruelty, corruption, and all the vile words one can think of, and that can be found in an acronym of words spelt "u.m.n.o" - a four letter word which is self-explanatory.

There is a story about Khalifah Harun ar-Rasyid I read, but sadly one which I have lost the source. Upon ascending the caliphate, the Khalifah appointed several people as new governors of distant cities. But upon learning news of one of the governors, the Khalifah rescinded the appointment. When that person learned of the rescinding order, he met the Khalifah to know the reason why. The Khalifah said it was because he had served under the previous Khalifah who was a tyrant. In reply to the man's protest that his previous appointment was only a brief spell, the Khalifah replied "Even had you served him for a month, you were an accomplice to him". (Anyone in knowledge of this, kindly tell me the source, or correct any mistakes mentioned. JazkAllah khair.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Book Review: A Muslim Journalist Dilema

Foremost, a confession: Of late, I seldom buy Malay books. Why? Don't ask me, its just the way it is. Take it or leave it. Then what made me buy this book and give it a review? Let me rephrase the reply on the first question first: I seldom buy Malay non-religious books. Full stop.

If one had been reading The English Section of Harakah print, Sunday editions, one would most probably have noticed LanH's column on the second last page of that section. If so, then one can expect the same tone and writing of this book as in the said column: non-acrimonious and non-vindictive, to the point of almost being non-committal and passive. I may sound rather harsh here for someone I have a deep respect for, but the truth is, LanH is writing about his experience as a Muslim Journalist throughout the 23years of his career as one. He is also writing in the form of a pious Muslim and hence, has put down any firebrand approach which may have the book branded as politically inclined. Political, yes. As the very nature of human management in any society is political (click here), but not politically inclined for any political party. Here, it should be noted that LanH produced this book on his personal accord and that his book had its first print in 2001. Off course, at that point of time, the person writing this review had just experience political awakening, still groping about in semi-darkness, and hardly knew LanH then. But time remedied the situation, insyAllah.

Reading through the book, many of the events LanH described can be seen in our everyday life. Thus, one may be forgiven to think "Hey! I know about this and that!". But the question is not what a person know, but what is the person doing about it?

As mentioned earlier, this book is non-acrimonious and non-vindictive, which may open one's mind to suggestions...not from the writer, but by one's inner self! LanH, after all, is sharing his experience and not trying to be anyone else but himself. Do purchase the book. If anything, it would encourage the writer to produce more. Besides, it does make a good read.

Excerpt below from LanH's blog:

****** Assalamualaikum wbt. Mulai 21 April 2009 penulis menyertakan isi kandungan buku ‘Dilema Seorang Wartawan Islam’ karya dan terbitan sendiri. Buku penulis ini terbuka untuk pembelian melalui pesanan pos. Harga asal RM12; kini dijual RM10 saja termasuk belanja pos dalam negara (Malaysia). Pesanan melalui pos boleh dibuat dengan mengirimkan wang pos atau kiriman wang RM10 kepada ROSLAN HAMID, 952-3 Batu 3, Jalan Muar Semabok, Melaka. Pembayaran melalui bank adalah melalui akaun Maybank bernombor 114011751218. Untuk maklumat, penulis (ROSLAN HAMID) menggunakan nama pena LanH pada kebanyakan artikel. Sekian, wassalam.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


"Colour Sergeant!" cried Captain ZamBek. "Colour Sergeant! Over to me!"

Of different legions of a crumbling army, Colour Sergeant Toyo came rushing to the call of his new commandant. His old legion, crushed by the weight of their own bellies, the remnants now absorbed into the Black Crow Legion under the command of Captain ZamBek.

"Suh! You called, suh?" shouted the CS amid the din of battle, and as his small retinue came to a panting stop.

"The battle has now entered an epic proportion CS", said the Captain without taking his putting the binoculars down in an effort to survey the enemy's position.
"The enemy may have breached our southern walls, but we will make out stand here and push them out again. That, is why I called for you: this very spot will serve as our victory stand and be remembered throughout eternity."

"Suh!" cried the CS.

"Yes, yes, I know. The enemy's morale are high and our troops are well under siege at the moment. But, mark my word, our name will be ranked high like those glorious heroes of yester-wars. Yes, we will".

"But, suh!" cried the CS again.

"Now now, CS. I want to practice the victory speech for tomorrow when we regain this castle of ours".

"But, suh!" again the CS cried.

"I said not now, CS! Can't you see I am busy?"

"But you are bleeding suh!" said the CS.

"Huh? What? Wh...where?". ZamBek put down the binoculars on top of the wall in front of him even as his left arm went feeling about his body. "Get the Medic!"

"Medic!" The cry was echoed all along the line by several troops, some who were heavily bandaged, while a few were holding the blood-soaked clothes covering the wound of what used to be the knee. Or lower leg. Or arm. Without choice, they stood their ground. Or sit, would be the apt word for it.

"I say, CS, why are your eyes bloody red?" asked ZamBek to the CS who was standing almost reaady to faint.

"Suh! Nothing of much concern but affairs back home, suh!" replied the CS.

"The enemy got to your history, have they?"

"Suh! I think I very cruel of them suh! Its like a death sentence".

The Medic came rushing up the step of the battlement and straight to the CS, who pointed out to their commandant. The Medic got to his knees and tore open the back of ZamBek's shirt. As he was dabbing the blood to get a clearer picture of the wound, Zambek shouted as if in great pain.
"Aaargh! You imbecile, can't you be more careful! That is a nasty wound there. Were my thoughts not for the men, I would surely have gone to my room for a proper treatment."

