Monday, July 30, 2007

A Surgeon-General Warning.

Surgeon-General Warning: Hanging around with your 21-year old nephew may be hazardous to your hearing!

Syahrul Aiman, Din's son and needless to say, my nephew, has completed his degree in the US and is back in Malaysia. Since his return, I have been car-less, letting him use my car for his job-hunting thing and what ever. On top of that, the family car was stolen several weeks ago. Thus, he needs the wheels more than I do. Further, as he is a Computer Engineer graduate, I figure he would be able to assist me in some of the problems I face with my (darn recalcitrant) PC.

Like last night - while we were out sending Hanin, his sister, back to college - there was a blackout in my area. Somehow, the blackout caused a high voltage power outage which caused quite a number of electrical appliances within the area to experience a burnout. My house was no exception, though fortunately, it was only the TV, a Standing Fan and my PC monitor. I do not know what he did but, Aiman did twitch something and my monitor is functioning again, alhamdulillah.

I treat him like a friend and though I notice that at time it does make him uncomfortable, I just couldn't be bothered. I mean, he's 21 years of age and he should be treated as an adult! Have to admit though, there are times when I laugh by myself watching him feeling that way.

2 weeks ago, I introduced him to a new social-welfare club where I am a volunteer to. Since I too am new to the club, I had to ask permission from the President to do so and alhamdulillah, had her blessings with strings attached - Aiman must accept appointment as a committee member to a free concert the club is planning. The appointment took him by surprise but he seem to accept it well.

We talk a lot every time we're together. It was during one of those moments I found we share quite a number of common interest including music. Aiman finds it a bit surprising that I can listen to music of his genre as much as anything else. Little does he know that I can and do listen to just about any music though the matter of preference can be a different matter. But here's the thing: when you sit in a car with your young nephew and/or niece, make sure you use earmuffs. Otherwise, when you step out of the car, they can literally say that you are an old man who's hard on hearing! Aaargh!

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