Thursday, November 27, 2008

Being No.1

There a saying somewhere "It is easier to climb the ladder of success (to be no.1), than to hold on to it", or something along that line. Having observed several nos1 in history, I guess it is true. Maybe its human nature where there will always be someone out there waiting to knock another off his perch in their quest to succeed. But then, being nos2 or 3 is no fun either - seldom does history tell us about the 2nd guy, its always 'The Man' mentioned; the head honcho, the uno numero.

Some many years back, Hertz US launched a campaign to catch up on its rival Avis (or was it the other way round. Can't remember which is which, pardon me). Hertz was no2 then and needed good publicity to outdo Avis who was the top car rental there. A bright idea was presented to them and not long after the campaign was launched, sales for Hertz jumped up. The slogan they used was pretty simple, but a genius nonetheless. All it said was "We are currently no2. Help us be nos1". Their simple honesty and admission reached into the hearts of millions.

Did Hertz reach no1? Don't know. The book I read did not mention it. But it certainly helped them close the gap. The gist of the above is actually related to Pak Zab's entry on 'Kebakaran', and my recommendation for him to get a fire extinguisher brand by the name of Cobra.

Having been introduced to the products (there's 3: extinguisher, repellent, suppression), I was like totally amazed by its capability and safety. And having learnt more about it, I set up an appointment with a telco whose Engineering Department was situated in Subang. There, the team - Cobra Sales Director, Technician, Sales Manager and that cakapaje (who was merely an introducer) - went about demonstrating the products to the Telco's top Engineers as well as Security Officials.

Now, the CSD being a gwailo, must have struck nerves with the Telco's officers. But he soon tackled their hearts with his antics. At one point of time, and to show the user-safety of one the extinguisher, he shook the canister open and poured it into a glass of water after having used the same canister to extinguish a small fire. He then drank the water and fell down on the floor much to the horror of the officers there. As sudden as he fell, his hand rose up and waved to everyone. He then stood up to show he was alright and that it was part of the demonstration, much to the laughter of everyone there. Compared to halon and one or two other products and gases, Cobra claim theirs is human and environmentally safe.

On another occasion, the CSD poured a small amount of Cobra's fire repellent liquid onto a short length of toilet tissue, which he later blow-dried with a hair-dryer. Once sufficiently dried, he poured a flamble liquid (Zippo's refuel liquid) and had cakapaje hold it on his palm. The gwailo lit the tissue and while the top part had flames, cakapaje did not feel the heat, nor did the fire burn through or consume the whole tissue - it died within a matter of minutes!

In a video demonstration, a small canister of extinguisher was thrown into an old car purposely set on fire. The canister exploded soon after due to the temperature. But when it did, it snuffed out the fire as well. The video also showed a demonstration in one of England's most reputable laboratory and experiment center where Cobra surpassed the stringent requirements of the Industry there. Then, an Engineer from the Telco asked the million dollar question "How soon will my generator and machines start if your gas is released in them?" To that, the CSD could not tell for certain and requested a live demonstration. The Engineers there however, were afraid to allow it, fearing their heads would be on the chopping block if their generator could not be started within 5 minutes. Some 3 years before Cobra's demo, their generator suffered a shutdown and subscribers such as cakapaje were left without service for more than 3 days. Each second their generator is down, their profit is severely affected. Thus, while the people in the US were willing to help Hertz make their campaign a success, the Telco's Engineers were not generous enough with Cobra. Last I heard, they are still struggling in their quest to be no.1 in their industry. I can't find their webpage but one can check a link at e-guide here.

Now, one amazing thing about the product is that it was discovered by an Indonesian Professor. Lacking finance, he teamed up with a Dutch and began production in earnest. But the downside is that the team broke up and now there are 2 companies manufacturing them. InsyAllah, in another entry, I'll download 2 pictures of their cannisters as well as the contact number of a friend who use to be with one of the companies.

On another matter of No1, the false king of Malaysia issued an edict of his own about yoga. Now, I know precious little about the subject matter and prefer to keep mum about it but is more in agreement with Dr Asri, the outgoing Mufti of Perlis. Palalah, however, went against the Fatwa, and the decrees of the Sultan of Selangor and Sultan of Perak, where both would like all future Fatwa's referred to them beforehand; they each are, after all, the Heads of Religious matters in their respective states. But Palalah, he seem not to hear this at all. That's hardly surprising since he and his tribe did ignore the Fatwa on Jom Heboh.

