Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hostel Ravaged By Fire

The Metro tabloid on October 24, 2008, reported a hostel ravaged by fire causing 2 fatalities, children of the age of 4 and 6. The hostel, apart from housing 51 orphans, was also the shelter for 9 low-income families, including a single mother with 9 children.

Late Monday afternoon, several representatives of Kelab Kami Prihatin, accompanied YB Doctor Lo'lo' who, as the Chairman of the Lajnah Kebajikan dan Kemasyarakatan PAS Pusat, visited the scene in hope of meeting the orphans and the families involved. The group was met by an Ustaz Riduan, the manager of another hostel nearby, and was informed that while the orphans are temporarily placed in a home in Rawang, the families mentioned above are given shelter in his hostel for the time being. The YB Doctor and the group were then brought into the ruins of the hostel building and were told of the horrible incident of the night.

In the confusion that surely must have taken place that night, the 2 children are believed to be on one of the upper floors of the 4storey wooden building. The fire (causes of which are still unknown), swept through the building where the upper floors soon collapsed. Along with the thick smoke which was asphyxiating, the residents fled the building. It was only then when the father realised that his son was trapped in the building. Though he tried to rush back into the building in a bid to save his son, the fire and smoke stopped him. We were then told of the heart-wrenching part where the father could not do anything but watched his son engulfed by the flames.

The YB Doctor was then taken to a site a few lots away where stood several metal cabins and perhaps, an unused public hall but one which had no walls, only cemented floor and a roof. These, would most probably be the stay for the families as well as the orphans for a long duration, until a permanent housing can be found. Even then, there is a just need to provide air-condition for the metal cabins which otherwise without, would be like living in an oven with the hot sun above. The YB Doctor will try to seek the assistance of the local authorities, DBKL, to provide financial aid towards this, and at the same time, several units of the PPR which all local authorities normally reserve for emergency use.

Kelab Kami Prihatin, would like to make an appeal to kind-hearted Malaysians to provide financial and in-kind aid to the families and orphans above. The contact persons telephone number for KKP as well as the account number is as below. Whether monetary aid or in-kind, please do inform the ladies. May Allah s.w.t. bless and reward you for your generousity.

Kami Prihatin, Bank Islam: 12113010026150 (see top left panel).
Raja Rozita (Treasurer) 019 357 5057
Siti Aishah: 019 343 6804

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Innalillah wa innalillah hi rojiun

Innalillah wa innalillah hi rojiun

Dear friends and bloggers, I have just received a sad news from YB Doctor Lo'Lo, with the text as below:

Mak saya meninggal pada pukul 9.30 malam tadi (20.10.2008). Mandi jam 8-9pagi dan Solat Jenazah di Masjid Al Ittihadiah jam 1 pagi. Lepas tu terus dibawa untuk dikebumikan.

Rumah di No.65, Jalan Madrasah, Kg Tengku Husin, Ipoh, Perak.


Semoga Allah s.w.t. mencucuri rahmatNya ke atas ruh Allahyarham, dan ditempatkan bersama orang orang yang beriman.

*Doctor Lo'lo's blog is listed under my 'Must Read' panel, where it was only recently the Doctor and her family shared a joyous Eidil Fitri with her mother (read here).

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Helping A Dear Friend In Search of Another

Just before Raya, Cikgu Nazir made an entry about his high school friends, and how several have passed away while another cannot be traced. I found the entry touching as I think many of us can relate to the story. In wanting to assist Cikgu trace the friend, I made an entry of my own and hoped it would be passed along the line of bloggers - friends and strangers alike. But both - Cikgu and my entry - were made at a time when most people were busy with Raya or could not go online.

Though I have very few readers compared to Cikgu or other bloggers, I hope this entry would be able to assist Cikgu in his search of his friend as in the text below. I know I ought to edit it, but I'm just not the kind of person to do so.

To all my blogging friends and visitors, could you kindly copy and paste the below, or even write in your own words to help Cikgu in his search of a long lost friend? It would not cost you anything at all, just a few minutes of your time. But your kind effort may assist to rekindle a frienship. Just think of it as another episode in 'Jejak Kasih'. Thanking you, in advance.


Calling JACHFRINS - On Behalf of Cikgu.

Some people say that friendship is like a commodity which can be bought or sold. Perhaps to them it is as their friendship too can be bought and sold. But true friendship is one that is lasting. It need not be present all the time, but when it is, it warms the heart beyond imaginable words. It can be borne out of a lifetime of knowing another, or a short particular period where the spirit of comradeship takes place. In rare occasions, it can be bonded within the wink of an eye. In whichever circumstance, true friends will remain as such and cherish their moments together, sometimes passing down the relationship built to their children. This, is especially true in friendships of old.

