Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rojak Entry

Don't one just love rojak mamak? Off course, there are some who does not. But judging from the many rojak businesses around town, my bet is that there are more lovers of it than not. Me, I find a good rojak simply bowl-licking good! kindly excuse me for that as I amjust an uncouth barbaric hermit trying to live a civilised life as defined by people of another civilisation, particularly those who does not believe in eating with fingers and find it...disgusting. And I find that, to be totally perplexing when one take into consideration that those very fingers are part of one's physical self. It would be understandable, off course, had one just dug into one's own nose, then begin eating with the same finger without ever washing it. Doing one of the 2 is already a no-no for many. But doing both? As the Mexicans would say it: "Aiyai yai!"

Dropped into an old friend earlier today. Akhbar - think I've mentioned him in one of my entries - is Money Changer guy who together within another friend, we tried to apply for a licence to operate our own sometime in 1996. Due to the circumstances of the time then, we were unsuccesful and each then drifted a different direction. Exept for Akhbar.

A sharp eye on forged currency, pleasant manner and easy with the smile, his boss found him trustworthy and had elevate his status from that of an employer to a business partner in another company. But the business there did not prosper as expected, and he is back assisting the boss in the Money-Changing business just next to PJ Hilton.

When I met him just now, Akhbar had a very worried look on his face. It seems, there has been a very sharp increase in crime and disturbance within the housing area he is in. Now, he is looking for another place, preferaly somewhere within Damansara where he can commute easily to his shop. I told him the area here is not as peaceful as he thinks as there have been several cases of break-ins. But he sounds adamant about it. Thus, insyAllah, this weekend, he will come over and together we will try to get him a place.

Crimes, it seems, is on the rise. With many people unable to maintain a comfortable life with the increase in prices of goods (Light crude is down to USD126 according to CNN) more than several people have decided to help themselves to illegally gained money. In fact, poor GM (at my links), have just been a victim of snatch thieves. But what have the Doraemons and the Sarkas been doing about it? They decided to heap the public with more lies, especially in the case of DSAI. It got so that at times I just want to scream "Hey Musa, when are you going to tie the swastika and the Doraemon picture on your armband?" But sadly, not are they blind and dumb, but deaf too. Also, they seem to like poking their fingers into someone else .... Do they know anything about integrity and honour? Or are they dumb because they do not know how to cleanse themselves, esepecially before eating. This, reminds me of another use for fingers, one which is pleasing especially to the ears.

Alina, had posted an entry about Moonlight Sonata together with notes for guitar. Now, being a barbarian, I off course, could never differentiate much between one classical piece to another. Thus, when I heard the song, it sounds very much like a Libestraum piece which I used to love. Ahem, mind you, that was when I was 14, and have not heard it since then. And when I listened to the piece at Alina, I mistakenly took it for the Libestraum below.

Believe it or not, I use to be able to play like that guy above. But off course, that was in my dreams :)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Morning Ramblings

Our bro MS dropped over my area early yesterday evening - he cycled all the way from his place which can be over 10km! Man, if I were to do that, I think I'd faint halfway through. Oh, make it a quarter way, as there is a nurse hostel nearby that quarter way mark. Off course, MS does not know that which was why he used a shortcut cutting through the NKVE. But still...

Anyway, we had a nice conversation - he did, actually, I'm not much of a conversationalist - and he asked me of my opinion about the Sarkas-PAS dialogues. I did not have to say anything much but showed to him a text reply from someone. Basically, that, was my reply - if the dialogues are meant for the good of the nation and the people, I am for it. But even then, I question why the dialogue issue has been sensationalised, bearing in mind that this is a supposedly free country and everyone should be talking or communicating with another. Still, I bear in mind that I did not join PAS for the sake of joining it according to my whims; I joined PAS because I support the cause of a just nation, and equal and fair treatment for its people, and to fight against corruption and the treachery against this nation. That, also means fighting against those people who have abused their power. In a much simpler words: you can count me out while the same goons are helming Sarkas and this nation.

Oops! I do sound like a die-hard fan, don't I? But no, I am not. A long time ago, a friend asked me about my stand in PAS. My reply shocked him: I will remain a supporter of the PAS so long as I believe in the cause it stands for, as well as the leaders that are there. Should ever they deviate from such cause, so will I from them. InsyAllah, if PAS were to become the Federal Government on its own accord, then I will leave PAS and be an independant opposition. Like the cliche saying: its not because I do not love PAS, but that I love Islam more. But off course, should PAS and Pakatan Rakyat rise to power, then, that is a totally different story.

Before anyone thinks or comment, please take into consideration that I am not someone who holds a post of high consequential value within PAS, know that the post I hold is of humanitarian value rather than political. But that too may soon come to past as I have been unable to attend their meetings. In other words, I too, am of no consequence to PAS or its cause. And the stand I make is simply my own.

Also, I may no longer be part of webtv8; a lone wolf again, I am.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

About Muha

Life, can be funny at times. Just as when one tries to withdraw from the society, one meets another though in a different world altogether - the world of cyberspace, that is. And from there it leads to meeting the people in person, and friendship develops. For me personally, I find lots of good people on the net who really cares for another although some they have yet to meet in person.

When I was 'forced' into blogging, I never thought I would come to know many of the people at my links, and more. But over these short years, I have come to like and respect many of them, and even feel their pain, sorrow, anguish, and joys, as they relate it in words. One such person - as many would know by now - is Raden Galoh, who is going through another trial in her life. But she ask not for pity from her readers, only to share the moments she is going through. I consider myself lucky to have come to know her through her blog, and met her in person - she is, as many would say, a pillar of strength, and I do admire her for that. While not trying to undermine or belittle Raden, I would like to draw my friends attention to another friend who is also experiencing a trial.

Muha, is a handsome figure of a young man who has been going treatment - and surgery - for brain cancer. I was introduced to him by Marini (Waterlilly) in one of her entries sometime back. Though we now have many mutual friends, there are still many who does not know about him, as Muha can be, a rather shy person - an attempt to meet him a month ago just did not happen.
But like Raden, he does not seek pity, rather the friendship of another. Below, are 2 pictures of Muha, each taken at 2 different times of his life, taken from one of his entries here.

Muha: before.

Muha: Just after a treatment session.

To my friends who may not know Muha, kindly do visit him, even if it is at his blog only.

NOTE: It seem I forgot to mention somethings relevant to Muha: He is now without sight yet still able to use the PC with the help of JOSS, a software which translate text into words. However, he still uses a normal keyboard, perhaps, having memorised the keys already.