And on the No1 wannabe, that Bijan guy, well, if he's relying on the 'Rahman' theory to help him ascend to the throne, I think he better put on his thinking cap. That is, off course, if he has any. Because, if I read My Malaysiaku here correct, people who believe in that theory got it all wrong. Bye bye Bijan.

By the way, Muslims are encouraged not to believe in to the 'Rahman' theory as it is akin to soothsaying.

ps. I almost forget: Check out the blog belonging to the No.1 man in Perak. Kamparin, belongs to the YAB Dato' Ir Haji Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin, the MB.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Many people when they were mere toddlers, develop words or 'kata manja' of their own, most of the times due to necessity as they have yet to learn the correct words to describe a feeling or an object. Other times, it could have been the inability to pronounce such words. With the passing of time, and the presence of self-consciousness, many chose to discard such words either for want of self-improvement, or simply ashamed of using it. To the family and close friends however, such words will always be remembered and perhaps, even trademark the person to it.

An elderly lady passed away this morning. She was 76, the same age as my Emak. Arwah Mak Nyonya's family (her real name is Nyonya), was close to Emak's family, having helped raised 3 of Emak's sisters at a time when my arwah grandmother developed phobia of raising kids, due to her losing 3 children (and later 4). Thus, while my aunts' children are close to the arwah's family, I was not. In fact, I think I have only met her twice. She was, I was told, a kind and gentle lady, always ready to go out of her way for her family members and friends. It was thus not surprising then that quite a number of people - friends and relatives - turned up for her funeral. I did not go to the burial though, as Emak have trouble walking distances or standing long periods, and we left soon as the jenazah was brought to the mosque for prayers before proceeding to the cemetary.

While there, Azman, my cousin, mentioned that we should now be more prepared for the eventual to happen. I have to admit, I am fearful of that day. Not for anything, but being alone, would I be left in a state of shock, sitting motionless and unable to do or call anyone, as did happen to a distant uncle on the news of my grandfather passing away? And later, left in the solitude of this house, how would I face the loneliness of calling her name but not hearing her reply...her voice. It scares me. I can only pray that Allah s.w.t. will give me the strength to face it.

On the way back from arwah Mak Nyonya's house, Emak tells me several stories of a distant past, at a time when she and her sibblings were of lower primary school age. Then, Mak Nyonya's sister, arwah Zainun, taught Emak and her sibblings a word which she still remember fondly to this day.

About 6plus then, arwah Zainun would sometimes complain about the portion of food she gets. Unable to find the correct word to use, she would refer to the small portion as 'Toon-Tit'.

It is from Allah s.w.t. that we come from, and it is to Him we shall return.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Of Lionheads and Dungheads

The Lionhead bobs its head on the surface of the water. Its mouth, ever in motion of opening and closing like it is chewing on something. And its protruding eyes, looks at the man standing on the edge of its world with a look bordering on self-pity. The man looks back at those dark eyes, and feels the guilt of having one of Allah's creation confined in a space which, were the Lionhead a human, can be torturous and suffocating. Nonetheless, it still is.

The once small, white gleaming body which made it the adoration of many lookers, is now fat and round; its very growth, sadly, had led it to become a mass of undesirable sight to some. As it wobbles in the water, its silky white tail move in counter direction; the only part of the Lionhead which still retain its beauty. But looking beautiful is the least of the Lionhead's concern. It is hungry, and it needs food. And its very behaviour now resemble a dog standing on its hind feet and begging for food from its master. A pitiful sight. For any of God's creatures.

In the wide open world of a lake or river, the Lionhead, like many other creatures, would be free to roam its realm in search of food. It would be free to choose the direction to swim to, and the mate it wants. But here in the enclosed space which can be a mere fraction of the world mentioned, it has no choice but await the mercy of the man looking down on it. In more ways than one, the picture speaks of cruelty.

Man, the race, was chosen by Allah s.w.t. to be the Khalifah of this world. We are supposed to be the noblest of God's creation. Yet, many times than not, we renege on our promise to Allah, and behave in manner lower than that of an animal. In doing so, we call on others to join the thoughts "4 legs good, 2 legs bad", while slowly chanting the vile words "But some 4 legs are better than others!". Not surprisingly, there were many takers.