This entry, is dedicated to Cikgu Nazir and his friends, and their quest in searching for another - a bunch of young boys (then), who called themselves JACHFRINS during their schooldays in Bukit Mertajam. The picture below, was one taken during their final days in school and the story can be read here.
Of the boys in the picture, Cikgu and his friends are searhing for Radzi, who ironically is not in the picture. Perhaps, Radzi was the photographer. Still, if any visitors recognise anyone in the picture and do know of Radzi, kindly contact Cikgu at cikgunazir@gmail.com . May Allah s.w.t. reward you for your kind assistance.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tagged! - 15 Dalil

Our dear young kerpie has just tagged me! And simply by being a member of bloggers community, I guess I do have to comply, or get thrown out the window of his 5th floor apartment when I visit him next. Yup! Even if its a Raya visit! Hmm...somehow, I do suspect that several visitors have 'cabut' already, fearing they might be tagged next. Anyway, before I do, I'd like to introduce another blogger, and would like to encourage all visitors to read an entry about the malamine scare.

Now, this blogger I would like to introduce is no stranger to Harakah readers. In fact, I have also mentioned about him several entries ago. Though he is an editor at Harakah and is more prominently known as a writer in the English Section, this blog he has now is written in Malay. A word of caution though, his entries are not joy reads as he touches on issues which some may find hard to swallow. Still, I rate him as a 'Must Read' simply for the humbleness and honesty of his writing. Roslan H, or better known as LanH14, puts the touch of reality which I find hard to resist. Do read him here (http://lanh14.blogspot.com/), even if it be just once.

With regards to the melamine scare, it would be best for one to read a related issues at http://consumersrighteousness.blogspot.com/, beginning with here and then here; I wont say anymore.

OK, now to the tag. I have to write 15 dalils about myself. Hmm...so, here goes.

1. I am a 46year young bachelor. Off course, many do know that already. However, in an alternate universe, I have 4 wives, and a harem of concubines. But off course, in that alternate universe, that guy who looks like me, talk like me, laugh like me, is not me.

2. Though I have never mentioned it before, I do have a 'twin' brother. No, we are not identical twin, but our semblance can be uncanny at times, forcing me to introduce him as my doppelganger. But for the benefit of people who does not believe in doppelgangers, then I introduce him as my twin, also known as Danny Devito, while I am, off course, Arnold. Yup, he's that Sofian guy, the same guy who created this blog and forced me into blogging. (Don't worry, he's reading this, I believe).

3. Born in the year of Tiger, I have nine lives, of which I think 5 or 6 have already been used up - past expiry date! But hey, the 3 or 4 remaining should still be good enough. Right?

4. My childhood dreams is to be General Jumbo, a character in the old Beano/Dandy comic books. This is, off course, as opposed to General Dumbo, which that Bijan guy dreams off.

5. As a teenager, I had more than my share of girls clamouring after me. But since I was dumb then, I just did not give them much notice.

6. As a 46year young man, I still have girls giving me the eye. But off course, in the alternate Universe, there's more of them there.

7. I can be quiet as a mute, or noisy as a chatterbox; all depends on who is in front or beside me.

8. I can play the piano like a concert pianist. The fact that the wrist and finger movement does not move to the score one hear, is none of my concern.

9. Niki Lauda taught me a lot about Formula One driving. That was way back in 1984 or '86, when F1 was shown 3months late after each race. He was also the pioneer in long distant learning then.

10. Though not a steeplejack, I once climbed all the way up a tree. Off course, that was when I was 10 and did not know the meaning of the word 'gayat' then. The fact that the top of the tree is about 10feet high is irrelevant.

11. I had my first ride with escorts and sirens wailing some 20 years back...just after a horrible auto accident. That, qualifies me as a veteran driver.

12. I am, in truth, a billionaire. But one who has yet to make his first hundred grand.

13. I dream of having 24 children - 18 boys and 6 girls. 8 of the boys will feature in the starting 11 of Malaysia's winning World Cup soccer team.

14. I am of a Khan lineage. The fact that my Emak is a Malay with perhaps traces of Chinese or Northern Indian blood, and that my dad is of pure Javanese is not my fault.

15. Though I was once a stage actor (itsy bitsy role at the age of 8 and 13), I was given the screen name Shah Rir Khan.

OK. That's my 15 Dalil. Can I now be the Prime Minister, please?