Apologetically, the Medic went about gentler than he was before. Then, with a look that is almost in disgust as it is surprised, the Medic looked at the CS.
"Well, what's it then?" asked the CS.
Shaken by the question, the Medic went back to his task. Soon, a bulging white patch of bandage added more colour to Zambek, apart from those on his tunic.

Finished, the Medic hurriedly went down the long staircase to tend the wounded lying and sitting all the way down. The CS, followed him down and halfway through, he asked "Well, was it bad?"

"As bad as a small graze can be," replied the Medic, almost in a laugh now.

"You mean, its nothing serious?"

"Look!" said the CS. "The old man is not known for his name for nothing you know."

"And what name would that be?" asked the CS.

"He's like a goat, the old man is. He goes bleating at anything he thinks alarming, and yet fancies himslef as a great hero like Gandhi; no other reason why we call him Zambekkkk".

Monday, May 11, 2009

Garbage Calls

“If we respect the law, and everyone should respect the law, there won’t be any crisis and things won’t turn into a crisis. But when all are claiming that they are right, then there are bound to be problems,” said Garbage N to the others even as he stepped on their bags in an effort to get ahead of the queue.

"Look," cried Garbage N "if we all queue up nicely like some civil people do, we might get them to help us". He was, referring to the law abiding people in Malaysia; people who can be as nice and decent as anyone would like.

But even before Garbage N finished his sentence, he was climbing on top of the other garbage bags.

"Don't!" shouted Garbage M from afar. "You were hasty before and now, you are not making sense at all! Your statement smacks of apology and admission to a wrongdoing. You must never do that!".

As the two garbage bags continued talking incoherently, the people they wanted to reach out to, held their nose and kept their distance. "Phew! What a pong these garbage truly are!" cried one.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Gulible People

I am no political writer, just a simple man with a simple wish - quite like many other Malaysians - for peace and justice to prevail in this country. After 6 odd years of dedicating my time and effort and most of those time, alone, I thought of taking a long rest and allow the new blood - some who suddenly proclaim themselves as heroes already - to carry on with the struggle. Never a man for spoken words, I now find myself feeling very guilty and distressed at the recent events in Perak. And I am very sure many Malaysians feel the same way too - from which ever side of the coin they are looking at. Ironically though, what prompts me to write my simple thoughts here, are not the mentioned event, rather a movie I had just watched, and only the tail-end of it, I must add.

When disaster struck the WTC on September 11, I was one of the many who were initially elated that it happened. However, when senses reigned, I began to feel sorry and even pity for those victims...and anger towards the perpetrators: How could anyone be so vile as to carry such crimes against the people of their own nation? My anger, as evident with the question, was aimed at the Americans who conspired with that illegal entity in Mid East, and not against those who were accused. After looking at the video, listening to some talks, and reading several articles, I think it would be safe to say that the WTC was part of a major conspiracy cooked up by certain quarters for some financial and material gains. Unfortunately, a small number of people where sadly, some were friends, would rather believe the news as distorted by the media.

One such news, was the finding of a 'suicide note' of one of the hijackers of a plane that smashed into one of the towers. Though even then many would find it highly improbable that such a note could escape the destruction, there were a number of believer that it did. And when I saw the reenatment on the movie just now, it only strengthened my belief that the letter was nothing but a stupid 'evidence' to crucify the Muslim world: amidst all the rubble, dust and debris, fire that nearly turned the tonnes of steel there into a molten lava, could a self incriminating letter written on a piece of flimsy letter survived? But the believers of the lie stuck to their belief. Now, nearly a decade later, and the matter of the letter seem to have disappeared, so too it seem, their memory and belief...until a new lie rear its ugly head.

Undoubtedly - as I have met a few - there are people who tend to believe the msm and sarkas's view of the story: That Sivakumar's position as the Speaker for the DUN Perak has been 'legally' removed, and replaced by some obscure figure whose name I even loathe to mention here. Undoubtedly, they will support the sarkas and quote another obscure figure of man from Johor statement's like the one here; and no matter how the truth is conveyed, they will not listen and keep to their belief (that too if one can call it that). Amongst them, some friends including bloggers many know of. And of these, some chose to believe simply because they prefer to remain ignorant, or claim to be partial. Well, eat this:

How, can a proceeding of official matter ever take place if it has yet to be officiated?

In the case of the DUN Perak, the chaotic scene of the House took place before it was officiated! House Speaker, YB Sivakumar was physically removed by force by several people whom reports mentioned as police personnel.

As mentioned by a Malik Imtaz here, the police do not have any jurisdiction in the House. How was it they were there then? And how was it they were allowed to do what they did?

The call for this assembly itself was unlawful as it was not issued by the Speaker. Yet, all the officials of the sarkas came a begging there. Why, did not the authorities respect the assembly when it was initially called for much earlier? Why did the authorities close the House, forcing the assembly to be held under a tree?

Off course, all these may seem irrelevant to the few mentioned as it comes from a PR activist who rely more on the alternative media than the sarkas-owned TV3, Utusan, NST, Berita and even Bernama. Well, then read it from another sarkas man who hae the guts and honour to speak out (here). (Sorry, I used to read him for a short while and thus no longer keep him on my list).