Also, Muha travels around in a wheelchair, as his legs are unable to function, either due to the surgery or heavy medication.

Most importantly, he would prefer everyone to treat him just as a friend would.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Condor's (Song?)

I'd rather be a sparrow than a snail
Yes i would, if i could, i surely would
I'd rather be a hammer than a nail
Yes i would, if i only could, i surely would

Away, i'd rather sail away
Like a swan that's here and gone
A man gets tied up to the ground
He gives the world its saddest sound
Its saddest sound

I'd rather be a forest than a street
Yes i would, if i could, i surely would
I'd rather feel the earth beneath my feet
Yes i would, if i only could, i surely would

Thursday, July 24, 2008

For Queen Raden

It was an impromptu thing. Read the message left by Dato' Jaff and called him immediately, after several unsuccessful calls to our bro, matsalo. Soon, muteaudio and kerp wanted to be there too and so, everyone agreed to meet at the lobby. And there we were visiting Queen Raden - Dato' Jaff, Razlin, Pak Zabs, and cakapaje. Our bro matsalo, arrived earlier and had to leave early too. Dato' Jaff has the full story and more pictures at his blog.
The Queen, herself.

When we arrived, she was full of smiles and throughout our visit, she showed no signs of remorse nor any signs of pain. That had me imagining were I to be in her place, I might well be the spectacle of the entire hospital! I mean, pain, is no laughing matter. Yet, Raden was all composed. And what made me more appreciative of her, is that she spoke about religion and how she is trying her best to fight this re-occurrence. What, can a musketeer say or do but...Raden, gua tabik sama lu, sis!
And with her 5 Musketeers

Here's a song for you. Can't find a satisfactory vocal piece from Led Zepelin, so I hope this will do.

ps. To all blogging friends, I told Raden I will text her some jokes. Perhaps, we can all do that from time to time? I know if I were there, I would need a laugh or two.

ps ps. Cikgu KTN, insyAllah we'll be visiting Raden more in the future, especially when you do come down here.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Man and His Needles

In my previous posting, I mentioned of going to a Dr. Nasir's office. Reading his profile at The Star Online, he did get his doctorate in International Nurition. And though now a Selangor State Assemblyman, he still practice another form of treatment, one which he studied soon after being freed from the Internal Security Act, Acupunture.

The first time I met Dr Nasir, was during the 10th General Elections campaign period in Subang Jaya. A soft spoken man, I was attracted to his polite and humble manner. Every now and then, I would try to follow up on his latest news, but never did know he was into Acupunture. That, I only came to know yesterday when I was introduced to one of his assistants in the Constituent's Office. Having a friend or two in mind, I visited his office today in hope of learning more about his treatment. You do have to excuse that cakapaje guy, for apart from light reading materials, the only other thing he knows about acupunture was through a 1970's movie 'The Golden Needles'. But that, was a very long time ago.

Anyway, Dr Nasir has devoted one day a week to treat patients at his clinic in Pandan Jaya. Unless there are matter of arising from Local Councils or the State Government, off course. He normally charges a nominal fee to cover his treatment costs, and I was told by his assistant, had refused a huge sum from a Singaporean whom he treated. However, please bear in mind that like all things in this world, it is subjected to the will of Allah s.w.t.

The kind Doctor did give me his name card, one which I seem to have misplaced for now. But should anyone be interested to get in touch with him, insyAllah, I will try to get another. Or, one could always try to call the number as listed in The Star Online.


Dang!, is an expression used by many to voice dissatisfaction or annoyance. Change a single letter - a to u - and you get a word which means animal excrement. The origin of the former perhaps, is a mispronunciation of the latter especially when one suddenly realise that one is standing or stepping on it; from 'dung' comes 'dang!'. But that's just my guess as I am not a student of etymology, mind you. What brought this up though, was an unplanned meet I had just now.

While waiting for the office of a Dr Nasir to open, I walked the row of the new shop lots in Kota Damansara and came across a shop selling 'organic chicken', which was the talk of the town or rather, egroups, several month ago. Now, before anyone gets the wrong idea about this organic chicken being part of genetically modified food chain process meant for human consumption, kindly note it does not. The GM food mentioned, I believe, is more of an urban legend as can be found here, and further reading here. Or, if one is to lazy to click, then perhaps this reply in a forum by a wise ass by the name of Sunshine here, may shed more light about Kentucky Fried Chicken and GM food. Her reply:
  • CommentAuthorsunshine
  • CommentTimeJul 9th 2007
I would reckon 90% true, they have to have dropped the name as thier chickens no longer were sourced in Kentucky, bu tmore than likely its because they have six legs and eight heads.

Anyway, the one I'm referring to however, should be safe. Most importantly, it ought to be considered by many Muslims as halal without doubt. I say this because I went to one such farm a year or 2 back, and was totally impressed by it.

For many people who have had a taste of kampung life can easily testify how messy rearing chickens can be as chickens being well, chickens, they tend to drop their poops anywhere and anytime it pleases them. Stepping onto one is one thing, but when you have hundreds of chickens, the smell alone can put off one's white meat diet for quite a while. But this farm I went to, there were no such smell.

Situated somewhere within the Meru district off Kelang, the husband and wife owners breed chicken for want of a halal source. Currently, most chicken farms rely on the pellets made from sources which many say are dubious. Thus this husband and wife team, makes their own pellets from herbs and plants.

When I first arrived there, the chickens were running free within several fenced areas of the farm, unlike the commercial breeding where chickens are cooped in a, well, chicken coop which can be larger than one's house. Packed like sardines, cannibalism amongst chicken is not an uncommon thing, and many likes to peck at another's arse. Certainly, a visit to a chicken farm is a no-no to chicken meat lovers. Perhaps, that is why the orang asli prefer the meat of a monkey to a chicken as to them, monkeys eat fruits and not shit. Hmm...and I'm having fried chicken for lunch! Oops, back to the farm in Meru.

Stepping into the shed which make do as a store cum office, I notice there were no smell at all, and not a dropping anywhere. Flies, which are naturally attracted to any organic matter left uncovered, are nowhere to be found too! As was later told, it is in the food they feed the chickens. The logic the husband said, is very simple "The waste we produce (including chickens), are the products of rejects - what our body do not need or consume". Since I'm no biologist, I simply have to agree. The chicken feed this farm use do not contain chemicals or harmful materials, or even those of dubious nature to Muslims. The same concept it seems, is applied by the shop I mentioned earlier. If anyone is interested to go into chicken farming business, I would suggest they visit this farm which incidentally, provide courses as well; just call Puan Norhaizan at 016-6027469.