What say you: Alyn, Alina, ydiana, Malaysian Tigress, Minci, GM, kema, Intan, Marinie - WL, Rerama Salju, snowflake, Muha, and off course, Sofian (that is, if you have your blog) - you are all tagged! :)

Monday, October 13, 2008


And old Indian proverb says "Even if you are drinking milk under a coconut tree, people will still say you are drinking toddy".

The picture below, however, has nothing to with the above saying.
At a glance, one might just think its delicious presentation of chocolates placed on a silky cloth. Off course, since the picture has been blown up and the angle not quite right, the chocs may not look tantalising. Then again, maybe it does to some; everything depends on one's own perception of the picture and the story spun about it. But there's no story here, just the picture.

When I called a certain man by the name of Bijan, I really have no idea what the word meant. But apart from spelling it backwards, I found it to have a nice ring - in the negative connotation, i.e. - and decided to continue using it as I do not want to tarnish the proper name...just the name, mind you as I really detest the man using that name. Somehow, over the years, the images I have of the man are all siniter, dark, and ugly. I really do not know when my perception of the man began, but I think it started with an incident in Port Dickson where several religious department officials were either forced or tendered their resignation voluntarily, as higher authorities tried to protect an individual. The officials who resigned, I was told, did so as they were told to drop the case. Eversince then, my image of the individual slipped from nothing, to a someone who is detestable and not fit to hold a position in public office.

Ever a small fry within the politial circle, I get my juicey bits from several people, some who are or were of the Sarkas family itself. Some of the stories told are now well known already that they are regarded more as hearsay or worse, a legend - depending on who is hearing and who is telling. And one of the many stories that was later circulated, is that the individual's wife, and he himself, are being financially backed by a large consortium of an island nation in the west. But as mentioned, this story and the many that went around, cannot be substantiated by anyone. Well, not exactly true as those people who can, are conveniently made forgetful one way or the other. Perhaps, quite like the 'I forget' syndrome of a US President who is now dead. The President, escaped indictment. His accuser however, became famous producing films based on events he may swear to be true. But since those events and incidences involving the President were filmed, its very credibility were questioned by skeptics, and were soon thrown into the annals of history as just another story of the past...or another story that became a small legend. No one outside the circle can vouch the validity of the stories. Then again, no one too can deny them as being false - a media tactic used successfully by some people when they want to do some cover-up: deluge the public with as many news as possible, both true and false, and the heck with how the public perceived each. Soon, everyone will not want to know anymore.

Only thing these people forget, that such news remains in memory of many. And the many who remembers, certainly do not ever want to be associated with one, especially if that one drinks milk under a coconut tree.

Pardon my ramblings. But after nearly a week now of sleeping in an upright position, one does tend to get tired easily. By the way, the picture of the chocs above, they are actually an inverted picture of the inside of a hippotomus mouth as seen below.
Admittedly, I am not good enough to edit with the picture a proper. Experts, off course, can easily manipulate the picture, as easily they manipulate the minds of the public to the direction needed.

There's something about hippos which one ought to know. Though strictly a vegetarian, they are feared even by the crocodiles in the rivers of Africa. In fact, while there has been no known account of crocodiles attacking a hippo, the reverse may not be necessarily true. And hippos have also been known to attack and kill humans, as many unwary human tend to view hippos as a lumbering gentle giant. But gentle, they certainly are not. A species endemic to Africa alone, one however, has been spotted somewhere along the stretch of the Pahang River. Be absolutely wary of it.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Prime Farewell

Been under the weather these past 2 days. All off a sudden, the clouds burst whilst I was walking towards the shop which left me drenched so bad that had there been a collie around, even it would be running for cover as I try to shake myself dry! And really, I did not want to go online, but did not want to miss a grand farewell party. Though its supposed to take place in about 5 months time, I think the celebrations has begun already; it began, the day Hindraf tried to meet Palalah.

Poor Palalah. When I watched the news that night, I almost felt sad for him. And with tv3 playing the sad part twice, where Palalah was almost in tears saying that not one of them (the Hindraf group) came to wish him...not one of them! Poor guy! You are so rich and yet so poor. You have the most powerful seat in Malaysia, yet you're so weak! You have at your disposal the most brilliant minds in Malaysia, yet you chose some of the dumbest to be by your side...you are not so clever, are you?

Dear Palalah, in case you have not noticed, I believe the Hindraff people did try to meet and greet you. However, I believe they were stopped by the group of people you have around you, namely your not so bright bodyguards! The fact that you were perhaps already too sleepy to notice, well, it just goes to show how very concerned you are about Malaysia and Malaysians, which off course, you are not, are you? But saying in any case that none of the Hindraff people wanted to wish you, so what? Does their wishing you make you a better person, as you have already shown the world that you are capable of being not? Don't you feel something not quite right when tv3 played your sad scene twice? It was like they were trying to show the world how or what a bloody *(^%@( of a fool you are.

