Monday, July 23, 2007

I Dream of...

Well, certainly, I would not dream of a Genie! The old TV series is just a rehash of an old lore, one that gives false hopes to people who have nothing better to do but…daydream. Off course, then, as a kid of what, 9, I too was a daydreamer. Now, as a kid off 44, I’m beginning to learn not to daydream. Then again, may be not…

Earlier today, I followed Wak to cover the Anuar Ibrahim Club and Young Bloggers Meet at Shah Village Motel in Petaling Jaya. Not the kind of thing I would like to cover, but…I am trying to learn to be a team-member. Alhamdulillah though, there was a bonus for me.

I have been following – rather loosely – the police detention of Nathaniel Tan. It would, I thought, make a good story. And there he was, the young chap himself; fair, slim, good-looking, and quite chirpy. Thus, even before the meet begins, I asked him for his time after. He was willing and soon later, webtv8 had his story on tape. Pretty good scoop, I thought. But…here’s the sad part – I am not part of the editing team and Nat’s tale may be just that if the chief editor doesn’t like it. It has come so that I’ve resigned myself to: Hell! If it comes on, swell! If it does not, can’t help you there babe!

It got me so that I now have a dream…

I would very much like to run own Internet television station.

Honestly, I have not been able to catch other Internet TVs’ for some reason or the other. Those few that I do know of, seem unable to lift themselves to attract more viewers. For one, I think they fail to understand viewers’ discretion to view matters which affects them directly. Off course, the hot Malaysian political scenario is a boon, but it means hoot to many people on the street.

There’s also the entertainment part which is being neglected. No, certainly not Britney Spears or Gwen Stephanie, but moderate and modest music can help to boost viewer ship, along with the likes of Amin Iskandar and Akhil Hayy.

Let us not forget talk-shows which once helped webtv8 garner a sizable audience. But let’s add simple religious stuff and matters concerning our daily lives. There are people out there who want to reach out for help, but are either afraid or ashamed of doing so.

This station would have to be truly non-partisan to be able to reach out to not only the masses, but also to government agencies – let not the people be afraid to come to us, but let us be afraid of them not doing so – a truly no-holds bar station similar to Islam Channel, which I have yet to see (shame on me).

Off course, one would need a good crew, even if they’re volunteers such as yours truly. The trick to have a good crew or team is to assist or guide them to the direction we want. Easier said than done, I agree. That’s where one would need a good people-skill manager (I’m not) and a guideline such as mission statement and what not; similar to the small handful I did for webtv8.

The station would also need advertising and promotion to create awareness. A simple A&P campaign via the many Yahoo! and Google groups would suffice for the initial stage, one similar to what I did on my own for webtv8.

Off course, inadvertently, to do all these, one would need some financial assistance. Now, that is the part I’m dreaming of.

Needless to say, the station would be more of an ‘amal’ project rather than profit oriented. But, which Internet TV is (profit oriented)?

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