When their thoughts are challenged or revealed by persons or bodies, the 4l-legged human seek the comfort of a channel they have long manipulated for, and towards their cause; some 4 legs are better than others!. Definitely, this is not what Napoleon died for. Can we not stand upright in pride, and accept the humble truth that we are nothing but an overgrown blood clot, a product that came to be with the help of another whose ego was too big for himself? Or, must we live the glorious moments of freedom and justice as told by George Orwell?

Picture Credit: Mr Moh of flicker.

Pity the Lionhead, abolish the Internal Security Act. Better still, dismantle the BN sarkas and its goons. Or, better known as dungheads.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Nov29 Blogger's Meet Venue Change

The venue for the scheduled Blogger's Meet this November 29, 2008, has been changed. Bro Mat Salo who spoke to the Manager of Asam Pedas, was offered an alternative in view of the higher number of bloggers expected to come. The new venue 'The Terrace', is a sister outlet of Asam Pedas, and is located at the entrance of Royal Bintang Hotel facing Asam Pedas (opposite the latter).

I have also been made to understand that Teh Tarik will be free flowing, and there will be a buffet of light food, and that the management will be charging RM25 per head. For those with extra, kindly contribute more to the bowl.

Venue: The Terrace (Opposite Asam Pedas),
The Curve, Damansara.
Time: Lunchtime onwards.
Date: November 2008.

As a reminder to all, please note, all bloggers are welcome to join, irrespective of political leanings. This, is not be a political forum, but a Get-To-Know-You thingy. See you guys there! IsyAllah.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Art of Wrapping

While I'm writing this, Emak is watching 'Gadis Melayu' on TV9. Some friends tell me its a good show where beautiful young Malay ladies appear as contestants perhaps, in search of the ideal Malay girl. In a way, its something like Miss Universe paegent or Akademi Fantasia, but one where the dressings are acceptable to the community, and thus far, no singing...yet. Hmm...I guess its no wonder then that I am unable to concentrate on this entry where my eyes seem to have a mind of their own. Have to admit though, the girls are pretty. Wonder if the network will put a 'Jejaka Idaman'? Kerpie and I would certainly qualify for the contest as 'Jejaka', though we may find it tough on the 'Idaman' part. There's something interesting Emak mentioned about this show though.

Now, TV9 basically caters to the Malay audience. The contest it seems, is open only to Malay girls. "Why is it then," my Emak asked "the language used by the instructors are in English?". Good question! I, have no answer to that. But since the language is mentioned here, our bro Mat Salo dropped in my area earlier this evening.

While we were talking about the Blogger' Meet, he mentioned a writer friend of his whose command of the written language, English i.e., is one of the highest standards for a Malaysian, and invited the friend to the meet. The friend, however, decline for reasons of his own. The friend after all, lives in some obscure village where currently, there is no broadband it seem. Now, what is interesting here is that outside his field of work, the friend, quite like the fella writing this entry, has little avenue to practice the language. Yet, his writings are now being sought for by a publishing house or 2. Hmm....that however, is not quite like that cakapaje where he constantly make mistakes here and there, and there and here. Its evident now, he has yet to be able to wrap his fingers on the finer art of writing, and the language itself. Talking of which...but first, to a serious matter.

As usual I was blog hopping just now and came upon this blog via Haris Ibrahim. The writer, tells of an incident which happened in Memali, Kedah, way back in 1985, an tragic part of our history which the gomen would certainly like to wrap it up and put away from public's knowledge. That, and the fact they do not how to does not surprise me at all. The only good thing they - the gomen (read: be end) - are good at, are wrapping their greedy hands on the nation's coffers. Please, do read about it here.

Now, back to the title.

OK, 2 Sundays ago, Emi and Zaini had a small birthday celebration for their daughter, Nursara. And Emak being Emak, would not like to attend it without a present for her youngest grandchild, and thus asked that Wak Kromo to go searching for one. Now, what would that Wak know about children's presents when he's a single guy without a child of his own, one might ask. Well, plenty. You might find it rather difficult to believe, the Wak is quite a young fellow at heart. Also, the Wak has 11 nephews and nieces from which he can easily draw inspiration from. This time however, the Wak decided to rely on his own childhood experience. Off course, having an idea of what Nursara likes already, does help.

