Friday, February 27, 2009

(S)cent To A Million

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I think many people have got it wrong about those clowns in Sarkas, as well as their goons. And I think, I did too. For instance, it was only yesterday that the cabinet announced a toll hike for 5 highways. Suddenly late this afternoon, that decision made was rescinded, much to the relief of many motorists who have little choice but to travel on those highways. And I too am glad for this turnabout decision as I was already putting on my war paint. I guess now, all concerned have to thank Paklah, a former minister who suddenly feels the burden of having to pay the charges, and one or two clowns in the Parliament who voiced their concern. But then again, my suspicious mind tells me they are playing a good cop/bad cop role, just to show how the sarkas have the people at heart.

Anyway, I wonder if anyone has noticed that everytime there is a toll hike, somehow, the charges are always brought to the nearest ten cent. I mean for all the exits there are on the highway, please don't tell me that there are none rounded off to the nearest five cent?

OK, I admit that 5cent is not worth a shout for many. But if one have to pay the toll something like 5 times a day, that would be 25cent. Again, not worth hoarsing one's voice. But multiply 5cent with the number of vehicles at say, just 500 on that particular exit, it would be paltry RM25 extra money the concessionaire gets per day. On a month of 24 working days, the figure comes to RM600 a month. Peanuts, some would say. True. But how many vehicles pass through the toll gates per day? And how many toll gates are there throughout the penninsular? If there's 10,000 vehicles per day, the concessionaires gets something like RM12,000 a month. And that, is on top of the toll hike!

I had planned to do something I have long not, and that is to collect the receipts of the toll, tomorrow. Then, when the toll hike takes effect, do the same on Sunday, as proof of my point. Sadly now, I will have to wait till the end of the year.

No big deal to some. Well, that may be true them, but for others where every cent counts? Daim Zainuddin purportedly once said "You cannot have a million if you don't have that last cent". Make sense?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Cloud Watchers

Some people love to watch clouds. I don't blame them as I do so too, ever since a wise man told me to do so every time I have worries. Today however, was a different story as something in the sky - the cloud formation, to be exact - caught my eye. Thus I took a picture of it and later, on closer look, found something quite relevant to a situation in Selangor, particularly.

The Sarkas, along with the new anti-corruption-whatever-name-they-call-themselves, think they are on cloud 9 now, having announced that they have evidence on the corruption and abuse of power by the MB of Selangor. Great for them! I mean, if the MB is really in the wrong, even the Pakatan Rakyat would support the actions to be taken; a wrong is still a wrong, no matter which way one look at it. Except, off course, if it involves the Sarkas as no matter how many wrongs they have committed, all those abuse of power and corruption cases reported, nothing have come out from it. Corruption like the violation and destruction of Bukit Cerakah Forest Reserve; stealing sands from the river; the khalwat case involving 2 of their DUN; the wrongful use of the Police and local authorities to destroy, arrest, and evict landowners and residents such as the cases in Kampung Berembang, Kampung Rimba Jaya, and several more; and a multitude more of cases that has been swept under the carpet by the previous Sarkas government. The ACA then, were quiet and hardly uttered any statements on any case involving the Sarkas. But now, suddenly, on its transformation or whatever it is they went through, they have begun offering their opinion...on an alleged wrongdoing involving an official car used by the current MB, and the purchase of cows by State agencies, and which are meant for the people of the state! Bravo, ACA or whatever it is your name! Perhaps next, you can investigate the case of a PR assemblyman who fell asleep in his office? I mean, that's a serious crime, wasting electricity and what not. But hang on!

ACA or whatever you call yourself, there is a bona fide case here for you. Reported on ABC News here. a MAS Pilot was detained in Australia for trying to smuggle in child pornography pictures. Now, that not only blemish our country's good name abroad, but it is a blatant abuse of previlege by the pilot, not to mention the crime of child pornography is hineous itself. So, will we see ACA or whatever their name is taking actions there? Not a chance, mate! The pilot, it seems, is the son of their boss! (read here).

Sigh. Just when you thought something real good would come your way, they turn out to be false. The ACA or whatever, is still as cloudy as they were before. My hope now, is that they will become extinct, just like the dinosaurs. They are, after all, quite like the picture of the cloud formation at the top. On closer examination, they turn out to be a false t-rex. Boo, on you ACA or whatever you are.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hulu Tamu

By right, I should blog about this in My Neverland. But the subject matter, in my opinion, should be shared with many, thus the reason of writing it here. And while many have been there, many more have not.