Forgive me for having to camouflage my strong wordings as I have been taught that even old fools ought to be given respect. And believe, I have so much been trying to do so, and will continue to try. But alas, I am only human, susceptible to the anger that boils within and undoubtedly further fanned by the devil. Oops, make it devils, since there's more than one of them, most especially those standing or sitting beside you.

Palalah, I couldn't give a damn about anybody not wanting to wish you. What, with a private jet, yacht, chauffeur and limousine, income and allowance that exceeds your basic needs by the thousands, a dotting wife that is ever at your side, a loving daughter and son along with their family ever present at your call, a retinue of official and non-official staff waiting on you...why should you be sad about the Hindraff not wanting to wish you? Or, as I suppose, that more than 10 million Malaysians could not give a damn about wishing you. Heck, I did not wish you too! But I also suppose, you may not want to know why Hindraff and millions of Malaysians do not want to wish you. Yes, I suppose when too many people pour out their suffering to you, you might just break down and dirty the clothes you have on; those very clothes among others, that are neatly presented to you every morning for you to chose and wear so you may look radiant as befitting a leader of a nation. It does not matter then, there there are more than a score of children who's father you have sent or have not released from the illegal detention of the ISA.

Palalah, some said you are not to be blamed for the economic shambles Malaysia is in now. They said, the fault lies in Madey for those ridiculous bailouts involving Pewaja, MSNC-MISC-Petronas, MAS, BBMB, and many more; I quite believe them. But I also believe that as a premier with power, you could have used your good office to bring the wrongdoings including the above to justice, had you wanted to. You could have also made sure of all the relevant facts and figures, along with the legalities and technicalities and what other nitty-gritties to ensure that we did not have to pay more than a billion ringgit NOT to construct a crooked bridge. Or, made sure that your botak henchman was not talking through his bloody arse which made us lose an island to a neighbour (perhaps soon, along with the EEZ as well). Or...hmm, there just plain too many other incidences to mention here, many which you simply refuse to use a bit of foresight. But how could you, when many times you have been photographed to be closing tight those lids of yours?

No Palalah, I just could not give a damn about many people not wanting to wish you. And were you to read stories such as the one here, perhaps, you too may not want to wish yourself! Remember Palalah, you are a Muslim. And as a leader and a Muslim, you will be having a lion's share of responsibilities to answer to in the hereafter. So what care does it concern anyone of us about anyone not wanting to wish you. You and your retinue of brainless followers should be more concern about what each of you will have to reply later on - I just couldn't give a damn about you!

On another note however, I nearly did shed tear listening to the 1.30pm news just now. No, not because I felt sad about you, but I was surprised that your deputy has - after more than months of hearing him with a sad and uncertain voice - suddenly appeared with a style and eloquence that was last heard just before the GE12 when he so confidently declared "Tahun ini...kita, merawat Kelantan!"

Indeed yes, Palalah, the celebration has already begun.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

RS3: The Art of Fixing Curtain

Someone once said 'Learning, is lifetime journey'. Perhaps its true, as each new day brings a new experience and new subjects to be learned. Sometimes though, the subject or matter maybe too minor or perhaps insignificant to one's life, that they are shrugged off without further thought, only to be remembered years later as one's pace of life grow slower. But by then, one may no longer have the ability to learn. Alhamdulillah, I don't think I have reached that stage and pray hard I will not.

Someone also mentioned to me that the best time to learn is by doing it with a subconscious mind. Initially I found that hard to believe. I mean, come on, the only period of subconscious mind I know is when I am asleep. Pray tell then, how can any knowledge worthy of learning be learned when one snore noisier than the actual sound of a log being sawn? I just could not buy it then. However, many many years later I found that my view on the matter have been proven wrong.

Sometime back, a story was circulated in the Internet about the Wonder Boy from Iran who, at the age of 6, became a Hafiz who memorise the entire 114 chapters of the Noble Quran (read here), where many children of that age can barely read or memorise a simple nursery rhyme. When the Iranian Government learned of the boy's story, they purportedly subjected the boy to a series of test. And when the boy passed all the test given, the boy, Mahya Hussein Pur, was announced as a National Treasure of the Republic. The story of how Mahya became a Hafiz at the age of 6 is quite fascinating and I would like share it with my friends here. I have tried googling for the story but could not find it, thus will be writing solely from memory and in hope that it will be corrected by anyone who knows it better.

Before his parents were married, they each made a vow to the the other to become a Hafiz, agreeing to marry each other only after they become one. The story did not give any time frame, but the couple did become a Hafiz and were later married. And about a year later, Mahya was born.