There is though, yet another Dang which is unrelated and perhaps the opposite to both the words I mentioned. I say the opposite as this Dang smelled of perfume and was indeed a whole sight better, as she was a Filipina who visited Malaysia sometime early 1990's. Slim, petite, fair skin with slighly curly hair, she was the eye-candy for several of my friends...and that cakapaje guy as well. But that cakapaje guy, being that cakapaje guy, must have been off his rockers then as he never showed interest. I don't know, perhaps he was shy. Anyway, his friends certainly did not take it well when just before she left back for home, she chose to peck both cakapaje's cheeks and no one else. Man, that guy was blushing no end then. And writing this, I guess he still does. Crazy bugger!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Don't Know What To Entitle.

For half of the later part of last night, several houses in this area was kept awake by a the cry of a tiny kitten, calling out for its mother. Efforts by several to coax the kitten out of its hiding place under a car met with failures until someone brought a saucer of milk and soon, everyone was sighing with relief as the kitten lapped up the milk and became quiet....for a short while. Less than half an hour later, it started its meowing which, for the tine size it is, was rather deafening. Worse still, it had crept into a neighbour's compound and again, hid under a car. No one wanted to jump in and caused any misunderstanding. What, with the recent break-ins and with 4 cases of car-jacking here, it would be better to cover the ears with cotton or pillows. But its sad, hearing the cry of the kitten and makes one wonder of the fate of the mother. A mother - any mother - would normally never abandon her baby.

Woke up later than usual to the sound of the house telephone ringing. Emak picked it up and heard her mentioning one of her grandson's name, and saying how much she misses him. That, had me feeling very sad. Of the 11 grandchildren emak has, 5 are in the US and another 2 in Canada. And of the 4 remaining here, one will be leaving for studies in UK this September. And that grandson she spoke to, Suffian (story here), she has not seen him for more than 10 years now, and last spoke to him about 3 or 4 years ago before he joined the US Navy. A woman of emak's age, nothing makes them happier but to see their grandchildren. No, this definitely is not going to be a good Monday. And true enough...

Received DocTA's message about a friend whom I shall not name here on accounts of her privacy. But it seems, her last medical examination revealed a regrowth of cancer which has spread to her liver. What, can one do to assist her? The best I can, is to pray for her wellbeing and hope for the best. Also, which is rather late now for me to do, is to wish her the very best for today too, falls her birthday. To my friend "Verily, we are helpless without Thou, oh Allah!. Give us strength to prevail over which you have put onto us. And remember, Allah s.w.t. would not burden us what we cannot endure. Happy birthday, my friend".

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Of Tabloids and Newspapers

A decade ago, if someone were to ask me the difference between a tabloid and a broadsheet, I would give them a blank look. To me, then, a paper is still a paper whether its large or small. Then one day in 1998, my senior copywriter explained that tabloids are normally meant for the hot stuff (like those semi-naked pictures found on the front page of a some tabloids in UK), while broadsheets (such as Utusan), are more serious and normally, its news carry more weight. The senior copywriter, Robert, was commenting on one paper's sneer at another then.

Earlier this evening, I saw a TV advertisement on Berita Harian and that now it is no longer a broadsheet but a tabloid, following the footsteps on its sister newspaper, The NST. The line they used for the Ad was "Zaman Sudah Berubah". Might be so, but it reminded me of Robert's comment; so I did a little googling, and came out with the excerpt as below:

blurit - Tabloids were best known for a lower type of journalism that dealt with sleaze, corruption, sex scandals and other things that their traditionally working and new middle class readership apparently enjoyed.

The broadsheets tended to have better written articles, with much less scandal and gossip, much less sensational headlines and people depended upon them for getting their quota of what could now be called 'serious news'.

These days, the lines between the types of newspaper have blurred. The Mirror for instance in the UK had move back and forth between serious journalism and comic type nonsense for years. However, one of the best moves the Mirror took was removing the semi-naked women from its pages, something other tabloids have yet to manage.

WikiAnswer - The tabliod is more informal then the broadsheet.

I guess there's a heck lot more site on this question were one to look it up, but basically it falls within the definition of the two above. In other words, tabloids such as the new BH, should never be taken seriously or better still, not bought at all. The owners might cite 1,001 reasons for the downsizing but to me, its mere cosmetic. So long as BH and all papers in that stable continue with their lopsided reporting, they belong in the thrash bin. The same goes for Utusan. As a friend would like to say "Its the mentality (reporting) dude, not the looks!".

On almost the same note, FOMCA recently launched the 'Buy Nothing Day'. The BND was targetted to all Malaysians, not to purchase anything for that single day which was on July 16. But since I do not read mainstream papers except for the Star on 2 particular days in a week, I did not know about it until I received an email from FOMCA's CEO, Encik Mohd Sha'ani. But that, had me thinking.
What if, now that almost every Malaysian is up to his ears on the political scenario in Malaysia, all of us were participate in a 'NO BN Day!'? We spread the news far and wide and for one single day, all of us stay away from work. But it has to be a working day for it to have effect. Anyone? No? Hehe, thought so. Oh well...

Saturday, July 19, 2008


"I'm sorry, sir" said the girl on the end of the telephone line, "but the manager is engaged".
"Engaged?"I retort. "I thought she's already married!"
"Er..yes sir. She's married".
"But you just said she's engaged! This is serious and I think I should report that your manager is married and at the same time engaged. My guess, they are both different people, the husband and the fiance, I mean".
", I mean no!"
"Yes, she's married and engaged? And no, she married and engaged to the same guy?"
By that time, the girl was getting exasperated and I was losing my patience, waiting to whack just about anyone on the line.

While the above is actually just a scenario I imagine in my mind, getting close to losing patience is not. Currently as I write, I am on the phone line trying to speak to the helpline of the main Internet Service Provider in Malaysia. In fact, the girl I have in mind for the scenario above, should be the girl whose voice is being used for the automatic voice reply, repeating perhaps for the umpteenth time "Please hold, your call is important to us. All our agents are engaged at the moment bla bla bla". Then, the line goes dead.

Off course, unless the girl is as sweet as a doctor can be, then I might just go weak on my knees. But that, will only happen if we are face to face with each other and not on the line which makes me want to shout profanities to a machine! I have done that to their GM sometime back, but hmm...maybe I should do it to the machine as well. But what good would it do me. It would be a totally different story though, were I in possession of some pictures of the Sarkas people. Then, I would gladly do so with all my heart. Still, it would come to nothing.