Now, Nursara and that Wak has a similar interest in the natural world, namely stories and pictures of animals. Then again, most children of that do, don't they? Armed with this knowledge, the Wak went hunting for story books and found one. At the same time, Wak also picked up an easy-to-read book on the 25 Prophets of Islam. Initially thinking to read it himself, the Wak decided otherwise and began the process of wrapping the 2 books with a nice wrapping paper which he later bought at another store. Unfortunately, that store does not provide wrapping services. "Alamak!"

Braving himself to face the daunting task of wrapping the books, Wak's mind recall earlier memories of how a present should look like after being nicely wrapped up. "Aha!", thought the Wak "I will need a ribon!". Thus, off he went to but one and walla! The new generation of ribbon now no longer need to be tied around the present - one just need to use a cello tape! And what is even better, all one need to do now is just pull one end of the ribbon, and it will - like magic - shape itself nicely into one.

After measuring the books against the paper, the Wak then happily began cutting off the extra length, using a cardboard as a paperweight. Soon later, he cellotaped the ribbon onto the top and thought to himself "There's no job I cannot handle". With a smile on his face, off course.

A few hours later as they were about to close the front door and head for Nursara's party, Emak turn around for a last minute look-see, then asked the Wak "I thought you already wrapped up the books?".
"Off course," said the Wak and proudly showing his work of art.
"Then, what's that on the dining table there?"

No, the present above is not of Nursara.
But I do swear, the ribbon looks exactly the same.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

76 Years Ago

76 years ago, a woman gave birth to a baby girl, the 6th child in a family which suffered 4 losses due to childhood sickness in the years just before the outbreak of World War II. The girl that was born on November 18, 1932, later became a teacher at the age of 12, at a time where several of her first year pupils were of the same age as her. The profession she and most of her surviving siblings chose were not necessarily of their choice; in an age where most houses had no electricity nor running water, there were not much. That, and the fact that their late father was a Teacher and Headmaster.

A day or 2 just before her children celebrated her birthday with her, she suffered a small fall when a leg of the stool she was sitting on broke. Though there were no apparent injury, there is just so much a body and person can suffer beatings, physically and otherwise. This fall, was the 3rd she had in the past 15years. The last fall she had, she suffered a fractured rib bone which still nags at her every once so often.

The lady, who must have turned heads during her younger days, has been described by some friends as 'Ingat orangnya garang. Tapi bila dah kenal hatibudi dia, memang jatuh kasih dengan dia!'. Looking at her now, many still do not believe her age as it is. SubhanAllah! A woman of beauty with the heart of gold.

That woman, is my emak. And I thank Allah s.w.t. for this most precious gift.

Emak, seen above with Emi's m-i-l, at Nur Sara's birthday 2 Sundays earlier.

The 2 Birthday Girls: Emak with Nur Sara, Emi's daughter. Taken months earlier, though she would love to, she can no longer carry even a 5year old close to her chest. But had she, then I would surely made noise as its been more than 40 years now since she last carried me. Oops!

Painting A Picture

I have to admit, apart from the terms 'crylic', 'oil', and 'stroke', I know nuts about paintings. Did try it out once, but my hands were too shaky to draw the fine lines needed. Off course, with a larger brush, I can just dab the canvas as I matter what the end results be, hehe. And I guess, this inability of using those fine brushes rules out the possibility of my becoming a neurosurgeon. Shoot! And I honestly do envy those who can, like Alina's painting below.
Blue Rose, by blogger/painter/lecturer Alina (click here).

At the same time, our bro Mat Salo's younger sister, has her own exhibition running in a gallery in Taman Bukit Kepong. Her paintings, will be on display there till Dec 12. So Painters and enthusiast, do give your support there (read here).

Hang on! I just remember that I do know a bit more about painting. It however, is not on canvas, but in the minds of people. Believe it is something called Public Relations, a form of art in winning the people over.

Its already in the news now that PLUS is giving discounts to its users beginning January 1, 2009. Hooray! This magnanimous show by Plus is unprecedented and, depending on how one view it, has been much awaited. Thank you Plus. However, there is a slight downside to it where to qualify oneslf for the discount, one has to use it from midnight to before sunrise. think, this is what the Malay saying 'Sebelum lalat terbang...' comes handy.