Without a maid to look after her son, Mahya's mother would often bring him to her class where she taught the Quran to University student. Otherwise, she would just leave Mahya at a friends place. When Mayha is in the classroom, the mother would place him in his basket and at the back of the class. This went on for quite sometime till one day, the whole class keep hearing the mother's words being echoed from the back of the class. Upon closer inspection, they found Mahya to be repeating Quranic verses which he must have picked up in earlier classes*. The mother went home and told her husband the story and they both agreed that from that day onwards, she must bring Mahya to her classes everyday. At the same time, they keep reading Quranic verses to him, singing it just as a parent would with a nursery rhyme. And when Mahya was old enough, they sent him to proper reading classes, where upon learning to read and write Arabic text, his memory and understanding of the verses improved further.

*(Children, have been found to have the capacity to learn multiple language during their subconscious years. In many villages in Malaysia, one may find Indians speaking fluently in Tamil, Malay, and at least 1 Chinese dialect. Similarly with some Chinese, and in places like Tanjung Karang, they can even talk in Javanese, something which that half blooded Javanese writer of this blog can't!)

Back home, I've come to learn that when one do something out of sheer love, it develops into an art by itself. And when someone else study one's method of doing things, it becomes a science. Does sound somewhat complicated, I admit. But I guess if there is an example I can give, then it is the art of fixing curtains. But before that, there's this something I have just learned.

It seems, the Sarkas religion is introducing newer and newer things by the day. I picked up the picture below at a cousin's place and was initially shocked looking at it. The shock soon turned to a big laugh when I showed it to those present.
If one were to look closely at the coloured printed material shown on the left of the picture, one might just notice the words "100% Halal". My, my...are there any such thing as 90% or below Halal then? I mean once something is Halal, should it not be plain Halal? After all, does not a 1% lesser Halal automatically demotes a product to non-Halal? But perhaps not to that Ali guy from Melaka. Truly, the Sarkas religion amazes me.

Now, to the curtains...

It has become almost a tradition for most people to decorate their home for an approaching celebration. And one of the most important thing to put up or change, would be the curtains covering the windows of one's house. I have to admit though, changing the curtains is definitely not one of my favourite chores, if you can call it that. Simply, it is something you do only once a year. Off course, the fact that I am not steeplejack to be climbing ladders is a different matter. But anyway...

The process of fixing new curtains would begin with Emak hunting the right fabric and colours to match. Once fully satisfied, she will bring it home and sew the lace or whatever that needs to be sown onto the curtain. Before putting it up, she'll inspect from afar the condition of the curtain railings. After all, some fabrics can be more than a trifle heavy for the railings to hold. If needed, the Wak Kromo of the house would then be asked to put up new railings. That, was exactly what he did some Raya back.

While that Wak Kromo was about to start, Emak went out with Wak's elder brother. Left alone at home, the Wak went about doing the chore he was entrusted with. After having measured the length and drilled the spots to fix the railing, he took the new curtains which Emak had lovingly ironed earlier. Then, he counted the number of rings need for the curtain hooks, making sure there would be more rings needed. When he put up the curtains, he would skip every other ring so that should a ring be broken at a later date due to wear and tear, the sagging hook and curtain can easily be hooked onto the spare. Soon as everything's done, he was feeling proud of himself for having done a good job and went out to have a look from the outside. But something was terribly amiss!

Standing at the garden, he felt something was not right; could he have used the wrong curtain set? Instead of the green colour he should be looking at, he saw nothing but the inside of the house and can see each and every little thing which one ought not see had the curtain been hung. In other words, there were no curtains at all covering the windows! But he definitely remember fixing the railings and hanging the curtain hooks onto the rings. Hmm...definitely a mystery in the making, he thought to himself. Thus, he went back in to investigate and found the curtains was indeed hanging from the railing. The fact that is was flowing long to the floor is not his fault. Perhaps, Emak measured it wrong. So he went out again to the garden to have another look, and still saw no curtains. "Alamak!" Wak thought and feeling the creeps already, "could I have stepped into a Twilligh Zone?"

He went in again and still found the curtain where he thought it should be. Thinking like a Not SureLooks Holmes - that's the opposite of Sherlock Holmes - he soon solved the mystery. "The curtain railings," Wak deduced "ought to be fixed above the top of the window and not below it!".

ps. The subconcious learning method does not apply to sleeping or sleepy politicians.