Ever since Emak was afflicted by some rashes on her leg, she and I have been a regular visitors to the Hot Spring at Hulu Tamu, somewhere within the district of Hulu Yam, Selangor. Approximately 85km from my place, Hulu Tamu offers one a break from the drudgery of one's daily routine in life, apart from healing one from various physical ailments one may have. However, that healing part can be rather contentious to some, and I therefore, will touch very little on it except for a passing statement or two.

Ironically, when we first drove to Hulu Tamu, we were in fact, looking for the hot spring in Hulu Yam itself. But now that we found this, there's little chance for us to be going to other hot springs sites. Well, perhaps later, we'll check out one or two others which we have learnt about their existance from other visitors in Hulu Tamu. But for the moment, we have sort of fall in love with Hulu Tamu. Apart from being a quiet place, there's also an abundance of things to explore there, provided one is adventureous enough (especially for nature photograpers). There is also, sadly, a host of 'politically curious monuments' which, were one a reporter, could highlight some stories which the SPRM ought to look more into instead of...well, you know what since it became a headline today; matters, which ought be crystal clear to them. And talking of which, the water from the hot springs in Hulu Tamu are crystal clear, as seen from the picture below.

Taken from one of the 2 wells, from where the water flows to the 2 public pools there.

The history of the hot spring here is quite long and I don't think many would be interested. Suffice to say, it is supposedly managed by the local district council and does provide some amenities such as toilets and changing rooms. For some reasons though, Emak and I have never found any reasons to use them.

Steam rising from one of the 2 pools. In the foreground, is one of the wells built.

As with most public places, making friends with other visitors there is never a problem. And while the body is soaking in hot water, the mind follow suit but with tales told by visitors there. Astmatic people, gangrene induced by diabetes, mild strokes, rashes, and people with as many more ailments take a dip for about an hour, some daily, before resuming back their daily routine. Some, who claim to have had their ailments cured, become regulars there simply for recreational purposes.

Mind you though, the water can get almost piping hot especially towards noon. Thus, the best time to go there is early morning (like after subuh), or late at night (like towards midnight). As the ditrict council provides security personnel (2 at night and 1 daytime), the place is open like 24hours a day with one minor hitch. Somehow, the lighting for the pools is provided by a single solar powered lamp while the rest of the small complex are well-lited by street lamps, courtesy of the council. Thus, if there was not enough sunlight earlier in the day, the lamp concerned might not last till early morning, I have been told.

One thing which I ought to warn though, is that the cleanliness there can be much better with the help from the public. As it is, litter can be seen on the ground eventhough there are 3 big bins placed there. Many Malaysians could perhaps learn from the 2 gentlemen I met there, who, being regular visitors, take it upon themselves to clean the pools when the situation permits them. Previous to my last visit this morning, one of the gentlemen mentioned was cleaning the children's pool when we arrived.

Mr. Chua (left picture), cleaning the children's pool. Later, the Security Personnel assisting him to close back the outflow as it seems, some people had irreponsiblly taken the stopper away, perhaps as a momento.

For those who would some privacy while soaking the hot water, there's a small chalet nearby offering one with private pool (small), while a larger and perhaps more comfortable place of stay is being built next to the complex, by a local company with the name of Sepakat Hot Springs Resort. I apologise however, for not having the foresight to take their contact numbers nor the pictures of their place.

There several ways to get to Hulu Tamu. If one is using the North-South Highway, take the Bukit Beruntung then follow the sign. At Bukit Beruntung itself, one can either follow the Sungai Buaya then to Serendah road, or drive through Rasa where the travel is quite scenic at certain stretches. Or, if one does not like the Highway, then just take the road beside Batu Caves heading up north. Irrespective, all the routes mentioned will lead to Batang Kali. And from there, the road to Hulu Tamu.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Eli Wong Does Not Live Here

Sometime yesterday when I wanted to make an entry here, I was pleasantly surprised at the number of visitors I have been receiving over the 24hour period. I mean, for a blog by a nobody, I am nowhere near the likes of Cikgu, DocTA, kerpie, not to mention renowned writers such as Afrar, Cikgu Ali, Amin Black, rockybru or, just about anyone else who is a someone somewhere.