Dear Plus, on behalf of many people, including that cakapaje bloke, I thank you. But, do you think you could extend the discounts on matters where it really matter? For instance, if there are no natural calamity afflicting your highway, yet the traffic crawls at about 1 kilometer per 10 minutes, don't you think your discount would serve better here seeing the amount of petrol being burned needlessly (hence, the pocket of motorist). Let's not forget the time wasted too!
Off course, should you decide to scrap the toll altogether, we would be very much grateful to you. Not your highway mind you, but all the tolls in Malaysia. After all, you and your brethren have had your agreements with the gomen shrouded in secrecy. And no thanks to events recently, the gomen has decided to declassify the agreements (read here). Still, one now has to wonder whether there exist any discrepencies between the declassified documents and the one made available now. It did after all, take the gomen almost ages to make them public. And that too, after constant harassments by the now Pakatan Rakyat, as well as the people of Malaysia.

Again, I thank Plus, even though I think the gomen is trying to paint a nice picture of itself to the people. Please, don't mind me saying this as the discounts offered by PLUS is meant to benefit only a small quarter of the population - the other highways are still charging the full amount! And please, just because there are lots and lots of cars on the roads in Malaysia, that does not mean Malaysians are a rich lot and own at least one car per family. Even if they do, it is out of neccessity since the public transportation system leaves one fuming over it more than not. Imagine, a bus trip from Kota Damansara to Bangsar may well take over an hour. And that is not during peak hours, nor does it inlude the waiting time. Like I mentioned, I do think the gomen is trying to paint a rosy picture about itself. A further evident can be read here.

Sometime during last Ramadhan, the gomen approved a petrol surcharge for all the express bus operators, citing the rising cost of fuel then. Now that fuel prices have plummeted from its all time high, the gomen decided to allow the operators to hike their fares. This time, however, the reason cited is the rising cost of operation. So, should the fuel price go up again, will these operators be given allowed additional profit by again, another petrol surchagre?

By now, I pretty sure some would label me with some unfair remarks. That's their view and their right. But please remember, the majority of the rakyat do not have a fat pocket to around with and many cannot even afford the applaudable move by AirAsia to remove its fuel surcharge totally. Remember, while the AirAsia fares maybe low, the to and fro trips to the airports such as KLIA, can exceed the AirAsia fares! And know what? Indirectly, Malaysians are still paying for the KLIA existance to the tune of RM1B a year! Could not part of the amount be used for the rakyat in making public transportation and inter-city rides better? Compare Pudu Raya and KLIA: between the 2, which benefits the rakyat directly? (for related articles on this, read LanH here and here).

Do you damn me if I continue to damn the gomen, particularly the Sarkas over these and many more.

They may paint pretty pictures. But the rakyat still sing the blues.

ps. Nov29 Update: Nathaniel Tan of PKR and Jelas.Info, have agreed to come.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

No Cock and Bull Story

This is a joke I received via email from a friend and I'm quite sure many have read it. And when you reflect it on real life situation here, one involving a young fool, you might just applaud the ending. No bulls, just cocks.

A farmer went out one day and bought a brand new stud rooster for his chicken coop. The new rooster struts over to the old rooster and says,

'OK old fart,
time for you to retire.'
The old rooster replies, 'Come on, surely you cannot handle
ALL of these chickens.
Look what it has done to me
Can't you just let me have the two old hens over in the corner?'
The young rooster says,
'Beat it: You are washed up
and I am taking over.'
The old rooster says,
'I tell you what, young stud.
I will race you around the farmhouse. Whoever wins gets the exclusive domain over the entire chicken coop.' The young rooster laughs.
'You know you don't stand a chance, old man
So, just to be fair,
I will give you a head start.'

The old rooster takes off running. About 15 seconds later the young rooster takes off running after him. They round the front porch of the farmhouse and the young rooster has closed the gap.

He is only about 5 feet behind the old rooster and gaining fast. The farmer, meanwhile, is sitting in his usual spot on the front porch
when he sees the roosters running by.
The Old Rooster is squalking
and running as hard as he can.
The Farmer grabs his shotgun and
- BOOM -
he blows the young rooster to bits. The farmer sadly shakes his head and says,

'Dammit.....third gay rooster I bought this month.'