Friday, October 03, 2008

RS2: Something About Lamb

On the last few days of Ramadhan, I was as usual, like almost everyone else, at a Ramadhan Bazaar to buy some delicacies. I was standing besides a group of young people who, like I was, waiting to cross the busy street running parallel to the bazaar when a taxi stopped not 20 meters away from us. Alighting first from the taxi was an elderly man wearing dark glasses. As he stepped out, he reached for the rear door and opened it where a lady about the same age as he was, had some minor difficulties putting her foot out. I initially did not give it much thought till a girl from the group of young people mentioned aloud "Ai! Pemuzik buta pun naik teksi gak!", referring to the couple whom when I looked in their direction, found them to be one of those blind musicians who busk on the streets. Still, I did not give them much thought till another girl from the same group said "Abeh! Camna derang nak bawak alat muzik derang? Naik bas?". It made me feel guilty then, it makes me feeling guilty even now as I write this.

In another scene, a friend tells me of a 'buka puasa' buffet he attended in a hotel. The spread, he mentioned, was simply superb. Apart from more than 20 main dishes to chose from which include a whole lamb and a turkey, there were a large variety of appetisers and desserts. It was, in his own words 'almost a sin'. And he pointed out 2 other points which could really make it a sin being there.

First, he overheard 2 well dressed ladies complaining about their maids whom they brought along for the buffet. The maids it seem, partook only a fraction worth of the buffet which the ladies were quoted to have said "It almost a sin to bring them along!". However, the maids were brought along not on the kind-heartedness of the ladies solely, as they had to look after their masters' children. Coming from a poor family, was it their fault that they have never seen such a lavish buffet and could not eat more than the single plate of serving they had?

Another thing my friend pointed out almost made me laugh and cry at the same time. Though it seem to be petty to many, he questioned the fact that many of the hotel's staff attending to the needs of the customers were Muslims who, like many other Muslims, had also fasted during the day. But these Muslim staff can only enjoy a simple breaking of fast, sometimes with just a glass of water as they need to get back on the floor soonest. Interestingly enough, he mentioned the fact that many of the customers were in fact, people who did not fast during the day. Perhaps, he voiced out, the authorities in JAKIM should look into this matter. A valid point there he has, I believe.

Now, a confession of my own: for the past 30 days or so, I too have my share of guilt as I have been wolfing down more lambs than I can ever imagine before. Like in the picture above, the satay like thing is actually grilled lamb meat sold at one of the stalls in Section 6 Bazaar Ramadhan, while the drumstick-like piece is a piece of lamb shank sold at Section 18 in Subang Jaya, along with the white roll which is a kebab. Of the 3, I've been eating the skewered lamb everyday since the stall is quite near my house.

When I think back about what the elderly blind couple as well as what my friend mentioned, I really do feel guilty deep inside. Perhaps, the only excuse I can offer is that, ready cooked lamb meat - other than the mamak's shop - are not readily available during other months. And I'm missing Ramadhan already.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

RS1: Kiss Kiss, Hug Hug

It is now 10pm. The sun has set and there's nothing but silence all around...literally. Most of the neighbours here have either gone back to their kampung or, for the non-Muslims, are away for a very long weekend. If ever an astronaut is looking at this planet - this housing area where I am, in particular - I figure it would be almost to akin to us looking at the stars, where those empty houses are the dark patches of the space in between. Hmm...kind of reverse astronomy; Earthonomy, perhaps? Better still, make it Malconomy, short for Malaysian Economy in shambles due to mismanagement by the Sarkas and Palah (read here).

Alhamdulillah, for the first since we moved here, the house received quite a number of guests for Raya. I have to admit though, I now make a poor host. Not for anything, but running between serving the dishes and chatting with guests, one sometimes miss out on the hints where a guest would prefer the company of the host rather than the food. Not that I consider myself perfectly adorable, but foods aplenty in any house one goes to. But a host being a host, a guest should be well treated with whatever food is available. The company, will have to take second place in between the running. It is for the same reason I have restricted myself from visiting friends, not wanting to let Emak run herself to the ground serving any guests that drops by. Emak being Emak, will never sit easy if a guest is not served well. Knowing that well now, I no longer extend invitations to friends to drop by - I feel guilty watching Emak working in the kitchen, something no one can ask her not to; Emak after all, will be 76 this November. Thus, to any friends reading this, please forgive me in not inviting you, and kindly understand the situation. Still, that does not mean one cannot drop by. Please do.

This year too marked a first for the family when Din brought over his IT stuff and had Aiman, his son, fix a temporary wireless router so that we can do video conferencing with Din's two daughters as well as Ana and family. But of Din's daughters, only Hanis vidcam was working while Ana was not at home. Still, it was nice to see and talk to Hanis as the last she came back was 4 years back. She is, Emak's first grandchild.

