Sunday, October 09, 2016

Double Whammy

A decision had to be made.

After fighting the pain for more than 12hours, the man decided to give in. But before proceeding to the course of action needed, he dragged himself to the bathroom for a shower, being careful with each painful step as not to exaggerate matters to beyond manageable point. Soon as he's done with dressing, he picked up the landline and made a quick call. Having locked the front door and grill, he sat on the wooden chair just beside the grill. He did not have to wait long.

Less than 20minutes later an ambulance arrived in a silent mode as requested. The first paramedic rushed to the man who needed help standing up. After a few steps, his legs buckled just as the 2nd paramedic arrived with the stretcher.

These past 5years or so, my health has taken one bad turn to another. Small jobs including a lovely script writing for a corporate video had to be passed on to friends simply because I could not give the needed concentration due to another recurring pain, one that last visited me more than a decade ago. Yes, I do realise that I sound like a crybaby as there are more people with worse pain that I can I imagine. Borrowing a title from a song by the The Carpenters, let me just say that "I Can Write(Dream), Can't I?"

It's taken me a while to whip my phobia into place and get back to blogging. Yes, every time I'm away for a while, I do tend to be afraid of writing though the words and sentences flow beautifully whenever I'm away from the pc; not that I'm good anyway. Oh, the turmoil of the day does not help either with the antics of those clowns in red.

Arriving at the ER in great pain, the doctors made some quick physical checks before administrating 2 painkiller shots with the second 10mints or so from the first. The man lapsed into a state of unconsciousness only to be woken by soft voice of 2 people dressed in white and standing beside his bed.
"He looks dehydrated" said a man's voice.
The man half opened his eyes and asked in a near quivering voice "You a sorcerer?"
The man in white heard and laughed out loud, taken by surprise at the question and played the game too "An early twenty first century, fully certified", as he leant nearer.
"How did you know I'm dehydrated?"
"Your tongue's dry".
"Oh!," said the man already feeling like a fool.
"Say Doc," the man continued "don't you think grass would have worked better than whatever you put into me just now?"
Again the doctor laughed out loud but this time in a more controlled manner before replying "Sorry, we're all out of stock". His reply almost came to nought as the man slipped back into unconsciousness.

Happily though, between that latest ER episode and now, quite a number of good things have been happening namely 2 reunions and a union. Not mine though that union part, but of my niece and an Aussie student she met while studying in Berkeley. And plenty of photos too to keep warm the heart. Still, the initial results of the gathering of sorcerers does put a lid on all. Somehow it left me feeling all too serious in some ways and a sharp tongue to go with. Not trigger-happy kind but loaded and waiting for some inexplicable moment. That's bad, yes, I admit but just can't help myself at times.

 After more that 12hours lying on bed and having been transferred to the ER Observation Ward,  the man was waken rather rudely by a young doctor but who in turn was baulked at where he then retreated quietly. From then on, it became like an episode in the TV series 'House', where doctors of different departments came and went, along with other tests where in one instance, before the man could finish his sentence, had the Leading Doctor sent the man for x-rays. All the man said was "A punch and a kick..." referring to the point of pain.

Several more hours passed by before the final verdict came in. Last but not least to arrive was an orthopedic who declared the man to be suffering from 'Thinning Disc'. Just prior to that the Leading Doctor mentioned of traces of blood in the urine which might indicate kidney stone movement. In other words, it was a Double Whammy that had caused so much pain. 

"In any bad situation, some good can be found," so it is said. I do very much believe in that. Within these few years of my being in and out of hospitals, I have been treated kindly and gently by almost all save a few. And it is not only to me that they've been kind and professional in conduct but to other patients too, as I have observed. Mind you, I'm not talking about private hospitals here but Public as well as Semi-G (hospitals of universities). From Orderlies to Nurses and Doctors, as well as other support staff, I have nothing but good words for each and every one of them. And I also learn to accept humility where in one instance with my inability to move, a young Chinese Nurse fed me with no rush nor complaints but a smile on her face.

Looking at them and the many more from each walk of life, I believe that together, we can brave this stormy weather we seem to be sailing into and come out shining bright. Undeniably, we need the change quite like has changed throughout time. Take for example the duo below.

I just love watching their performance though purist of Classic Music may not. But hey, I'm a barbarian but not barbaric at heart such this group of people here. I mean, a group of 'brave men' attacking one; how 'braver' can they be. And only the other day I was in shock watching a bunch of primary schoolboys beating up a girl of their age. Need I wonder now where they learned it all.

Anyway, that Anderson and Roe duo, in my opinion, might be their best yet of the many I've seen. It's like 'Emotion(s) In Motion".

Go easy now.