To those people I am forced to write this to: if you still prefer to remain partial and aloof despite the events which makes a mockery of democracy, justice, and all those relevant which allow you do so, then you are no different than a top hound who railed at those detained activist for being undemocratic. Yet, it was he who uses force: Go to your kennels, the lot of you!

ps. To sarkas: with this latest in Perak, are there any more talks about working together? Not on your life. If you can rape the rule of law, justice, democracy, and the people's trust, you are not worthy of any trust!

* Now, that's done, I can continue being the village idiot again :)

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Monday, May 04, 2009

A Worrisome Decision

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I received the email below, and have been asked to post it in my blogs for a wider read and understanding on the matter. As much as I would like to translate it, I fear it may just lead to confusion. Any feedback one may want to give, please send it to the address below. Off course, one may also leave a comment here if one so wish.



Masyarakat Islam arus perdana amat terkejut dengan kenyataan yang dikeluarkan oleh Menteri Di Jabatan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz bahawa Jemaah Menteri telah bersetuju memutuskan kanak-kanak mesti kekal menganut agama asal ketika ibubapanya berkahwin walaupun salah seorang pasangan itu menukar agama.
Keputusan yang dibuat oleh jemaah menteri dikatakan sebagai langkah penyelesaian jangka panjang berhubung isu pertikaian status agama kanak-kanak berkenaan apabila ibu atau bapa mereka menukar agama.

Keputusan Jemaah Menteri ini sangatlah dikesali malah menimbulkan lebih banyak persoalan atau lebih tepat mengundang kontroversi!
Manifestasi kekesalan ini dizahirkan apabila lebih seratus NGO Islam dari seluruh negara berkumpul menyatakan bantahan mereka semalam (Jumaat).
Persatuan Peguam Syarie Malaysia (PGSM) juga melalui Timbalan Presidennya Musa Awang telah mengeluarkan kenyataan membantah keputusan tersebut. PGSM adalah NGO pertama yang menyuarakan kekesalan mereka.

Bagi memahami implikasi keputusan jemaah menteri ini beberapa perkara perlu diperincikan terlebih dahulu terutamanya kedudukan perlembagaan, undang-undang dan hukum syarak. Sebenarnya terdapat tiga perkara utama yang terkesan daripada keputusan ini iaitu berkaitan dengan pembubaran perkahwinan, agama anak dan pemeliharaan Anak.

Pembubaran Perkahwinan
Di dalam perkahwinan sivil yang didaftarkan melalui Akta Membaharui Undang-Undang (Perkahwinan dan Perceraian) 1976 pembubaran perkahwinan hanya boleh berlaku jika perkahwinan itu telah pecahbelah dan tidak dapat diselamatkan lagi.

Perkara ini termaktub di dalam seksyen 52 Akta tersebut. Seksyen 51 Akta yang sama pula menjelaskan jika salah seorang pasangan itu memeluk Islam, pasangan yang tidak memeluk Islam itu boleh memfailkan petisyen pembubaran perkahwinan menurut seksyen berkenaan selepas tiga bulan pasangannya memeluk Islam.

Ini bermakna petisyen perceraian atas alasan pemelukan agama Islam hanya boleh difailkan oleh pasangan yang tidak memeluk agama Islam sahaja.

Selagi dia tidak memfailkan petisyen perceraian tersebut perkahwinan sivilnya bersama pasangan yang telah memeluk Islam tetap dianggap sah di bawah akta tersebut.

Jelaslah di sini ketidakadilan begitu ketara berlaku kepada pasangan yang memeluk Islam itu memandangkan beliau langsung tidak mempunyai locus standi (hak untuk mengambil tindakan atau mencabar keputusan) untuk memfailkan petisyen perceraian berdasarkan seksyen tersebut.

Namun Mahkamah Syariah menurut Jadual Kesembilan Senarai 2 Butiran I Perlembagaan Persekutuan, boleh membuat penentuan sesuatu perkara mengenai hukum dan doktrin syarak. Seksyen 46(2) Akta Undang-Undang Keluarga Islam (Wilayah-Wilayah Persekutuan) 1984 menepati semangat Perlembagaan Persekutuan ini dengan memberi kuasa kepada Mahkamah Syariah membuat penentuan mengikut hukum syarak apakah kedudukan perkahwinan tersebut.

Seksyen 46(2) tersebut memperuntukkan jika salah satu pihak kepada sesuatu perkahwinan bukan Islam memeluk Islam, maka perbuatan yang demikian tidak boleh dengan sendirinya berkuatkuasa membubarkan perkahwinan itu melainkan dan sehingga disahkan oleh Mahkamah. (Mahkamah di sini bermaksud mahkamah syariah).
Seolah-olah terdapat polemik di sini di mana kedua-dua mahkamah mempunyai bidangkuasa. Oleh yang demikian terdapatlah cadangan seksyen di atas ditiadakan bagi menyelesaikan kemelut ini. Tetapi sebenarnya bukan hanya seksyen tersebut sahaja perlu dipinda malah seksyen yang sama di negeri-negeri lain juga perlu dipinda dan mendapat perkenan Raja-Raja Melayu. Namun lazimnya ia mungkin satu jalan yang tidak mudah untuk digapai.

Sebenarnya tatkala seseorang itu telah memeluk Islam sudah pasti Perlembagaan Persekutuan memberi jaminan kepada mualaf itu mengamalkan agamanya termasuklah undang-undang diri seperti munakahat (perkahwinan). Tindakan mengheret mualaf ini ke Mahkamah Sivil merupakan pelanggaran hak kebebasan beragama bagi mualaf ini.