Another first is when a neighbour, Encik Mohamed, brought his daughters along for Raya. Now, the eldest daughter, Akmar, will be graduating soon and this is the first time I meet her. And wow, is she a beauty! Thus, as with front neighbour Halim's daughters visit earlier in the morning, I thought of doing a 'Salam Raya' with Akmar as well - one with the kiss kiss, hug hug - but had second thoughts. I mean Halim and I are quite close and know when each is merely playing around, but not with Mohamed. Not only is he a religious guy, but he is also the Khariat Kematian representative for this street. By chance should Akmar think I was serious and decide to 'Salam Raya' with me...aiyai yai! Tomorrow's headline might then read either "Cakapaje in shotgun marriage!', or 'Cakapaje shotgunned!". Certainly not a delightful 2nd Raya Day reading, but certainly better than this next part.

TV3 Raya greetings this year showed 2 cat burglars about to be caught by the husband-wife residents of a house. I quite like the greeting but only up to the part where one of the burglars replied to the husband's challenge, admitting that they were cats. Though not original, I thought the greeting was funny. But when the other burglar put his hand to the mouth and supposedly replied 'Baru habis puasa, jangan tambah dosa', I wonder who the message is intended for or to. Perhaps on a glance, one could say the message was well meant for the public not to commit crimes or sins. But since it supposedly came from one of the burglars and directed to the residents of the house, I really do wonder. Could it perhaps, actually be meant for Malaysians not to defend their properties and rights in the face of wrongdoings by the supposedly leaders of this country? A bit far fetched, I admit. Then again, consider these:

1. Seen throughout the nation, RTM1 had some Sarkas leaders leading the Takbir congegration. Again, perhaps one might not think much about it, I admit. But when I read LanH's column in the English Section of Harakah 29 Sept - 5 October, where a delegation of MCA leaders visited Harakah and asked the difference between Sarkas's Islam and PAS Islam, I see a link there somewhere, and that somewhere is as below.

Now, I don't know about the rest of the Sarkas leaders leading the Takbir but certainly saw that one guy from Bagan, in Perak, and the other guy from Selangor who fancies himself as a Mike Tyson. When you consider that in Islam, there are several criteria to be met before electing any person as an imam in prayers, and that the person's credentials must be distinctly clear of any vice or misdemeanour which is unbecoming of a leader, he two goon mentioned would fail misreably. Wasn't it reported that the Bagan guy physically whacked a young man just because he does not like the guy approaching his daughter? Even if he is being protective towards his daughter, punching the daylights out of the young man leaves lots of questions on this guy's credibility as a leader, and more certainly especially in leading a congregation.

Then there's that guy who fancies himself as Mike Tyson, wasn't he the guy who eloped with a princess, and they later married without the consent of the princess's wali, inviting the wrath of her father? If so, how could this guy be leading a congegration of people in singing praises to Allah s.w.t., when clearly, up to this date, there have been no admission nor signs of him - and the Bagan guy - regretting their actions? Well, in so far as I know, I have read none about it. As such then, it would especially interest non-Muslims to note that the types of these 2 goons will never be accepted as a leader within PAS or Islam, unless he shows clear signs of regret or repent. And simply by their continuing their association with the Sarkas, it shows they have not. And I have not a doubt in mind that Palah and that Bijan guy too would lead a congegration of their own.

2. For the past 20 years or more - since mid Madey's time - the Sarkas leaders have been giving Raya speeches. But as I remember prior to this, the speech was given by the King. I cannot remember about Merdeka Day speeches, but I would think it be so as well. But, if the Raya or Eidul Fitri is an Islamic celebration, how is it we have the Sarkas leaders giving speeches, seeing that it is they who espoused the separation of politics from Islam, which by the way, is what PAS is against as PAS would like to see Malaysia administered according to Islamic Principles? Should not the Raya speech be delivered by the King only, as he or his office is above politics? Because, I certainly do hate the Raya speech by the Sarkas leadership where their current leader has not absolved himself of nepotism and corruption, while another is seen by many as an accomplice to a murder; both, are certainly a no-no to leading a congregation of Muslims in prayers.

*3. Another thing, the sarkas through its tv stations, seem to propagate a different practice of Islam. For instance, during Ramadhan, they would show some religious programs which include tazkirah and Jejal Rasul series. But no sooner had Ramadhan come to an end, they begin broadcasting endless entertainment shows where where opposite genders mix freely and shake hands unbridled whereas in Islam, they are not supposed to. This does not come as a surprise since their top imam does exactly the same with a famous actress in a dinner party late last year. So, is there a diffence between Sarkas and PAS Islam? Plenty! There's just too many to be mentioned here.