Moral of this
story? ....

Don't mess with the OLD FARTS / COCKS :

age, skill, wisdom, and a little treachery

always overcome youth and arrogance!

And when you reflect it on real life situation here, one involving a young fool, you might just applaud the ending.

Nov29 Update:
1. Al Husseyn (Check my must reads. Very keen to come).
2. Tok Mummy (Via Elviza)
3. Puan Nurina (via Elviza)
4. MRT Gang (also via Elviza)
5. LanH (Interested)
6. Sofian (aka Danny Devito, my evil twin brother).
7. Rerama Salju and hubby
8. Alin, with hubby Zunar and friend.

For full list to date, see here and here.
At the same time, Dato' Kadir Jasin seem also interested to join but unable to confirm as yet. Also, I have received a request for a map to The Curve. Now, I'm not good at drawing on the PC thus, I've screen captured Google Map for it and as below.


Map1. From KL, take the Jalan Duta toll into NKVE and head towards Kelang. Take the Damansara Utama exit and make your way towards Kepong. Just after One Utama Shopping Complex at Bandar Utama, turn left into Persiaran Surian towards Mutiara Damansara / Kota Damansara. Soon as you are on Persiaran Surian, The Curve is on your right. Look for Royal Bintang Hotel. The meet, insyAllah, will be at the Restoran Asam Pedas, directly behind the hotel. Though Map2 gives a more detail picture, it does not include The Curve nor the Hotel.

ps. For 1st person witness on the Perak MB's incident involving a photographer, please read here.
Also, for a free copy of Qiadah, the Perbadanan Menteri Besar Kelantan Corporate Magazine, please read here.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Black and White

Black and white. 2 colours that cannot exist without the other, though some would argue that white is not a colour, but a colourless feature. I'm not going into a debate with them, accepting their point as it is.

Black and white. In the world of movies, they remind me of Charlie Chaplin. However, I was never into b&w movies. I am, on the other hand, a fan of b&w still pictures such as the one below.
Reflection of a pillar on a rain-soaked walkaway.

The thing about b&w stills, is that they invite 1,001 thoughts and questions, and may be interpreted in perhaps as many. I find this especially true when the still has a human subject in a pose which one may find intriguing. Stripped of colour which distracts a viewer's mind, the subject of the still comes to the fore and provokes the mind into a deep thought. Sometimes though, there is none or a need for any; a simple look is all that is called for. The same, sadly, cannot be said for certain black and white subject.

Apart from being use as a slang for the police force (notably US), b&w is also a term to denote documents which may be enforceable by law. The ink used to write or type a document is normally in black and set against the white backdrop of a paper. Hence, you get people exclaiming 'lets see it in black and white first', referring to an arrangement between 2 or more parties. This, as mentioned, can be enforceable by law. Or perhaps, the written law itself.

As many are aware now, in their bid to stem the rising opposition against their greedy and mindless rule in Malayisa, the Sarkas are beginning to step up their pace again. The law, to them, are meaningless, and only meant to be used towards achieving their goal, and the suppression of democracy in Malaysia.

LanH writes (read here) how a kindergarten's case is being blown totally out of proportion. PASTI, or Pusat Asuhan Tunas Islam, is a preschooling system run by members of PAS, in hope of instilling Islamic values into the children enrolled there - the children are taught simple prayers and moral. However, since the Sarkas view them differently for fear that these children will grow up with strong political leanings towards PAS, local authorieties(LA) are being used to deny or cease the operation of PASTI in their area, like the one mentioned by LanH regarding the PASTI in Melaka.

It does seem sickening that a simple case of being ACCUSED operating without a CF has led the case to be mentioned under Criminal Act, and is being heard in the High Courts! I may be able to agree should the LA stick the operators with a summon IF the PASTI there is operating as accused! But to use the High Courts and labelled as criminal proceeding? Have all the authorities have nothing better (or worse) to look into? Or, are they, like what the Botak Minister implied, afraid of catching real crooks and criminals, only to change his Parliamentary Statement later with a different story regarding the closure of the Police Beat in Chow Kit? And perhaps, that is how this high ranking Police Officer learn to tell a lie.

Read Malayasian Joe here, and took the video below from here.