Seorang yang sudah mendapat hidayah daripada Allah s.w.t sudah tentu tidak mahu balik ke zaman jahiliyahnya kembali. Inilah hak yang perlu dipertahan oleh kerajaan dan bukan merobek hak ini atas alasan yang picisan yang tidak selaras dengan Perlembagaan.

Membawa orang bukan Islam ke Mahkamah Syariah pula bukanlah suatu perkara yang mudah kerana kebiasaannya orang bukan Islam enggan hadir ke Mahkamah Syariah atas alasan tidak mahu tertakluk kepada undang-undang Islam. Sedangkan apa yang diputuskan oleh Mahkamah Syariah hanyalah membuat perisytiharan di sisi hukum syarak, mengenai apakah kedudukan perkahwinan tersebut sahaja.

Lalu amatlah tidak wajar mualaf ini dinafikan hak ini. Hakikatnya ialah sebahagian orang bukan Islam tidak mengiktiraf langsung kewujudan Mahkamah Syariah ini. Mereka tidak mahu membantu Mahkamah Syariah memberi keputusan yang adil. Mereka sanggup memberi keterangan di medan media tetapi tidak di Mahkamah Syariah. Mahkamah Syariah adalah sebahagian dari system perundangan negara yang sah. Tidak ada seorangpun terutama atas nama “1 Malaysia” boleh memperlekehkan mahkamah Syariah.

Agama Anak
Perkara 12(3) Perlembagaan Persekutuan menyatakan tiada seorangpun boleh dikehendaki menerima ajaran sesuatu agama atau mengambil bahagian dalam apa-apa upacara atau upacara sembahyang sesuatu agama, selain agamanya sendiri.
Perkara 12(4) pula menegaskan bagi maksud Perkara 12(3) di atas, agama bagi seseorang yang di bawah umur lapan belas tahun hendaklah ditetapkan oleh ibu atau bapanya atau penjaganya.

Perkara 12(4) ini telah ditafsirkan oleh penghakiman mahkamah tertinggi negara iaitu Mahkamah Persekutuan di dalam kes Subahsini mlwn Saravanan.
Di mana mahkamah tersebut telah memutuskan bahawa salah seorang (bukan kedua) ibu bapa boleh menentukan keIslaman anak tersebut.

Peruntukan Perkara 12(4) dan juga tafsiran yang dibuat oleh Mahkamah Persekutuan tersebut sebenarnya selaras dengan Hukum Syarak. Sebenarnya telah disepakati di kalangan ulamak bahawa apabila salah seorang ibubapa bukan Islam memeluk Islam, anak di bawah umur mereka itu disifatkan sebagai Islam.
Ini adalah kerana anak yang dilahirkan itu adalah fitrah, dan fitrah di sini bermaksud Islam.

Undang-Undang Syariah ditegakkan berasaskan kepada Al Maqasid Al Syariah. Terdapat lima al maqasid al syariah (objektif syariah) iaitu menjaga agama (hifz al din), nyawa (hifz al nafs), keturunan (hifz an nasab), akal (hifz al aql) dan harta (hifz al mal).
Bagi mencapai maqasid ini umat Islam dipertanggungjawabkan memelihara kelima-lima perkara ini termasuklah menjaga agama dan keturunan. Oleh yang demikian agama anak itu hendaklah mengikut mana-mana ibubapa yang Islam. Umat Islam tidak dapat menerima sekiranya al maqasid al syariah ini tidak dapat dicapai.

Alasan Nazri agar mengikut 'common sense' (logik akal) adalah terlalu dangkal. Dalam undang-undang kita tidak boleh berdasarkan logik akal semata kerana dikhuatiri akan lebih menjerumus kepada kepentingan yang berpihak. Ada asas dan falsafah yang perlu ditafsirkan dan dihayati. Sebagai perbandingannya jika kita menggunakan ‘common sense’ tersebut, adakah kita boleh dianggap tidak melakukan kesalahan trafik apabila melanggar lampu isyarat merah atas alasan tiada kenderaan yang melintasi di hadapan kita? Walaupun pada “common sense” pemandu itu tidak bersalah tetapi undang-undang mempunyai falsafahnya tersendiri bagi mengawal kemaslahatan (kebaikan) sejagat. Apatah lagi 'common sense' yang dicetuskan oleh keputusan tersebut itu melanggar hukum syarak.

Keputusan jemaah menteri ini, tidak boleh mengatasi peruntukan Perkara 12(4) dan tafsiran yang dibuat dalam kes Subahsini.

Jemaah menteri juga sebagai badan eksekutif tidak boleh mencampuri urusan kehakiman (sama ada sivil ataupun syariah) apatah lagi mengganggu keputusan mahkamah dengan mengeluarkan kenyataan bertentangan dengan keputusan mahkamah.

Seharusnya segala ruang yang dibenarkan oleh undang-undang diambil bagi menangani permasalahan ini dan bukan melalui campur tangan eksekutif yang secara langsung merujuk kepada kes Muhammad Ridzuan tersebut.