Initially, I had thought that by some chance, some people found my poor blog and thought I am a good writer and that made me feel bloody excited. I mean, here's a chance at fame, or so the mind went. Unfortunately however, when I took a closer look at the counter, I then realised that no, those people were not looking for me. Rather, they were searching for pictures of some woman politician who recently made headlines. And that, got me upset. No, not about my blog being still not worthy of read, but about the picture of the woman politician. So I thought, I'd better put my thoughts across and even write to her, which if I do, would be something like the below.

Dear YB Eli Wong,

Foremost, permit me to humbly apologise for writing to you on a matter which you should well be aware of. Though I suspect you are already beseiged with more attention than you had ever dreamt of on the subject matter, I do hope you will find it in you to read my thoughts as I put it here.

YB Eli, you do not know me personally, but we have met on one occasion, and I have seen you at several whilst covering events or news with webtv8. All these times I have seen you (do pardon me for saying so), I did have a thought or 2 about your dressing, which in my eyes, were rather retro, if you know what I mean. In fact, on an occasion just after you won your Parliamentary Seat, I voiced my thoughts to a friend who, being a keen political follower, agreed almost instantly. He, however, informed me that since the GE12 results were announced, you have made some glaring changes to your dressing, befitting those of a YB, much to my sigh of relief. For in truth YB, I really think you are one swell looking lady, one that I admit, despite the retro-fit I mentioned, could well make more than a head turn looking your way.

YB Eli, now that the niceties have been dispensed of, let me get straight to the point. When I read Harakahdaily and Malaysiakini of late, there were news about your uncoming behaviour, and how the pictures of such scenes were being widely distributed especially in the Net. I was shocked and could not believe it. Then I read your admission, and your statement that your are being victimised amongst other things. That aside, the only thing that crossed my mind is "How could you?"

YB Eli, I am normally quite a private person. Thus when my blog received a larger number of visitors than normal, my mind tend to get inquisitive. I mean, why on Earth would anyone want to visit my blog? If its for the initial reasons I had like the opening para of this entry, then I ought to feel flattered. But now, having ascertained that it is not, I do feel an invasion into my privacy. So let me tell you this YB Eli, I'm going to give these visitors who are looking for your pictures what they want. Yes, I admit that part of the picture is rather obscene, but please, do not go blaming me for it. Here goes...

There, don't you think that picture of kerpie, my bro, somewhat obscene? I mean, heck, one can even see his tummy there! This picture, taken by our bro Mat Salo, even had that cakapaje in it initially. But being the more offensively obscene figure, I had to crop the picture to make it somewhat decent. Still, I'm pretty sure there's one or two Mat or Minah out there who would swear otherwise that you should tender your resignation.

YB Eli, know you that even the Wanita MCA has now come out in your defence, quite contrary to what the 2 Mats - Mat Toyol and Mat Ali - wants. To surrender to the whims of these 2 Mats who may only be a shade better than the Mat See Four and Mat Cradle Snatcher (who incidentally is from the same state as Mat Ali), is an admission of defeat. And YB Eli, after having read bits about you, I know you are not one to surrender easily.

YB Eli, now that we have touched on the Mats, kindly excuse me while I puke.

My apologies. I just could not help myself just now when hearing on the news a denial by a Mat Toyol that your pictures - those supposedly obscene shots of you sleeping alone - are not part of a smear campaign. I mean, how would he know? Unless, there were already plans afoot which were later scuttled due to some reason or another. And when you take consideration of factors such as the political scene in Perak, as well as the absurd accusation against another woman YB in Klang, some other form of pictures do take shape in one's mind, which perhaps, was why I puked just now. Forgive me.

YB Eli, it seems, this mail is getting longer than intended. But do permit me to put in some small thoughts - mine, that is - not on Perak, but again, some Mats who have come to see themselves as Royal Champions. Though the media say they are Champions of the Royalties, in truth, they see themselves higher than that.

Sometime in the not too distant past, YB, a colleague of these Mats, tried to install a new Sultan in a northeast state of Peninsular Malaysia. Though he was not succesful in doing so, his act was in fact an act of treason, and rightly, punishable by death. But he escaped the rope simply because he was a member of a political party that has been clowning around in Malaysia. The Sarkas, I believe they are called. Unfortunately, some fickle members of the public believe in the words of this clowns now and even labelled other Malaysians as 'Penderhaka', or treasonous people. Why, simply because one or two of the 'Penderhaka' wants to bring the Perak issue to the Courts of Law. Really? Are what they doing really that bad? If so, then how is it that these fickle minded Malaysian never bothered when another Royalty was brought to the Courts and declared insolvent? How come these so called 'loyal' citizens did not go up in arms against the Courts, or the financial institution who brought up the charges? Are they, in fact, afraid of the Courts, which rightly should be the Institution of Law in Malaysia? Or, are they, quite like I mentioned, fickle minded? Nah, make that simpletons.