In commerating the BERSIH 10-11 March, a group of citizens gathered in PJ. While they were singing the NegaraKu, the police rushed in to disperse the law abiding citizens who was standing still to the national anthem...and the police were not! If you remember the inverted flag episode, wouldn't you agree now it is the police who is 'kurang ajar'? Worse still, the Selangor Police Chief denies the incident, not knowing perhaps, it was recorded as in above.

So now, apart from lying crooks and criminals and ameno ministers and members, we also have the police lying to the honest citizens too! Pray tell, who can we believe in now?

My nephew, Aiman, snapped the picture of the guy above. Perhaps, this guy is wondering about the state of affairs in Malaysia, where many rakyat still do not see the true colour of the treacherous ameno and their many goons.

Monday, November 10, 2008

A Rare Specie (and Nov29 Update).

Many, many years ago as a child of 7 or 8, and like the many of the same age in the early 1970's, my brothers and I did not have many toys to play with, and usually immersed ourselves with games and toys of our own. One of the games had Emi and Din put some planks together in a drain where it became our 'submarine'. That, off course, was the time when the TV series 'Voyage To The Bottom of the Sea' was a big hit. Over the short period after our 'submarine' was built, we had to scuttle it as the family moved from one house to another. But what a great time we had then. Kids, never let their mind go idle. And so it was with my 2 elder brothers who taught me quite a bit about games, as well as life.

There was a time when we went back to Melaka Pindah during one of the school holidays, and was bored like no other. Emi and Din, both who were very 'lively' children, found a new game for us to play with. They captured a dragonfly which they tied it with a thread to one of the wooden poles in the garden. They would then blow the dragonfly to make it fly. Fly it did, in all directions as it tried to escape from the naughty children there, who, like that cakapaje, stood with mouth agape, looking in wonder at the beauty of the insect. Cruel, yes. But we were children, and the dragonfly does look like a helicopter which we had never seen up close before. Many year later, I was reminded about the dragonfly epidose when, at Nursara's birthday (Emi's daughter), I spotted one which to my mind, may just be a rare specie.

Initially, I thought it was a wilting flower, but its shape and colour begs me to have a closer look, which I am glad I did.
The Dragonfly, was seeking shelter under the leaves of a small tree, from the heavy downpour which lasted quite a while. I was sitting on the ledge of a corridor, when I noticed something peculiar about the 'flower'; its shape and colour seem unnatural for the tree, and had a closer look at it. SubhanAllah! Never have I seen such a beautiful Dragonfly before. Its wings were in red, the head a top part of the body in purplish-red, and its bottom was black, as can be seen in picture below, where it later flew and perched itself atop a large plastic butterly.
As a child innocent to the ways of the world, dragonflies had me spellbound for quite a while. Later, when I learnt that beautiful creature is a predator who eats other small creatures and insects, I began to hate it. Off course, very much later as I grew into an adult, I've come to accept the natural world as it is. And this Dragonfly is by far, the most beautiful I have ever seen. A rare specie, perhaps. But since I am not a naturalist, I'll leave it as that. This, however, brings another rare subject to mind. Not a specie definitely, mind you. But something which can lead a growing concern.

A friend emailed me the below. At a glance, I did not think much about it. But when I remember the Crooked Bridge episode, I wonder if this could be a new trend in business. Rare as it may be, the tendency does seem to point towards the direction where the best way to make profit is by sueing the authorities for an abandoned project, quite like the Crooked Bridge affair.
The Star, Tuesday, Nov 4, 2008

Now, I am not jumping the gun here by blaming anyone in this suit. I, however, question the amount, and whether a contract had been signed by the 2 parties. If so, then had the department in question made a feasibility study on the issue beforehand, or are they merely being a yes man to some unseen hand. If cases such as this are left unchecked, then billions more of the rakyat's money will go down the drain for a project that never took off. Let's hope I am wrong and that this, and the Brooked Bridge scandal, are mere business rarity.

Oh! Did I forget to mention the scrapped Cougar as well?


Nov29 Update:
The below have been invited either through comment box, or via text messages.

1. Rocky bru
2. Sam Harris (have noted the date and most likely come)
3. Datuk A Kadir Jasin
4. Shirzad Lifeboat
5. Faizal Mustafa (PKR)

Friday, November 07, 2008

Bloggers Meet Nov 29, 2008 - Be There!