In an argument with the Service Provider management sometime back, I threw up my arms in despair when they vehemently defended their unofficial motto "Copper-based lines are best suited for our technology". Well, that maybe true for their technology, but what about for the customers? Sheesh!

It gets so bad that I can't even access their speedometer site. Double sheesh!

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Interstellar Traveller

Palah arrived on the man-made satellite off a planet deep in the Andromeda Galaxy approximately 6 minutes after he left Earth, slightly longer than the anticipated time of 5 minutes and 15 seconds. The wormhole technology which Malaysian scientist used for this historic journey, is considered old in the world of space travel. But the scientist had no choice but to make do with it, as their government had purchased it from the Russians in an arms-palm oil trade some years ago. The fact that the dismantling, delivery and rebuilding of the complex housing the technology cost more than had a totally new one purchased, is off course, a different story.

When the station received the signal that Palah's entire DNA sequence has been received intact, they began the process of reconstituting the physical aspect of it. Its a complex thing but many other nations have done it in the past, and Palah does not want Malaysia to be left behind. With so much energy needed to generate sufficient power for this process, the entire nation need for it was sacrificed, having to go without electricity for a whole week. Even hospitals were not spared and they had to function on candle light and even the power for the surgical theaters were drawn from hospital orderlies cycling on stationery bicycles connected to a large dynamo. The cost alone, off course, is sufficient to feed an entire country of 20 million people for a year. But, prestige comes first for the leaders of this country. And that was how Malaysia entered the space-age travel.

As the first molecules of Palah appeared in the transport cubicle, everyone's face was filled with glee. But less than a few seconds later, their facial expressions turned to deep concern as red lights began lighting and sirens was wailing non-stop. "What on Earth is happening?" asked one scientist.
"I wouldn't know," replied another "I'm not there".

Slowly as the the physical shape of a man materialise, the deep concern turned into alarming looks. Almost all the scientists mouths were wide agape; instead of the figure of a single man, there were two!

Somehow, not wanting to be left out, Najis had jumped into the cubicle at Earth, at the same time Palah's body was de-constituted. Off course, Palah had no way of knowing it for during interstellar travel, even the brain cease to exist in the form we know of it. In other words, travelers are unconscious. But that, is the least of the problem.

Once the two bodies were fully reconstituted, several scientists rushed to the cubicle shouting "Don't panic! Don't panic! We will remedy the situation!".

Shocked at hearing the words, Palah and Najis groped around in a manner quite like people without sight. Then they felt their hands being held, and led away into 2 separate rooms. There, each were stripped naked even while they were standing.

As Palah's pants and underwear were pulled down, he shouted "Hey! Why am I in a crouching position?" But he was not. And the scientist did not want to answer until the Chief Technologist walked in.

The CT then explained "Palah, it seems we have encountered a problem. Unknown to you, Najis had jumped into the wormhole as you were departing. That, created confusion within the system, and both you and Najis DNA have now been changed".
"What?" cried Palah, "That's impossible! DNA cannot change nor go stale!"
"We thought so ourselves too", replied the CT. "But apparently, the theory forwarded some 200 years ago - in 2008, to be precise - was quite true. Then everyone debunked the theory as it was forwarded by some clown who was not even a student of biology or chemistry, and not even physics. But now it has been proven true. I'm sorry".

"Why are you sorry? Why am I still in a crouching position? And why do I feel as if there's something in my mouth?" asked Palah, with a voice almost in desperation.
"Perhaps,"replied the CT "it would be better for you to have a look yourself". As he said that, 2 scientist placed a standing mirror several feet in front of his eyes.

Palah looked towards the direction of the mirror and had the shock of his life. He then turned his body around while keeping his eyes facing the mirror, then screamed out loud.

By some cruel twist in the wormhole technolgy, Palah found out, much to his horror, that his body and Najis had interchanged parts here and there. Though the changes were...minor, shall we say, it was enough to make Palah a deranged man. For, the front of his head is now Najis face minus the eyes. Palah's eyes on the other hand, were each reconstituted at his rear end. To make matter worst, the thing which Palah felt in his mouth, are the testicles belonging to Najis. It was likewise with Najis too.

DNA it seems, can be subjected to changes, and can even go stale as implied by Palah's ancestor sometime on Friday, July 18, in the year 2008.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Modern Day Valley of the Blind - Story Review.

While at the pharmacy buying emak's medicine just now, I found this leaflet of a story review. Though the title sounds very much like The Valley of the Blind by HG Wells, this story is supposedly a contemporary version.

In the original story, a one-eyed soldier stumbled upon a valley filled with blind people, i.e. people who are sightless, but not illiterate. In this modern day version, there is no soldier, but there is a valley filled with people who are not only sightless, but illiterate as well. Now, before anyone thinks differently, kindly note that the leaflet of this story is being distributed nationwide and will be published by Valley Fable Master Incorporated, and I am just an interested reader. Anyway, the parallel the 2 stories ends there as from that point onwards, the modern day version has 2 central characters, while the original had only one.

According to the Valley Fable Master, these 2 individuals with the strange names of Anw and Raj, have committed great sins to the citizens of a valley. And for that, the Puppet Doraemon Ringgit Mesia (something like the Gestapo-on-the-string, if I read it right), were directed to bring the 2 to justice. However, the sins committed by both individuals are rather contrasting; while Anw fought against a slander, Raj was accused of making one. But both are already judged guilty by the Unroyal Circus even before the Puppets could draw up the charges.

Another strange thing is that in both cases, 2 different substances with names sounding quite alike was used. While one was organic in nature, the other was synthetic. Still, both are explosives in nature. And by that, I guess the Fable Master meant something more than the kababoom sound normally associated with explosions - a Seefool and a Seefoul.

But not all the citizens of the valley are totally blind. Some, having learned from experience or taught by outsiders, are slowly learning to read (braille, I guess). With that, comes knowledge, and with knowledge, they began to see. But when they did, they had a shock that many cried "Oh no! I don't want to see! Its so terrible and ugly, I don't want to see!" But they have seen. And soon, the Puppet Doraemons will need a longer leash, oops, I mean strings, to bring more people to the Unjustice Department.