YB, if you remember correctly, sometime last decade, a Hollywood film company came to Malaysia to produce a remake of 'The King And I'. A Sarkas Minister then, being the clown he is, welcomed the company with a big splash on the media headlines, extolling the virtues of Malaysia's scenery, and bla bla bla. And some fickle minded Malaysians, oops, sorry, simpletons, I mean, flocked to Taiping in hope to be casted as extras and earn some money. Never mind that the country which the film was based on, had denied entrance to the company on the ground of the film being insulting to their King. "Who cares their Royalty?" they might have thought. Some of those simpletons then, are the same simpletons now that it hits them on the nose. Well, YB, actually, it never came to even that, but being the simpletons they are, they simply do not know it.

Still relating to Perak YB, interestingly, I met a first cousin of the state the other day, after having been invited for a simple teh tarik at a decent restaurant somewhere near my house. The kindly royalty, was gracious, polite, but was full of guffaw. But when touched on the issue, its safe to say that he and many of his house are in full disagreement to the matter, the one those simpletons believe in. And very surprisingly YB, he and his house are not the only with such stand. For, if if you were to read here, then you would realise the more important issues than the one berated by those simpletons, especially those clowns in Sarkas. And who really is the Penderhaka.

Put it this way YB, in the picture of you are bro kerpie up there, many would agree that you are the more decently dressed person. However, the simpletons would swear you are not.

Thank you.

Warm regards,

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Growing Up Aje

I was reading through some of my old postings. Not for any reason, but that I found myself different than when I was first forced into the blogging world. Can't explain it as well as I would like to, but I guess when you add this and that of life, then yes, I think I have totally deviated.

Let's see now, there was the GE12, and the BERSIH 10-11 March before that; the antics of some goons and their followers who have been insisting to the world that they, and only they, have right to steer this country to where ever they think Malaysia ought to be (forgetting that for the past 22years and the 35 before, we were somehow in a much better place without them); the 6 long years of sending news each night except for holidays (it got so that now I have developed a phobia just to open my working emails!); the unwarrented attention I have been getting from some authorities; the medical attention I have not been able to seek (can't seem to find the right medical personnel, it seems. Tak serasi, as the Malays would put it); and about a million and one more reasons. Well, that last bit maybe a bit of an exeggeration, but...

Anyway, while reading through, it dawned upon me that I have unwillingly and much to my quiet protest, grown to be more serious in my outlook! That, is a very drastic change for some who likes to talk only, wouldn't one agree? I mean, at 46, I suddenly find myself a grown-up man! Unthinkable, but true. And after going through a self-examination (wish a Doc could do that to me. A lady Doc, mind you), it then cross my mind that I need to go back to where I was, and thus, the need to get a new blog just to write whatever the mind pleases (can't do it here for reasons told in the the blog), leaving this blog only for matters which concern others in a more serious matter and manner.

The new blog, Personal, will be like its namesake, more to personal matters. And, as the url would most implicitly suggest, there the mind would run free. A mind, or a guy, would certainly need to do so in a world that has really gone mad. Also, as mentioned but quite the opposite of it, at 46, I do find the need to go crazy every now and then.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

LKKPP Seminar February 7, 2009

As mentioned in the last posting, the Lajnah Kebajikan and Kemasyarakatan PAS Pusat organised a seminar entitled 'Perlaksanaan Negara Berkebajikan Dalam Negeri Negeri Pakatan Rakyat', or 'Towards The Realisation of A Caring Nation Within Pakatan Rakyat Administered States'. Steered by its Chairman, YB Doctor Lo'Lo', the seminar was officiated by YB Dato' Husam Musa. Delegates from all over Malaysia attended the half day seminar.

This seminar, the first of its kind, discussed the welfare issues of the rakyat, and how LKKPP intend to assist the Pakatan Rakyat States to address the issues concerned, in keeping to the "Negara Berkebajikan" manifesto of the past GE12. It should be noted that the word 'Berkebajikan' does not translate directly as 'Welfare Nation', but a nation that looks into the real issues afflicting the people, materially and/or otherwise.