Back to TV3 Raya greeting, this, is how I now view it: to manipulate and brainwash the minds of unwary young Malaysians into surrendering their just rights as a citizen to a nation rich not only in natural resources, but also the diversity of religion, race, and political belief. The TV3 Raya greeting, do not deserve the airtime, and I will certainly not give them any kiss kiss, hug hug...the sarkas leadership, most especially.

* Added 2/10/08. Almost forgot about it.

ps. Just in case a reader wonder quietly. No, I'm no firebrand preacher. In fact, I'm not fit to be even a preacher. Just someone with a thinking different from Sarkas.

A Heavenly Connection (New Postings Below)

The Net's connection is at it again. Just like in the recent past, it can sometime get to near impossible just to get to the inbox of one's mail. Like this past 10 minutes or so, each time I click the inbox, it would take up to more than 10 seconds to open, only to be met with 'Sorry, you have just encountered a problem with your mailbox', or 'The connection time is out. There could be an error at the server'. After many repeated tries, I felt like smashing the screen but stop short remembering that it is not the screen's nor the PC's fault, its the connection. But whether it is the Service Provider, or the international line that's causing the problem, no one can say for sure save for the tehnical people. And they, can be as elusive as the Yeti or even Nessie. Makes one wonder though, if they truly exist. Well, at least here in Malaysia. I guess I am like many Malaysian in wishing for a connection which we can truly say to be heavenly. But I guess there's no such thing here on Earth...or perhaps just this country.

On History Channel late Thursday evening, they showcased some of Greek's famed historical figures including those of Alexander as well as Ptolemy. Though I was never into history whilst in school, I find myself drawn to it with each passing day since, and have always wondered what or how it was like in the past especially on the first meet of 2 civilisations. For instance, what exactly took place and on the minds of the people like Hernan Cortez and the South American indigeneous people like the Aztecs, and later the Incas.

As horses was introduced to South America by the Spaniards, I read that the Aztecs came to nearly worshipping people like Cortez simply because they saw him riding on one and thought he was a god (they thought Cortez and the horse was a single heavenly being). When he dismounted, it shocked them even more to note that the two are mere creatures of this planet.

But it must have been exciting then - for both civilisations - to meet for the first time, the horrifying historic details aside; while one had loot and plunder in mind, the other was shaken to the core of their belief. Time and again I have to remind myself that the these South American people, were at the peak of their civilisation and feeling all high and mighty, only to be met with another from a land far away and arguably, one on a higher plateu. The carnage brought by the Spaniards, proved to be disastrous for the Aztecs, Maya and Incas. To this day, their descendants have not been able to rise again while many have lost their roots. The only physical remembrance of their civilisation lay in the ruins of their cities deep in the jungles, where once stood cities literally brimming with gold (gold was of meaningless value to them and functioned only as decorative ornaments for buildings which include doors made from it).

Or maybe, closer to home. If I could, I would surely would like to witness the rise of the Royal Courts in Melaka, Betawi, Kelantan, Mataram and many others, or to meet figures who are legendary and historical. Or, how was it like when Admiral Cheng Ho first came to Melaka. Undoubtedly, there were already Chinese and Indians in the city, but it does interest me on how they communicated with each other on their first meet. There are, so many interesting things of the past which I would dearly love to be a witness to, that I dream should I be accepted into Allah's Heaven, I would like the history of human beginning from the Prophet Adam a.s., right to the last man alive, to be staged for me. Perhaps it would quite like the Simulation Deck of The Enterprise in Star Trek: Generations. That certainly would be a wish come true. But alas, it remains a dream. And that too, should I be accepted into Heaven.

For now, I have come to reasoning and face the fact that with the limitations I have (as each of us do), it would be more practical for me to instead offer wishes to all my friends and visitors to this humble blog. Though it may be somewhat early, it is from my heart and with all sincerity.

Allah's Blessings On You..., Online Eid Mubarak Egreetings

Memohon maaf kepada semua
di atas kesilapan dan salahkata yang pasti ada
kerana sesungguhnya kita ini hamba kepada Nya
Yang Maha Mengasihi dan Maha Berkuasa

Selamat Menyambut Aidil Fitri yang mulia.

tapi kali ini bukan cakap saja.

p.s. Hmm...perhaps tomorrow, I can begin again with my heavenly wish? :)

p.s. p.s. 123greetings had this lovely picture above and named 'Colours of Islam'. I think it is beautiful as it showed people of different races and skin colour under a single banner. For truly, as a Muslim I believe, we are all brothers and sisters within the human race. And none is better than the other except for he/she of taqwa. Unfortunately, I could not find the card.