Pemeliharaan Anak
Mengenai pemeliharaan anak pula. Sudah menjadi amalan di Mahkamah Syariah dan Mahkamah Sivil bahawa kebajikan anak mengatasi hak ibu atau bapa. Di dalam memutuskan hak jagaan anak sudah tentulah faktor mengenai kebajikan anak ini di titikberatkan. Kebajikan anak ini termasuklah permasalahan akidah, tumbesaran dan pembelajaran anak tersebut. Perkara sebegini boleh diputuskan oleh Mahkamah. Hak memelihara anak ini biasanya diputuskan setelah mengambil kira keperluan dan kebajikan anak.

Namun apa yang berlaku ialah masyarakat bukan Islam atas sebab-sebab tertentu terlalu takutkan Mahkamah Syariah dan menganggap Mahkamah Syariah hanya mempertahankan hak orang Islam sahaja. Sudah dibuktikan di dalam beberapa kes di Mahkamah Syariah, keputusan yang dikeluarkan oleh Hakim Syarie tidak memihak kepada orang Islam semata-mata tetapi memihak kepada keadilan.

Berbalik kepada keputusan jemaah menteri seperti yang dilaporkan oleh kebanyakan media hari ini, amat jelas keputusan tersebut gagal mempertahankan kelebihan agama Islam sebagai agama Persekutuan. Keputusan tersebut menyamatarafkan Islam dengan agama-agama lain dan perkara ini tidak dapat diterima oleh masyarakat Islam arus perdana.

NGO-NGO Islam juga mempersoalkan keputusan Jemaah Menteri yang dibuat itu langsung tidak mengambil kira pandangan NGO-NGO Islam. Dalam masa yang sama pula pihak kerajaan termasuk Timbalan Perdana Menteri telah berjumpa dengan NGO bukan Islam mengenai kes yang tersebut di atas.

Tiada usaha untuk mendapatkan pandangan NGO Islam (yang berjumlah hampir 100 pertubuhan) dilakukan bagi mendapat pandangan mereka sebelum keputusan dibuat.

Malah ada beberapa NGO Islam cuba untuk bertemu dengan kepimpinan kerajaan tetapi tidak dapat direalisasikan. Seharusnya pihak kerajaan lebih peka dengan sensitiviti umat Islam khususnya masyarakat saudara baru. Suara mereka harus didengar terlebih dahulu sebelum sebarang keputusan yang membabitkan mereka dibuat. Hak mereka untuk didengar (audi alteram partem) oleh pimpinan kerajaan sudah tiada lagi. Dimanakah audi alteram partem itu?

Justeru untuk memberikan kebaikan kepada semua pihak adalah lebih baik kepada kerajaan supaya menarik keputusan berhubung kes Mohd. Ridzuan ini. Lebih-lebih lagi bagi memelihara keharmonian dan perpaduan dalam masyarakat berbilang bangsa, kaum dan agama ini.

Ini kerana jika dilaksanakan juga, diyakini ia akan berlarutan dan tidak menemukan jalan penyelesaian secara tuntas apabila secara terang keputusan itu begitu bertentangan dengan Perlembagaan dan tidak selaras dengan keputusan kes Subahsini sebelum ini.

Malah jika bercakap soal kemanusiaan, pastinya si ibu yang masih beragama Hindu itu akan lebih menikmati keadilan dan haknya sebagai seorang ibu tidak akan dinafikan. Ini kerana sesuai dengan Firman Allah dalam Surah Al Baqarah ayat 256 yang bermaksud;

"Tidak ada paksaan dalam agama (Islam), kerana sesungguhnya telah nyata kebenaran (Islam) daripada kesesatan (kufur). Oleh itu, sesiapa yang tidak percayakan Taghut, dan ia pula beriman kepada Allah, maka sesungguhnya ia telah berpegang kepada simpulan (tali agama) yang teguh, yang tidak akan putus. Dan (ingatlah), Allah Maha Mendengar lagi Maha Mengetahui."

Malah jika kerajaan mengambil pendekatan untuk berbincang dan berkerjasama dengan para ulama, pakar perundangan Islam sehinggalah termasuk NGO-NGO berkaitan pasti kerajaan tidak perlu bersusah payah sehingga perlu melakukan sebarang pindaan terhadap undang-undang apa tah lagi membabitkan Undang-undang Syarie.

Ditulis oleh Zainul Rijal Abu Bakar, penulis adalah Setiausaha Agong Peguam Pembela Islam.


* Bekas Mufti Perak, Dr Asri Zainul Abidin, turut memberi pandangnya di sini.

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Stripped Bare

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Quite sometime back, I wrote about the suspicious move by the previous Selangor State Government to change the status of the Forest Reserve within Kota Damansara to make way for a large Muslim cemetery.

Though no one was able to (or not willing to) come forward to either deny or confirm the story then, the present ADUN for Kota Damansara, Dr Nasir, has brought the matter up to the present State Government, and they have acted accordingly. Below, is an email from Dr Nasir sent to the egroup for Kota Damansara. Kindly note the sentence/s in bold, especially in red.


26th April,2009.

It was a very joyous occasion for residents of Kota Damansara when Selangor Menteri Besar announced that the Kota Damansara Forest would be re-gazetted in three months time.Tan Sri Khalid bin Ibrahim attended the Earth Day programme at the Kota Damansara Forest area.

Under the PJ Local Draft Plan 2 (RTPJ2) drafted by the previous BN administration, stated that about 40ha of forested area in Kota Damansara, which is part of the Sungai Buloh Forest Reserve, will be turned into a recreational area. This included the land that has been developed into a Muslim cemetery. It leaves only 26.9ha as the forest reserve. The rest would make way for development, including residential housing.

