Friday, October 30, 2009

Legend of the Dragon

Legend has it that a dragon would appear in the skies around Earth with the sole intent of swallowing the moon. And when it does, the world would then be engulfed in darkness. This, raised the fear in many people and were sometimes capitalised by certain individuals hoping to gain respect and adulation from the society they live in. The present time equivalent to these individuals would perhaps be certain politicians. But that would be digressing.

Though the legend above can be found in many past civilisations across the globe, it is more prominently told in ancient Chinese and Oriental scrolls.

In a story that may perhaps be traced back to these scrolls, the people of many communities would try to overcome their fear of the dragon in their bid to save the moon. The moon, after all, is the pearl of the night sky which provide these people with many nights of romantic and romanticised stories handed down by their ancestors to the generations below; how could one then, live the nights without the soft light of the moon?

Thus, their fear thrown aside, the people would gather at an appointed time and place to try and scare the dragon away. To do so, they would find any material they could get their hands on, and beat on them in hope of making enough noise to scare the dragon away. As stories told from such legend, the people did succeed, and the dragon was chased away but not before pulling the moon out of it's mouth...only for it to reappear again every once so often.

Today, many people are aware that such stories remain only within the minds and scrolls of yesteryears: dragons and their lores have been debunked and the story mentioned above persist but only as a legend. Then again, maybe not.

In one of the many stories equated wtih these mythological dragons, one dragon tried to rise above the rest and be the king of his kind. Though I cannot remember the story clearly now, this story perhaps has it's roots with Shi Huan, the first Emperor of China. Locally, and today, another is putting his foot forward in a bid to relive this legend. Whether he will succeed or not, time - and perhaps not too far a distant - will tell.

Rather late to be writing on this with constrains of one kind or another blocking one's mind, not to mention one's keyboard. But event of late has forced such blockage out. And hopefully, for good too.

Don't know what the broo-haha about the budget was about. In fact, didn't even want to read but was forced to hear some bits about it. Mostly, the propoganda that it is good for the people, and that the money to be spent would be done so wisely. But when you look at events and the piece by Sazlin here, one must be excuse if one puke or even cry. Not, not at Sazlin's writing, but at how the budget is being abused and misused even now. This is especially so with the deaths at the (one-what?) camp in Kuala Dipang, where, in their haste to kowtow their leader, the untouchables has set the new propoganda in motion; not at the expense of the Khidmat Negara camps (what khidmat, if not a blatant waste of money), but on top of it, stretching the nation's coffers even more than before. Sadly, had the deaths not occured, many would not even know how: 1) the money is being spent for propoganda and hence, a total waste; 2) that some hanky panky went to the building of the camp, the said bridge in particular (read here, here and here). Is this what the budget for the people is all about?

Earlier, in a bid to be accepted, countless ringgit were thrown away. And for what? Certainly not just to legitimise an illetimate state government (what do you call one born out of wedlock?).

Then today, a No.2 said, which I freely translate here: "For the sake of the people, we will give our full support to any independant Reps (I guess he means both: DUN and Parliament)" (read here). Hullo! Who are you trying to bullshit here? Or perhaps, don't you know that within DUN and Parliamentary seats, there are Malaysians there too? Or, are you trying to tell us that there is now a 2Malaysia concept? You and your boss make me sick to the stomach! And that goes for your retinue of untouchables as well.

Dragons or legends, the lot of you are not. Slither fools and forked tongues, more likely.