Thursday, July 05, 2007

Regular Cats and Dogs

Saw this film 'The Usual Suspect', and like it a whole damn lot. There was something appealing about the movie. Then again, any film where Kevin Spacey acts normally does. But that's not what I want to write about.

There's a lyric to a song which I do not know the title, nor who sang it. But the chorus goes like this "Oh, oh! We're in trouble..." Yup, that line especially, its singing by itself in my head. Guess, it has pretty much to do with Ana, my elder sister.

Ever since she was 13 and I, 12, we never got along well. She was the jealous kind and very much full of spite. Things took a worse turn one day, when that stupid cakapaje bloke was able to solve her add maths problem while staring blank at his own! (stupid fella!). Ana never took it well and from then onwards, we were just like 2 parts of a broken ship, each sinking deeper into the abyss of darkness and further from each other. Hell! In the darkness, we could have been inches from the other! But the pride in her and the stupidity in cakapaje, we never communicated, never communicate.

Last week, after a year of silence, Ana phoned emak to say she'll be back in Malaysia. When exactly she'll be coming nor with who, was never relayed. Wednesday - yesterday - Emi, my eldest brother, called emak and said Ana will be arriving today with Bustamam(hubby), Soleha(eldest daughter) and Sofian (eldest son) at his place and asked emak to come over. I didn't like the tone already! I mean, a daughter or son is supposed to come running to his or her mother and not the other way around! Some respect my siblings have for emak, eh? Memories of how she treated emak in US still lingers clear in my mind.

An old malay proveb goes "fallen, only to have the ladder fall on you" - dah jatuh ditimpa tangga :) da! Well, that's exactly what I'm feeling right now for on Friday, Ana is supposed to come over to this house with the retinue...oops, family. Can things get worse? Predictably yes! As siblings relationships go by, Ana and cakapae are your regular cats and dogs! Hmm...perhaps I should add ayam and itek as well, but never mind.

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