In his opening speech, YB Dato' Husam mentioned that the Perak State Government under YAB Ir Nizar, would announce a 5day Pre-Maternity Leave. This would allow the family to be better prepared, taking into consideration a large number of Malaysians would normally head back towards their parents house, or have their parents over to assist. (As I have not been reading nor watching the news these past few days, and even coming online as regularly as before the Gaza War, I beg leave of any knowledge pursuant to the implementation of the matter).

LKKPP, in the coming months, would be holding meets with the LKKP of each states, and assisting them to open clinics in an effort to understand the rakyat's woes within the context of the matter. InsyAllah, Harakah print edition this Friday would have the full story.

More pictures at Pictures-Only here and here.

ps. To my friends and regular visitors, I apologise for the dry tone in this, and several previous entries. InsyAllah, regular entries will be back on air. Or, in a new blog.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

No Longer Worlds Apart

Early Saturday morning while attending a seminar organised by Lajnah Kebajikan dan Kemasyarakatan PAS Pusat, I was shown a text message by a colleague by the name of Shamsuddin. Even while reading the message, my heart was beating faster than normal and I could feel the smile growing on my lips, and a joy spreading all over as the coming of the message was totally unexpected by some of us there. (At this juncture, I would like to invite visitors to this humble blog to read this entry 'Worlds Apart' first - just click on the title. Do excuse the spelling and grammar mistakes however, as I do hate to edit or correct).

When I wrote the entry for 'Worlds Apart', I did not have a still camera on hand to capture some of the scenes. Coincidentally this Saturday afternoon, I had a still camera with me even if it be a simple Olympus, one which I was using for the seminar mentioned above. And even though the seminar was supposed to end at 2pm, I left early at 12.15 just to be present at the site where the message came from. The picture below, and more on Pictures-Only here, shows of the condition of the houses I mentioned in 'Worlds Apart', though the present condition has generally improved since that visit. Except for the house or shed as seen below and which resembles the living condition of foreign construction workers in Malaysia, where many Malaysians do not wish to speak of or if they do, speak ill of them only.
Sadly however, the house-shed do not belong to neither the foreign workers, nor of illegal squatters, but of Malaysians who had lived on that land for more than 40years. In a sense, they belong to the pioneers of modern Klang Valley, and a city that came to be the capital of Malaysia. The children of these pioneers, contribute to the growing city as much as anyone would care to admit. And for their contribution as well as their parents, their houses were demolished (including the surau there), and they were nearly evicted from their land by the previous state government.

I believe, many people would still remember the picture of women and children crying, men arrested and some beaten, while they were trying to protect their homes from being flattened and bulldozed in the name of development. In truth, the land that was promised to them by the State Government 40years ago, was being robbed by greedy politicians of the past administration.

Even after their house were demolished, the villagers stood their ground. They build sheds to protect their family from natural elements, and fought their ways in and off the Courts of Law...and won.
More info at Jerit website here.

Precisely at 1pm on Saturday afternoon, a motorcade arrive at Kampung Berembang near Ampang, with VIPs from the Pakatan Rakyat State Government of Selangor. Amongst those present were YB Tn Hj Shaari Sungib, YB Iskandar Samad, YB Dr Nasir, YB Azmin Ali, and several more, accompanying YAB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim to a ceremony for the handing over of house-keys to the brave people of Kampung Berembang.

To the people of Kampung Berembang: Syabas! May you and your family live prosper in your new homes.

More pictures at Pictures-Only.

ps. For a somewhat insightful picture of Perak, do read Ajijoi here as well as ckcounterpunch here.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A Feast

Last Monday, I took Emak for a drive down to Melaka for a family matter or two. Since it was an overnight trip, I took the opportunity to call Doc TA for a possible meet. Being the kind and accommodating Doc he is, he obliged and meet we did that night at Medan Anjung Batu, Serkam, which is just a stone throw away from the seafood stalls I know. Still, the food was great. I mean, no matter how its cooked, a seafood dish still taste just as good as any. But while that maybe true, the amount and variety can be totally different. only regret now is not having a camera on hand that night.

Anyway, since akak was down with fever, Doc came alone and soon led Emak and I to a table. Soon as the niceties were dispensed with, Doc and I went to the counter where, well, like most men, ordered to our hearts' fill. And while waiting for the cook to whip up the dishes, we had some lovely otak-otak for starters. When the dishes came...oolala! There were buttered prawns, fried squids, lala buloh (bamboo scallops? - first time I had any), jenahak, tuka (baby ray), and nasi lemak bungkus to accompany those delicious mouth-watering, cholestrol rich food. By the time we were done, we came to realise that there were still more than half of the food on the table! But we were full already, thus Doc had those extras packed for him to take back home. If ever I had previously dreamt of a seafood feast, this was certainly it. Honestly, I cannot remember the last time I had so much food before.