The Friends of Kota Damansara, the group comprising representatives of Kota Damansara Residents Associations, have been fighting to save the forest from development

The group together with the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) as the adviser have started a campaign to preserve part of the forest, which they have dubbed as the Kota Damansara Community Forest Park.

They even managed to obtain RM380,000 from the United Nations Development Programme through its Small Grants Programme towards efforts to establish the park. The forest is still largely covered by rich lowland forest dominated by meranti-keruing trees, some of which are more than 100 years old. The forest is also rich in wildlife, including 227 species of birds such as black bellied malkohas, crested serpent eagles, kingfishers, broadbills, dollar birds and possibly even the rare argus pheasant. Eight species of mammals and 25 species of reptiles are also found in the area. The Community Forest project was a success and it is the first of its kind in Malaysia.

Since the political tsunami of 8th March,2009,Dr. Nasir Kota Damansara Assemblyman worked together with the FOKD to campaign for the forest to be regazetted. A first meeting was held with YB Elizabeth Wong, the Exco incharge of Enviromental concerns.

Many pro-UMNO quarters tried to divert the issue into a racial one . They were trying to highlight how a ‘predominantly Chinese’ FOKD was trying to stop a ‘Muslim’ cemetery from being build. However the elected representatives, Dr.Nasir ,Sivarasa and Elizabeth Wong stood to their principles . During the Earth Day celebrations last year, they made a commitment to ensure the Kota Damansara Forest be reserved.

The long campaign by FOKD and the residents bore fruits today , when they got the assurance from the Selangor Chief Minister .

“This campaign is very special , as it was participated by the residents to preserve the area as not only as a green area but as a community forest, the rakyat have wholeheartedly understood the importance to preserve the ecosystem and also how the forest helps in community building. This is what we need, we need to empower the people to fight against the greed of the large corporations which seek to exploit our green lung.” Dr.Nasir Hashim.

Pejabat ADUN Kota Damansara.


As I was informed then, the previous SG shifted the approved original Muslim Cemetery site to one which was hilly and rocky, and thus not suitable. The Cemetery was then moved to the present site, giving certain quarters the perfect excuse to level the forest to make way for housing development. Never mind about the flora and fauna there, nor about the forest was once designated as a water catchment area. What mattered was, the RM to be made from the sale of new houses. But Alhamdulillah, though the Muslim Cemetery will not be moved from this location, all other development plans has been put to a stop.

By the way, part of the area in concern was turned into a park, one which I took pictures of and can be found in Painting Pictures here. And what was it those ameno people said: "PAS was using Islam for its political gain?"

All the Pakatan Rakyat states ought to expose and lay bare the misdeeds of those previous administration.

Friday, April 24, 2009

A Doc Lo'Lo's Invitation To All

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The MP for Titiwangsa, YB Doctor Lo'Lo', invites all to a family and health oriented program as below:

The venue, Dewan Orang Ramai, Kg Paya, is located within Kampung Bahru, Kuala Lumpur. Full itinerary and direction are made available at the YB's blog here. Do tell all and bring your family and friends along.


On a not pleasant development regarding the program above, it seems DBKL really need to have their heads examined.

In planning for this program, the YB Doc, had extended an invitation to the Minister of Federal Territories as the officiating VIP. Now, considering that the YB Doc and the Minister sits on the opposite side in the Parliament, this is a good gesture as any, for the well being of the rakyat. However, the minister, it seems, is unable to attend. And in lieu, DBKL - typical of their Sarkas subsidiary mentality - had invited the Sarkas Cheras Division Chief! What bloody nonesense!

Below, is the text message from the YB Doc, verbatim:

"Salam Dato Duad. Saya kesal kerana DBKL terus dengan sikap tidak profesional dan mengambil tindakan yang jelas sangat partisan. Saya bercakap tentand program Karnival Kesihatan anjuran DBKL & Persatuan Penduduk PPR Cochrane sek 25/4, di mana yang dipanggil merasmikan adalah Ketua Bahagian UMNO Cheras kerana Menteri WP tidak hadir. Saya selaku Ahli Parlimen Titiwangsa langsung tidak dimaklumkan.

Kenapa ketua umno dijemput? Di mana local standi nya?

Kalau begini sikap DBKL, saya syorkan tubuh sahaja umno cawangan DBKL, biar terang lagi bersuluh. Saya akan dedahkan ini dalam akhbar, blog dan website. Sekian."

As mentioned, typical of a Sarkas subsidiary mentality DBKL has. I have no doubt in mind that when that Sarkas chief does officiate, it will receive some attention from the MMS, and the sarkas chief and sarkas itself, will claim it as part of their service when in truth, it is the people's money being used - an ongoing lie by the sarkas since decades ago! Just as in the Bkt Antarabangsa tragedy, the food brought by Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat were repacked with the sarkas logo and name. And it is these people who had called for unity? Go jump into the filthiest of exrement, thank you.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Earth Day at Kota Damansara

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Come April 26, the DUN for Kota Damansara is organising an event in conjunction with Earth Day, which is celebrated worldwide on the 22nd April of every year. As the would suggest, the celebration in Kota Damansara is nature oriented with the itineraries as below. If you have nothing on your calender for that day, do come and join.

Pot of Honey

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Even as it is still feeding on the nectar of one flower, a butterfly is already eying its next meal, of another flower of the same plant. Soon later, it flutters towards it, its flight path almost haphazard as it navigates the gentle breeze blowing. To add to its problem, the butterfly, like all or most insects, have compound eyes. While the compound eyes gives the butterfly and all around vision, it cannot however, focus on particular subjects the way a human can. In other words, the visions of a butterfly are as blurry as a person with a very weak eyesight and not wearing glasses.