I believe if this Modern Day Valley is published, it would certainly be a best seller. The selling point here is the charges against the two individuals. Can't say for sure whether it was an over or under sight by the author, but whatever the outcome, it will certainly create an uproar. I mean, the Unjustice Department certainly cannot find both individuals guilty where one is accused, the other accusing, both against or by different parties. Unless, off course, like any twist in a story, the author comes out with something drastic. So, don't miss out on this story, ye.

Mixed Day.

I'm in a strange mood today, have been for the whole day long since I received an email from a friend. I really do not know if this strange feeling I'm going through is because of the email, but I do know it began since reading it. Then I read the text from Doc TA, and alhamdulillah, things seem to be getting rosier by the moment.

Having finished my round of appointments for the day, I decided to get a haircut. Somehow while driving, I felt my hair getting fluffy. And when I looked at the rear view mirror, I had a small shock - for a moment I thought I saw one of those aliens in the TV Series, Babylon 5. No, honestly. Both sides of my hair was pointing up and it really did reminded me of those aliens. Or perhaps, had I worn lipstick and powdered my face, I could have been the vampire in 'The Monsters'! Anyway, soon there I was in the barbers shop near my house.

The barber, not the regular guy I know, seem kind of strange to me. When I was walking in, he was on the phone talking in some language which I am not familiar with. I mean, hey, most barbers I know either speak Tamil or Malay. But not this guy. In fact, he does not even look like an Indian or Malay to me. But hang on, my mind went, there's over 100 languages and 350 dialects in that subcontinent, here's a chance to find out.

Soon as I sat, I asked and found out he's from Nepal. Great, I thought! I have a Gurkha cutting my hair; should be fun, and asked for No.1 haircut - short and neat. It took him no more than 5 minutes to bzzzt bzzzt my head with his machine. When done, he asked whether I wanted a shave. Initially I thought its a good idea since its been a long while I had one done for me. But remembering this guy is from Nepal, there's the possibility he might just want to shave me with his Kukri. Uh uh, no thank you! I wanted a haircut, not a head cut off! So I walk out the door to the grocery shop a few doors away.

At the shop, a sweet young girl in tudung greeted me with a captivating smile "Selamat Datang, abang!". mind was trying to figure out the smile "Does she find the short hair amusing, or is she attracted to me?". Then she asked "Abang nak apa?". While my lips uttered "Mintak saya panadol 2 papan", my heart went "Awak!". But off course, the latter was never mentioned. She took the 2 straps of panadol and put it on the counter and said "2 ringgit 60 sen, bang". Then, perhaps due to the strange feeling I was going through, I shot back "Eh, saya mintak! Mintak pun kena bayar ke?", with a straight face, off course. And her expression changed from the happy smiling face to a serious look. I mean, her eyes were like spitting venom already! Good thing a man came from out of nowhere and laughed at my joke. Otherwise, you might get a headline like "Venom spitting eyes kills man!" in tomorrow's papers. Honestly, men and women should seriously sit down and understand each other's language correctly!

Like the other day when I was about to enter a tolled highway, I pulled a joke on the girl manning the booth. But she took it seriously and said "Encik! Tak boleh encik!". Sheesh, all I said was "Saya tumpang lalu, ye". Neber mind.

Anyway, I brought lunch back and found out my emak is having a stomach disorder, but would not go to a doctor. Then Razak, a friend, called and asked for the way to the Muslim Cemetery in Kota Damansara; it seem, the father of his friend had passed away, and soon I found myself at the cemetery. A funeral, any funeral, is a sad time as one bade farewell to a loved one, and this was no exception.

After the funeral, I, a total stranger, stood beside my car watching the family and well-wishers leave one by one. As I stood there in the drizzle - it was raining during the funeral itself - someone threw a cigarette butt onto a growing pool of water, and my eyes followed the butt as it moved according to the gentle breeze blowing till the tyres of a car rolled over it. I looked around and saw many luxury cars and then thought to myself "All the luxuries in the world, cannot replace the life of a dearly departed." And "when we leave this world, we will have 3 things accompanying us: Our prayers, our deeds, and the prayers of our family". Though I have never met him, I believe, Allahyarham will have these 3; I was told he was a good man. Al-Fatehah.

Though I do feel for the family, I still cannot shake off the earlier emotion I was going through. In all, this has been a day of mixed emotion. In fact, I think I could say it was almost like being in love.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


There's a Chinese epic movie coming to KL. Entitled 'Red Cliff', it is said to be based on history and an ancient Chinese book 'Romance of The 3 Kingdoms'. I'll spare the details for I too have forgotten quite a bit about the story, but there's a part of it which somehow was brought to mind.

A minor king on the south-eastern province of mainland China, unable to raise sufficient troops to defend his kingdom from 3 major warring factions, challenged an advisor to one of the faction to a public debate. The advisor, Zhuge Liang (if memory serves me right), took up the challenge and engaged the minor king in the debate. The minor king lost, and died in a fit of anger.

Watching the debate between Anwar and Shaberi just now, I would liken Shaberi to the minor king. Only thing, Shaberi did not die. But if he were, then surely it would be due to shame rather than anger.

In a debate which was meant for the good of the people, Shaberi used the opportunity to attack Anwar. Somehow, you really cannot trust these Sarkas people. In a public meet a decade ago which featured Mahathir and al-Marhum Dato' Fadzil, the former used it to attack PAS instead of talking on the issue of Palestine. So it seems, Shaberi - a former '46 member - learned how to use public forums to debase Anwar instead of debating on the topic. And learned it he must have, from a man he too once opposed.

At one point of time, it was Shaberi who was comparing Malaysia to Venezuela and Iran and so on. Soon after, he contradicts himself by not wanting to do the same. And later contradicts himself yet again on the thing. Shaberi, you must be one hell of a confused minister.

But the part that made me almost puked when he said "Believe me, palalah has never taken anything that is not due to him". In fact, I think I did puke.

Shaberi, you are nothing but bull, just as the rest of your brothers in the cabinet and Sarkas. All of you are nothing but clowns. Sad thing is, no one is laughing.

The Last Ounce

Aje was half sitting, half lying on the cold wet ground with a blank face. Exhausted, he could not find it in him to even stand up, what else to scale the 12foot wall where 2 cadets were sitting on top waiting to haul him to the other side. Like him, they too were tired for together, they had pushed and pulled 21 other cadets after a grueling mile run and across some obstacles which can be fun had there not been a Company Sergeant Major following behind, hurling curses, and a kick to the butt should his verbal abuse fail. But for a cadet, any cadet at the age of 15, the CSM's voice alone is enough to send one up and jumping about like a young springbok. At that moment however, Aje was more like a newborn calf, unable to stand up or run.

