Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Latex of a Jackfruit

It was still mid morning but the sun has already begun to shine its best . I was making my way out of the area and about to negotiate a sharp bend when my eyes caught the white metallic surface moving slowly up the hill. The curvature of the surface had no visible markings and with the lower parts hidden by tall grass and small rises, my mind wandered to a land I have never been to. Although I knew by then what it was, the mind still insisted in projecting the image of a dhow sailing upstream of the Nile river.

Moments later, the image of the dhow was rudely shattered by one of a monstrous steel contrivance on wheels, one that is known as a concrete mixer. Sent to assist in the construction of a building, it in turn became an accomplice to the destruction of bushes that had sunk their roots deeper into the grounds of an area that had become barren where once, wildlife and a forest had been.

"El Nino, my foot!" the voice of a friend resounded, and a Malay proverb came to mind - Orang lain makan nangka, orang lain kena getahnya".

Friday, April 08, 2016

Back From the Fields

A man walked into the dressing area next to a very large tent. There was no one to be seen as all who have any business being there were busy somewhere nearby. With each step, his eyes wandered between a row of small wooden cupboards which he assume serve as lockers, and a row of dressing mirrors with chairs strewn, a few rather haphazardly. Nothing on both sides attract his attention as he continued walking towards the end where a single chair seem to await his arrival and, beside it, a pair of  shoes too colourful for his liking. He knew too, even from afar, the size of the shoes were larger than his feet.

It's been nearly 3 weeks now since my last posting. Somehow, I have been reluctant to post. Perhaps due to tiredness of doing nothing. Yup, that's what I have been doing. I stand, sometimes in the hot sun, sometimes in the shade of a make-do shelter, doing nothing. Sometimes I snap a picture or two. But no, not with my Cannon. That, has been sitting idle close to 4years now. Don't know when I'll pick it up again.

In between doing nothing, I managed to watch the entire 2seasons of Stargate Universe and feel sad that the series has been discontinued. Would certainly be nicer if the people can discontinue you-know-who, just like the way studios do with the series.

Not much too write for now. Just wanted to fight against my reluctance and fear of my tapping on the keyboard. And given the current situation, perhaps all of us can be singing this song with joy soon. The change in situation should warrant a change in performers, wouldn't you agree?

Go Izi.