There is, however, another kind of feast which now has yours truly seething with anger.

As many would have known by now, the thievering and immoral be-end has announced themselves as the new Perak State Government. This, despite the fact that the Sultan has yet to announce his decree to accept the PR's request to absolve the State Assembly, making way for a State Election. And knowing those mongrels waiting at the gates, some would already have begun their celebration.

Its totally disgusting, actually. When that Bota assemblyman announced his defection to PR, Dolah said that he was an immoral man, betraying the trust of those who elected him. Well, look who is immoral now? Say Dolah (and Najib), how does the spit taste?

Personally to me, those PR assemblymen and woman who defected are worse than the mongrels whom they answer calls to now, especially the 2 who are still facing corruption charges. Perhaps its better for them to join the sarkas, seeing that latter is a sewerage plant of corruption, but one that does not cleanse rather, defecate the environment even more. So, let those 2 swim and sink with the filth they are. But the biggest filth dispenser must be SPR. Let me try to put it in layman's term.

The duty of a postman is to deliver mails, even to a house without occupant. The postman cannot use his discretion not to deliver mails to the seemingly empty house, because he is not empowered to do so. If ever the owner of the house would like the Post Office to hold all mails for some reasons, he would need to write to the Post Master, who would only then, upon receiving such request, instructs his office to hold all mails addressed to that particular house.

In the 2 cases of the 2 PR Assemblymen whom the Speaker of the House had announced their resignations from their respective seats, the SPR is acting outside its boundaries when it judged that those seats have not been vacated, when they - the SPR - are not empowered to judge, but only to administer; the power to judge the validity of the resignation letters and or the seats lies with the courts. So here, the SPR is clearly in the wrong. And they know they are in the wrong. So, who was it that said the SPR is not a stooge for be end, namely the sarkas? For those who have worked on ground level especially during election - by or general - they know how SPR stinks like a skunk. Only the naive and fools believe that SPR is impartial and abides to its role. They are just bulls with rings in their nose, waiting for sarkas to tug them whenever, wherever, it pleases. But a bull is tough creature and does offer some form of resistance. Thus here, SPR is nothing but a lame duck, a creature that likes to waddle in cesspool.

Go ahead, have your feast, your celebration. For today, is the day for dogs such as you are.

Below, is a Media Statement by YAB IR Nizar, the true MB for Perak, taken from Cina Islam:

Terkini : Kenyataan Akbar MB Perak .

IPOH, 4 Feb ;- Saya telah meyembahkan permohonan kepada Sultan melalui peruntukan undang-undang yang ada sebagai " leader of the house", namun saya fikir apa-apa yang diperlukan oleh Sultan maka Sultan ambil masa dan menagguhkan keputusannya. Demikian antara kenyataan YAB Menteri Besar Perak, Ir. Muhammad Nizar Jamaluddin dalam sidang akhbar di Pejabat PAS Perak di sini.

"saya akan menjalankan tugas seperti biasa sebagai Menteri Besar" tegas Ir. Nizar.

Ir. Nizar menyifatkan UMNO cuba merampas hak rakyat, dan memohon sekiranya berlaku Piliharaya supaya rakyat memberi majoriti yang besar kepada Pakatan Rakyat.

"Saya akan akur kepada apa saja keputusan Taunku, dan perbincangan dengan Tuanku cukup baik dan Baginda ada membacakan ayat Al Quran 'Sesungguh Allah bersama orang yang sabar' " Jelas Nizar.

Ditanya mengenai ADUN Bota, Nasaruddin Hashim yang telah menyeberang kembali kepada BN, Nizar mengatakan ini adalah satu konspirasi yang besar. Jika sekiranya ada unsur paksaan itu adalah satu penainayaan kepada Nasaruddin dan orang Bota.

"Kita sekarang adalah kerajaan minoriti dan saya berharap tidak ada huru-hara dan sebagainya" jelas Nizar.


ps. I guess it would not be far wrong to liken be end, namely sarkas, to the illegal entity Israel. Both, when the people voted against their favour, punish the people for doing so. - cakapaje