The morning started off with the cadets going through a light exercise. The 24 cadets of Platoon B present for the day were informed beforehand of the obstacle course exercise to be held. Many in the platoon were junior cadets of 13 and 14 years of age, and had never been through one. The purpose of this exercise, they were told, was a preparation for the PKBM Inter-school Competition to be held later that year. From Platoon B, 10 cadets will be handpicked and together with the cadets chosen from Platoon A, will represent the school.

After a 10-minute rest from the light exercise, they gathered at the bottom of a slope. There, they were paired off, and told to climb the 50 degrees or more inclination, carrying their partner on their shoulders, and down the same way. Once down, they are to change position, with exception for pairs whose partner's body size are too small. Many made it up, but not many made it down on two feet standing; unable to control the pull of gravity with a load on their shoulder and a slippery ground at that, many went tumbling down. But there were no injuries that warrant alarm.

From there, the cadets were made to run 4 times around the school field which is equivalent to a mile. And at the end of the mile, they are to climb the 12foot barren wall. But by the end of the run, even without the backpacks and rifles, the platoon was left with half the cadets. Still, the CSM urged all to climb the wall. And to do so, would need teamwork.

Being the largest in the platoon, Aje was picked as the Anchor Man, lifting two cadets to sit atop the wall. There, the two are to haul up other cadets, who in turn are to use Aje as their launch pad. With legs bent and hands cupped together, Aje launch one cadet at a time - stepping on the cup, and as Aje pushes it up, the other foot steps on Aje's shoulder; 23 cadets in all. When Aje's strength waned, he turned the other way and crouched down. The remaining cadets then jumped on Aje's back and his shoulders, to reach the top of the wall. It does not matter how big or small they were, but all were wearing military boots which by itself, were already heavy and hard. By the time the last cadet was through, Aje was a spent force, unable even to lift himself up.

The CSM and other NCO's of the 1st Workshop Company seemed to be laughing as they approach Aje. Though he has felt the boot of the CSM several times at the shooting range, it was not that which he was thinking of, but something else (which he cannot recall now). Summoning every ounce of strength left in him, Aje made a charge towards the wall and launched himself up. With both his feet trying to dig into the face of the wall in vain hope of securing a foothold, his arms were clawing the top. Assisted by the two cadets above, Aje did make it up, and later down the other side.

Almost a generation later, Aje now face another wall...alone.


Monday, July 14, 2008

Fruits of A Labour

Early this morning, my emak broke several branches of the 'Mata Kucing' tree she had planted some 2 years back. The tree, had begun fruiting its first and supposedly, by breaking off a branch or two it would make the tree have more fruits; this, is an old belief that one may not find in any science books. How far true, only Allah s.w.t. knows better. But seeing her break the branches, I rushed to my brother's house and borrowed his camera.

Emak will be 76 this year, and she tires more easily now. This tree, may be the last fruit tree she plants and I would like to record it for reasons of my own. Though it may not concern visitors to my blog, I do hope you will read it through the end. Perhaps then, you might find something worthwhile your stay.

The Front.
Fruits of a labour.
The tree(s) planted outside the house.
Emak's patch. Every 6 months to a year,
she will redo the garden as she quite recently did in the picture above.
That Wak Kromo, is sometimes drafted in to work a 'forced labourer'.

Emak's fern section.
Emak's dwindling orchid plants.
The Fish Pond which that Wak Kromo has been entrusted with.

The Rear.
At the rear of the house, emak plants some medicinal plants which she eats everyday
...and force that Wak Kromo to the same too!

Some call it Bakawali. Others, Pakawali. Then, there's also akarwali. Whatever, it is very bitter but hardy plant. One can just hang it on the wire fencing and it will grow by itself. Anyone needing some, just email me...all you need is about 2 feet of it - half to chop and slice into small pieces to be eaten, and the other half to grow the plant.

The Interior.
A badly taken picture(retaken) of an antique chair - there's a whole set of them!
Near 50years old, the frames are still solid.
Emak's showcase of her brass wares and other things, many of them are of antique value.
Maybe the last of its kind in Malaysia - a carpet picture of the Parliament.
Minus the frame and the plastic covering, it is also nearing 50years old (or perhaps more).
A reminder to that cakapaje: As a child is a gift to a parent, so is the parent to a child.
Emak, the carpet parliament, the Parliament, this life, this nation,
is a gift from Allah s.w.t.
Basically, the scribe means: This, is a gift from your God.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Shadow Dancing

As much as one try to run away from the blundering acts of the fools helming this nation, one just can't help noticing it...even with both eyes closed! Prior to that, I do have to mention this: except for a short peek at the blogs and site at Readcentral minutes ago, I have confined myself to reading the printed editions of Harakah, Siasah, Wasilah, and KeAdilan, for any political news, and that too just the headlines. Other than that, I have tried to veer my thoughts away. But as with the opening line, one just can't help it!

Enjoying some tidbits with coffee just now, TV3 aired a statement by some Puppet Doraemon Rubber Manager officers about a court order restraining some people - they have to be at least 5km away from the Parliament tomorrow. Then, there's also a warning to peaceful citizens to stay away from an 'expected illegal rally' tomorrow. Wow! What rally?

I checked several sites and blogs, called several people including Amin Black, no one seems to know what the officers were talking about! Anybody?

So I did some thinking, and my own conclusion.

It seems Naz Bod(oh) has denied Parliamentarians from bringing in visitors tomorrow. This surely has something to do with the No Confidence motion against palalah last Friday. Aaah! Now, we are getting somewhere. Thus, some people, afraid of something, are panicking about something which no one else seems to know about. Good thing my emak is a former teacher and able to give a proverb for this "Takutkan bayangan sendiri, hinggakan tunggul pun disangka hantu!".

Off course, this song and the title is not a reflection of the above. Or, perhaps it should be sung by one of the fools.

Friday, July 11, 2008

You Can't Dance The Tango To A Ghazal Tune

As I write, I am also listening to ydiana's recording of 'Could It Be Magic?'.

Back a week or two, I had made the request for her to play this song. Ydiana graciously accepted the challenge, and in the short time between then and now, I must say she played remarkably well for someone who has just picked up playing the piano. Bravo! And if someone ask me how well do I play to comment on someone else, the answer would be 'I don't play well!'

Forced to picked it up at 13, I never progress beyond beginners level. Years later, repeated attempt to get professional teachers only saw me being chased out as they thought I was just fooling around with them. So no, I don't play well. But my playing style would definitely be different from the way ydiana played. For this song, I would definitely play it loud at the chorus. Still, playing styles always differ from one song to another, most especially the mood one is in.

