Monday, August 15, 2016

He Speaks, Yet Again

He speaks, yet again
of knowledge and the need of it
to chart and navigate our future
and the splendours that await us
Yet the very book needed he close
and the instruments 
he lock them away

He speaks, yet again
of justice and being righteous
and the nobility of the two
Yet he understands them not
for the two, he is known not to be

He speaks, yet again
portraying intelligence 
but instead becomes a mockery of it
For as sure as the sun in a bright day
Koko and Kanzi 
are far superior to him
the mircale they are
the miracle he is not

He speaks, yet again
yada yada yada
and a scribe worded it venomously

He speaks, yet again
the mircale is
when he's left
with no words to speak

He speaks, yet again
he is the manifestation 
of this song
Let him speak no more