"Quite like the story today" quipped Manan as we compared pictures we snapped for the day. Not understanding his statement fully, I asked how so.

"Well," Manan said "imagine for a moment that the flower the butterfly is on is called Perak. Only a brief moment ago the butterfly landed on it and began feeding. Somehow, it finds the nectar of this flower not as sweet as it would like, but nonetheless, still feeds on it."

"Then somehow..." Manan paused a moment as he stuffed tobacco into his pipe and lit it.
"Somehow, the butterfly's instincts reminds him of another kind of nectar. Thought darker in colour, it oozes with the richness that makes honey pale in comparison."

"Only problem is," Manan continued on "is that the butterly's can't see very well and thus the reason why it goes from one flower to another, like your butterfly there. In fact, if there's another butterly there, the two might just fight over the flower, and even killing over it".

"Butterfly fighting and killing? You're off your rockers" I shot back to him.

"Well, if it is just about the butterflies, I may very well be", replied Manan. "But, what if the flower they're fighting for is named Ganu, and the fighting are done by those here". I, off course, had a good laugh over it.

Yes, Manan's right; those people he refers to do need to have their eyes checked. Heads, rather.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


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Kemaruk is a Malay word which Kamus Melayu (here) defines as: 1. Selalu terbuka selera hendak makan; 2. berbelanja berlebihan; 3. mahukan sesuatu dengan banyak.
In a simple word or two, I define it as a craze, or obsession for something. Now, that something can be like when one is in love (kemaruk cinta). It can also be like for a new found hobby such as photography. And it can also be for power, like in politics.

But, foremost.
Time to give nature and our natural resources a break, folks. Come this Saturday, March 28, switch off your electrical supply for about one hour, beginning 8.30pm. By reducing usage of power, we will be giving Earth a break from the global warming, as well as stretch our depleting natural resources. At the same time, we will also be giving nature a break to heal itself; between the bulb which consume our natural resources and add to global warming, and the flower plant which is part of nature and in fact, provide oxygen essential to life, which in turn helps to reduce global warming, more and more people are beginning to realise the importance of the plant(s), and the danger of global warming caused by emission of gasses and heat into the atmosphere. So, let us join them by switching of our electricity supply for just ONE HOUR this Saturday. Read all about it here.

Right, now that the convention in KL is about over, we see how 'kemaruk' some people are with power, and how blind many of those attending it are not to see the true nature of aforementioned people are in their craze for power - they spent millions 'buying' it, only to be denied eligibility to stand for office by some other people who, perhaps, work in cahoots with some other people for really are power and money crazy that they have been alleged to commit murder by the foulest manner. But each and everyone mentioned above deny any hand in any crime, whether murder or vote buying (read: corruption). Thus one guy who aspires to be the Prime Minister before or the age of 40, now is one step nearer to his ambition.

I like the way DocTA puts it: ameno is corrupt to the core simply because their delegates voted in a guy by the name of KJ who was found guilty of money politics by the disciplinary committee; need the skeptics more proof of how rotten the party already is? KJ got off scotfree while Ali was barred from the election on the same grounds as KJ, how absurd. Rightly, both should have been handed over to SPRM as money politics is a corrupt practice and all found guilty should be charged accordingly in the courts of law. But since ameno think that the whole of Malaysia, including the courts are theirs to dictate, we hear not a whimper from those (ir)relevant authorities. Think I'm exeggerating about that? Well, the skeptics can read all about it here then figure it out themselves. In other words of those people who were offended by LKS statement that ameno is crazy as well as power crazy, each and everyone of us Malaysians are nothing but serfs to them. Would you blame me then for calling them jackasses, and every other foul and dirty words and names I can think of?

However, despite all that, I think there is light at the end of the tunnel. According to Ku Li here, ameno's convention may well be illegal and run risk of being banned (can't say again, as the previous ameno is dead and buried, while this one is actually ameno baru, for whatever it means, as the mentality and corrupt practices are still the same). Now, all we need is a judge who is not a serf (as alleged by the same statement above).

Its really time to put the lights out for these bunch of people in 'kemaruk'.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Going From Bad To Worse?

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The depression's here already. No, not the financial depression, but ameno's wrangling with the legal system and throwing almost everything back to before The Dark Age. Honestly, when you look at the news these past weeks, we might just one day end up like the Boat People of Indochina soon after the Communist took over the region. To cap it, we will also be either 'shooed' or 'shoot' away, just as Musa Hitam was purported to have mentioned to the media at the height of the exodus. And if the tide Malaysia is in is not reversed, perhaps one day, our people may be swimming to foreign shores in search for a better life.

The week certainly did not begin well with some money matters. While many went fuming when the salary for Puncak Niaga's Chairman was revealed at RM5.1 million, a few actually welcome it citing professionalism has it price. What professionalism, when the company concerned has a debt of RM4.1 billion and at the same faces cashflow problems? That, is a sheer rip off abetted by the previous state government of Selangor. Especially when one compare to the pittance 4.5% dividend EPF may announce for the year 2008 (or has it already?). Pray tell what happened to the money the BN government so conveniently borrowed from EPF early this year in an effort to supposedly support the KLSE? Did not the finance minister promised gains for EPF on the the amount borrowed? Or, has the money mysteriously disspeared as did the RM4 billion the federal government 'saved' when the petrol price was hiked by more than 30 cents last year? The amount 'saved' was meant to improve the public transportation system, but came to a naught.