Coincidentally, I see ydiana's performance being related to Dato' Jefflam's entry about Unesco declaring Melaka and Penang as World Heritage Site. My view is simple; heritage is related to tradition, and tradition is related to music, where music has a universal appeal no matter the style or beat. Off course, one person's preference may be another's poison. Now, that brings us to a topic which I have just read.

Clearing the stack of old newspapers and magazines in my room, I came across a 2005 issue of WWF's magazine, Green Heart. The topic which interest me most was on Malaysia's own Tarantulas, as well as turtle nesting season. For the former, insyAllah, I will write about it some other time; its the turtles that I wish to share.

Reading the very short article, I was surprised that there are still turtles coming to Terengganu to nest. I mentioned surprised, as I had thought Giant Leatherback Turtles are already extinct, or at least on Malaysia's shores.

Apart from having been a tourist attractions in the past years, the very activity which pulled in the tourist drove the turtles away as they are normally timid creatures from the deep. Part of the reason why they come ashore to lay their eggs at night, is to ensure safety of their nest. But with tourist clambering all over just to gawk at them, they lose their privacy and begin nesting elsewhere in the pacific. Apart from the tourist distraction, their eggs are also poached by people wanting to make quick money; turtle eggs after all, are considered a delicacy by some. It was a good thing then that the Fishery Department managed to reduce the egg-poaching activity and began moving newly laid eggs to protected sites. Whether it was timely or not to save the turtles, only Allah s.w.t. knows.

Now, I was not a witness to this, but was told of the tireless effort by our marine officers in looking after this natural heritage we have.

As soon as the eggs in the protected sites hatch, the officers would scoop them by the pail-load, and take them far out into the sea where they are released by hand, several at a time. But many of the baby turtles - attracted to the electric lights on the mainland - swims back to the shore. There, before predators swoops in, other waiting officers pick them up, and the process is repeated again. This, goes on for 3 nights until the last of the baby turtles are nowhere to be found on the beach.

Anyway, I'm not about to write a thesis about turtles now. Just that, next when someone offer you to eat turtle eggs, perhaps it would be better to think of our of the efforts of our marine officers. For those interested to know more, this site here, might assist.

So, what has these all got to do with the title of this entry, one might ask. Well, nothing direct actually. The title was just a headline proposed to a client some many years ago. When another was chosen, I used it as my own tagline. Got the idea from the Wolverine character in Marvel's Uncanny X-Men comic books. Basically, the meaning is straight forward. Like nature for example, you cannot expect it to change to our wants and desire; rather, it is we who should blend into them. Hey, nature don't need humans! But we certainly do need them.

ps. Now that I had another look at the picture, I think it is a Hawksbill and not Giant Leatherback.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Scrolls and Mortar Board

What do one say to another, who have laboured 5 years to achieve a measure of success in life? Words, are too cheap and incapable of expressing the desired message across. And for the intended recipients, many such words would fall unheard; lost in euphoria and floating on cloud nine, they have no need for words to utter or hear, for the joys illuminated on their faces and the faces of those who greet them, are loud enough.

Waiting in queue to reach the stage with their gowns half floating, their walk across the hall feels more like a glide. Though the moment may be only a few seconds short in reality, to many, it feels like time has stopped still, and the moment cherished for life. This, is their moment of glory.

To several young blogging friends, I can only convey my heartiest congratulations to you via this entry. Sadly, many of you would be too busy now to be browsing the net, what else reading this.

Fatin, Hatta (PN, next year I think), Minci, Yani; I believe all of you will be walking up that stage wearing your gowns and mortarboard to receive your scrolls. SubhanAllah! May Allah s.w.t. bless you and guide you to bigger success in this life, and hereafter. Keep your mind focus on the job that you have dreamed of, and turn it into a vocation if you can. Give your contribution to the society gladly, and do not ever feel it as a pinch. InsyAllah, Alllah s.w.t. will reward you greatly for it.

As I mentioned, words are insufficient. As such, do enjoy the song, old as it may be.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Beautiful Sunday

I would have elected to use Bill Wither's 'Lovely Day', except that Me...OB is currently using it. And with Cikgu and Ydiana trying to sue my pants off for a cut of a commission, I think I would be more prudent for me to use the song above; it was, after all, a beautiful Sunday.

After tapau-ing emak's breakfast as well as some kuehs for yours truly, I rushed to the MPPJ Stadium. The thought on my mind was not the Police, but where to park since I anticipated people spilling out the stadium. Pictures of the infamous 'police riot' at the Jalan Kebun gathering nearly a decade ago too, flashed through my mind (police personnel were captured on film breaking windows and denting cars belonging to civilians), prompting me to think hard for a safe parking, perhaps, even within the complex of my old office at Kelana Centre Point. However, my fears for a safe parking and 'police riot' soon turned needless; as I turn into the road off the Subang Airport Highway, there were no signs of the Police, and the anticipated huge crowd turned out to be a mere trickle.

I parked the car in a nice spot and soon as the camera was loaded, walked the short distance to the stadium. Along the way, I got into a chat with several people, who were also complaining about the poor turnout. However, the day being still young, I shook off the disappointment and walked into the stadium, making a beeline to Wak, who already had his camera on tripod on the tracks. As we talked, a hair-trimmed and plummer Amin Black joined us. And the crowd size, soon swelled.

Leaving Wak at his post, I began moving along the crowd before taking position at the Podium, where I met YB Tn Hj Sha'ari Sungib, and had a small chat with him. But when the Hindraff supporters began chanting and singing, we parted ways as I tried to take shots of them. Unfortunately, the angle where I was standing was poor and the crowd watching blocked the little view I had. Since I was nicely positioned for the Podium, I refused to budge for fear that other cameramen might take my place, so I let Hindraff be. And true enough, soon, more cameramen made their way up, including Kamal of Malaysiakini TV.

After getting close-up shots of several speakers, I joined Wak for a short while before making my way around again. By then, more people had streamed onto the track.

As I mentioned in an earlier entry, I do find the need to get myself a Digital SLR as there is so much a video camera can do. And in a crowd estimated around 20,000, there were certainly an abundant of shots begging to be taken. Off course, these would also include shots of...ahem, natural beauties.

