Sunday, July 15, 2007

Family Feud

Nope, the title has got nothing to do with me and Ana, my elder sister. Just as I was about to write this, I was reminded of the old US television game in the late 1980's. Sort of liked the show, if anything because it was then new. Don't think it made it to our shores though.

Now what trigerred the memory of Family Feud was this: earlier this evening, we had a family gathering minus Din and family - they are out of town, and this gathering was late in planning. Anyway, I had a chat with Rashid, Ana's youngest son, asking him about himself and well, all the kind of things an uncle would ask. Fine young chap, he is, and has his father's IQ, I think. The chat came to a rather abrupt stop when I found out Sofian - Rashid's elder brother - is not in Tokyo as I thought he was, but somewhere in Sydney. Now, I know he enlisted in the US Navy, but just did not know exactly as what. My jaw dropped when Rashid informed me that Sofian is serving in a US Navy Acircraft Carrier, the USS Kitty Hawk, to be exact! MasyAllah!

Oh dear! And here I was thinking of joining the Toliban! Or perhaps HAMAS. I'm kidding off course. But it does give one some rather 'entertaining' picture, one where perhaps Mel Brooks would like to produce.

I mean, you can just imagine this: I'm standing on the pier with a slingshot in my left hand and some pebbles in a pouch attached to the belt at my waist. In then comes the Kitty Hawk to dock with her crew lining the deck all dressed in white. I take a pebble from the pouch, put it in the sling, and draw it as far back as I can while at the same time taking aim at one of the sailors on the deck. I then release the sling and watch the pebble fly straight towards the poor sailor.

"Ouch!" cries the sailor. He look down from the deck and see me looking up at him. Our eyes meet and...wa lah! It is Sofian! Uncle's and nephew's gaze each other in recognition. But then, not to be outdone, Sofian rush out of sight for several minutes, only to return with a wet-looking thing in his hand. He throws it and it lands on my forehead. Shoot! It's a fish! And it bloody smell like one too! So I take another pebble and sling it at him and he takes another fish and throws it at me. This went on for quite a while till he runs out of fish, and I, pebbles.

Well, its not exactly HG Wells War of The Worlds, but one, nonetheless, Mel Brooks or even Orson Welles may want to enact for their upcoming project, War of The Kindreds! That would be lovely, wouldn't it! Anyone out there know who I can get in touch with either one?

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