Some said that with the new Finance Minister, things will improve. Bull! Just take a look at his track record, and one will find nothing but failures littering it. There's the housing for Military Personnel and their family in Lumut Army Base which when completed, were so full of defects that they were not fit to live in. There's the PSNC patrol boats which till date, only one has been completed. And that too way past the dateline given, and the billions paid out may not be recovered. There's also the question mark about his brother being the CEO of a bank, which may raise concerns of conflict of interest. In fact, when one look at it really deep, there has been nothing which the new Finance Minister can be proud of. He, may just be the antithesis of the Midas Touch. The person concerned here, has been, since day one of his return from studies, a total blundering oaf who can never get things right. His latest - the Perak issue - has even received criticism from his mentor (read here). I really do dread this month end should he ascend the post. Here, in retrospect, Pak Lah makes a better candidate. That however, in no way mean he has my allegiance.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Boycott; It Works!

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Only the other evening Ah Chai was telling me how he is beginning to understand the Boycott issue. Rather reluctantly, he might add though. Still, the fact that he does now is good enough for me as we once had a heated argument on the matter. Well, at least, I did. Anyway, when I read the news below at Window Into Palestine, it sort of made my day; The Boycott, is working.

Israelis Are Beginning to See the Power of BDS

Shir Hever, Alternative Information Center (AIC)

A BDS Israel poster by the Palestinian Campaign for Boycott, Divestment and Sanction Against Israel.

In recent years, there has been a gradual growth in the BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions) movement, calling to put economic pressure on Israel until it recognizes the rights of the occupied Palestinian people and puts an end the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip, starting on 27 December 2008, which lasted for nearly a month, has given this movement a powerful reason to redouble its efforts. Dozens of BDS campaigns have gained momentum and publicity; dozens of new ones were launched during or immediately after Israel's attack on the Gaza Strip.

These campaigns range from calls to boycott goods from the illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank, to calls to stop all economic contacts with Israel altogether. They include protests at sporting events, two countries cutting diplomatic ties with Israel (Bolivia and Venezuela), and many demonstrations around the world, attended by hundreds of thousands of protestors.

The growing protest against the atrocities committed by the Israeli military in the Gaza Strip have begun to change something in the Israeli political discourse, and the first indication of this can already be seen in the Israeli economic media.

Although the Israeli economic media doesn't concern itself with the moral dimension of the attacks on Gaza, the economic dimension of recent events have created a rising level of concern. In order to demonstrate this trend, here are summaries of four articles that appeared in the Israeli The Marker magazine for economic news:

1. On 2 February, Guy Grimland warned about a growing phenomenon of boycott of Israeli high-tech companies, and several Israeli companies received letters from European and U.S. companies explaining that they cannot invest in Israel for moral reasons.

2. In 3 February, Nehemia Strassler, one of Israel's most famous economic correspondents, attacked the Israeli Minister of Industry, Trade and Labor, Eli Yishai, for calling on the Israeli military to "destroy one hundred homes in Gaza for every rocket that falls in Israel." Strassler had nothing to say about the Palestinians living in these homes or about the loss of life, but he warned:

"[the minister] doesn't even understand how the operation in Gaza hurts the economy. The horror sights on television and the words of politicians in Europe and Turkey change the behavior of consumers, businessmen and potential investors. Many European consumers boycott Israeli products in practice. Intellectuals call for an economic war against us and to enforce an official and full consumer boycott.

Calls are heard in board meetings of economic corporations to boycott trade relations with Israel. So far deals were cancelled with Turkey, the UK, Egypt and the Gulf States, and visits by economic delegations were cancelled. It’s much easier now to switch providers while abandoning Israeli providers. Many company boards are required to take wide considerations into account with regards to the good of society and the environment, and they put political considerations in that slot as well.

Of course there is an economic cost to severing diplomatic ties. Qatar cut its trade relations with Israel, Venezuela and Bolivia cut diplomatic relations. Mauritania recalled its ambassador and the relations with Turkey worsened considerably—and this bad ambience seeps into the business sector decisions. Here, just yesterday Dudi Ovshitz, who grows peppers for export, said that 'there is a concealed boycott of Israeli products in Europe.'"

3. On 6 February, Shuki Sadeh wrote about even more companies that have decided to boycott relations with Israel. A Turkish company demanded that Israeli companies sign a document condemning the Israeli massacre in Gaza before they can offer their services for it. Sadeh quoted Naomi Klein's recent call for boycott, the 2005 Palestinian civil society call for boycott and Israeli organizations that support the boycott and provide information for the global BDS movement. Sadeh's article also had concerned quotes by Israeli businessmen who demanded government intervention to protect them from the growing boycott.

4. In 11 February, Ora Koren reported that the Israeli business sectors feel the effects of the attack on Gaza. She reported that Israeli businessmen in Turkey are hiding their names so that the local BDS organizations won't learn about their activities, and that the situation is even worse in the UK.

These four articles are a sign that there is a shift in the effectiveness of the BDS movement against Israel, and that if the momentum is maintained and strengthened, Israeli businessmen may decide to move their headquarters away from Israel, or to begin to put pressure on the Israeli government to begin respecting international law, and ending the occupation