Moving around, I spotted a well-built man with a black serban rolling a rokok daun, and sat beside him. After the salam, we got to know each other where I bummed one of his hand rolls. The man said he is from Terengganu and had come with 7 others in 2 cars, specifically for this event. He also mentioned that there were several roadblocks along the way here, and saw several buses being turned back, a repetition of events preceding 10-11. But perhaps the funniest thing he said was "Takdok FRU tak syoklah!", as though the FRU has become a personal thing to him and perhaps, to the veterans of such events as well. The same sentiment was later repeated by several others, making one wonder the state of affairs we are living in; even Harris of People's Parliament mentioned of others saying the same thing to him. But mostly, Harris and I touched on our school days.

As I was shooting the other end of the covered stand, my eyes caught the sight of an elderly man sitting cross-leg on a block of cement. His looks are unmistakable for anyone else and soon as his eyes met mine, I rushed to him and we hugged each other in joy for its been more than 10 years since we met. Cikgu Hasbullah, is an old family friend and was very close with both my parents. And like my parents, he too is now a pensioner, and now living with one of his sisters in Subang Jaya. But boy, had someone taken shots of our hugging, I would have to say goodbye to any political aspirations I might have. Good thing I don't. But it was like 'Drama In Real Life', or a Hindustani movie, if you prefer.

By 1pm when the emcee announced a break for the day, I was ready to head back. The event, however, resumed at 2pm and will continue on till midnight tonight. InsyAllah, there will be a Solat Sunat Hajat after Isyak, which I believe will be lead by Tok Guru Nik Aziz. I, however, will not be able to join them. And after that, Amin Black too will be performing. As for the video shots, I guess all of us will have to wait till webtv8 converts them. This time, I definitely will ask for a copy which I will put in this blog, insyAllah.

ps. Bro Zul, if you are reading this and was referring to the ISA as written by Ustaz Saiful, then believe me, I stand for their cause too. Way sometime back, I, being a blog writer of no significance, wrote something about it which can be read here.

Saturday, July 05, 2008


Hmm...its one of those days when I can't figure the equivalent of a Malay word in English. It can't be seething mad, as depending on the usage, 'geram' can also be for something adorable like in a cute baby the way I put it to some lady friends who utter the word in reference to that cakapaje guy, "Kalau geram, peluklah!". Off course, they never do. Rather unfortunate for me though as its been a very long time since I had a good hug by a lady. Last I remember, I was about 10 years old when one did.

Anyway, the 'geram' I mention here is in context of the price hike protest tomorrow, organised by Protes. As most would have known by now, the venue has been changed to the MPPJ Stadium in Kelana Jaya. And though it might be late of me to put it here, GERAMM, the Gerakan Rakyat Anti Manipulasi Minyak ( has begun their On-line Petition to protest against the price hike. If you are interested, kindly visit their page and sign the petition.
(Update 10:54pm): Please visit and read My Malaysiaku for and interesting article on petrol.

On another note, I wonder how many of my friends remember the song below, which unfortunately, is in a karaoke video format.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

An Old Story

I used to love reading Reader's Digest when I was a kid. Then, only the US Edition was available and had some beautiful stories, jokes, as well as informative reads. At later stage if I remember correctly, the issues were released by RD's Japan office, and later still, their Hong Kong office. By the time the issues were locally released, I had lost interest in RD for many of the old sections were not to be found; Humour In Uniform, Life's Like That, Laughter The Best Medicine, as well as Drama In Real Life, were to me, the must read sections. And after reading Raden and Cikgu, I was somehow reminded of one of the many stories in RD, and are as below.

Who's The Smarter One Now?
This is a story of a construction crew tasked to dig a long trench in a suburb. As the trench work was not of a high priority, A, the supervisor, brought along only 2 workers with him, Siful and Naj (can't remember the exact names here).

After several days of digging, it crossed Siful's mind why he and Naj had to do all the hard work while A sleeps blissfully under the shade of a tree, and posed the question to Naj, who replied "I don't know. Why don't you ask A?" And that, was precisely what Siful did.

After climbing the long ladder out of the trench, Siful confronted A. "I want to know why Naj and I have to do all the hard work while you sleep all day long, and have a better pay than us?"

Knowing that Siful is not too bright a person, A decided it would be better to show rather than explain. As he stood up beside the big tree he said "See my left palm here? I want you to punch it as hard as you can. If you manage to do that, I'll go down into the trench and do your work while you can sleep all day long". A then put his left palm just in front of the tree.

Not wanting to miss an opportunity, Siful threw the hardest punch of his life. A, being a man of better experience, pulled his palm just before the punch landed, and instead of the palm, Siful punched the tree, and let out a scream of pain.

After bandaging Siful's right hand, A said "Now you know why I am here and you are down there? I am smarter than both of you put together. Now, go back to your work".

Siful went back down the trench. But before he could continue his work, Naj asked him "So, do you have the answer already?" And a smile lit up on Siful's face.

"Yes,"Siful said. "Now, I will show you why I am smarter than you. But first, you must punch my left palm as hard as you can". Being in the middle of the trench and far from its walls, Siful put his left palm in front of his face.


ps. Read related story at Rocky's Bru and here.

Bad Connection

Last week Doc TA in Melaka who was complaining about bad connections. Now, these past couple of days, I'm suffering from it. Sometimes, it got to point of ridiculous, especially when one can't get to one's email boxes, be it yahoo! or Google. The last time this happened some months back, the TM Call Center said nothing is wrong with connections in Malaysia and that it might be some external problem; I was made to feel like a fool then. So, no way I'm going to complaint now until I can ascertain where the problem lies. To make matters worst tonight, the only TV series I like have been taken off the air.

Previous to Eureka, I only watch Spooks. But since they juggled the airtime, I was as lost as the 'Lost' series. Now, it seems I will have to make do without Eureka. Sigh. I'm beginning to think there's someone in Astro and TV3 who does not like me. I can't help feeling that way as every time I like a show, it mysteriously disappear; Stargate SG1, and Stargate Atlantis, 2 other shows I really dig, as well as Early Edition.

Anyway, I called shirzad last night to ask of his well being. Alhamdulillah, he is OK but rather busy with some projects. InsyAllah, next week he'll be able to blog again, he says. And he also asked me to convey his 'salam' to everyone.

Last but not least - especially for everyone in Selangor and KL - kindly do not forget the 6th July Protes Rally at Padang Timur PJ. InsyAllah, I'll be there donning webtv8's vest after going A.W.O.L. for a very long time. Hopefully, I will not come out limping as I did on 10-11.
ps. Poster taken from minahkaypoh's blog.