OK, it seem more or less confirmed now that the bloggers of The Knights of Asam Pedas will be meeting again this November 29, lunchtime onwards. This piece of news which Mr Barns (see previous post) is afraid of, has been published by DocTA (read here). This meet is not an exclusive thing, anyone bloggers may join. For those who missed the first meet, kindly read here. The list of attending bloggers currently are (from DocTA):

1- Mat Salo
2-Shah Cakap Aje
4-Dato' Jaflam
5-Pak Idrus
6-Fauziah Ismail
9-Unker Zorro(according to Kerp)
10-YB Khalid Samad
11-Jeejah Mantra
13-Sheih Kickdafella( according to Shah Cakap aje)*
15-Capt Yusof (Ancient Mariner)
16-Cikgu Nazir of Kata Tak Nak

17-Amin Black*
18-Hazrin (A film producer friend)*

*Strong chances of attendance.
Sheikh, however, will be in KL the week before the 29th for some official business. It should be noted that YB Dato' Hussam Musa was very interested to come, but the date clashes with his commitment in Kepala Batas. Hopefully though, Sheikh may use his good office.

At the same time, I will try to get RPK, Harris of People's Parliament, and a few others to come. On the last meet, RPK could not attend at the last minute due to his workload. InsyAllah, he might just this time.

Now, please note that this is a social meet for everyone to know each other in person, and not a forum! Its a good PR (that's Public Relations, not Pakatan Rakyat, mind you), for everyone, especially those in the business. I should also mention that food and drinks are not free; either one pay for one's own, or put it in the bowl (Mat Salo) to share (we do hope several individuals would put in more).

Venue and Time:

Venue: The Curve
Date: 29th November 2008.
Time: At the last meet, it was lunchtime onwards. For this date though, the time will be decided later by Mat Salo.

Hope to see everyone there!

ps. A prominent figure might just turn up for the day - I sent him a text several days back, but he has yet to reply. Honestly, I do not expect him to, just as he did not when I sent him the text regarding the death of my uncle earlier this year. But he surprised everyone when he did come all the way from KL, where he was then. Still, no promises.

Monday, November 03, 2008

My Name is Barn

Many a bestseller, whether novels or films, have their characters - main, and even the supporting roles - based on true people and events. Sometimes the idea to write or produce were inspired by these people, sometimes not. Well, at least not entirely as the story would more often than not, depict the persons or events with a slight exaggeration...or more. This entry, is based on true observation. Unlike a well written novel or production where the antagonist role is defined as good or evil, or evil turned good, or vice-versa, his nature here is left entirely to the readers to decide.

I do not know where or how to begin. But I am getting old and have been afflicted with one ailment after another, that some say my death is near already; I find that last bit, too gruesome to accept. Unlike the 1,000year Reich which ended within 2 or 3 scores of its promised life, I intend to live throughout and more, the prophecy of the 6th generation which was my destiny. At this juncture, I should warn you that I am not a single man or two. I, am an entity.

What I am, who I really am, I cannot tell you. It is not because I do not want to, but I am just unable to. My entire life has been one confusing state of affair. Perhaps, were we a building, I would be one of the smaller rooms - important to some, loathsome to many others; the latter could never be more right for within the wall of my room, 2 worlds collide. That said, it would then be better to look back from the beginning.

It may seem hard to believe that I was sparkling clean early in my days with not a spot to be found. No germs, no bacteria, of whatsoever. The people who came to me, found me to be a joy to be with. Soon, word spread and more and more people came. Perhaps that was when things change. I can't find the correct words to use, but if any, an old Malay proverb may suit the meaning here: "Kerana nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga".

Due to my ever increasing schedule, a thought crossed the mind of a few and before long, my visitors were being charged a small fee. "Just a token", my keepers said. And I consented, thinking that it could lead to better things. How wrong I was.

As more and more people visit me, they wittingly or not, brought along with them dirt which may not be seen by the naked eye. And in embracing them and their needs, soon the dirt found its way to me and stick it does, like a feeding leech. Whatever 'token' taken, became insufficient and thus, was increased. But instead of making me better, I became worse. My keeper, especially the ones sitting on a 'throne', refuse to do anything positive and in fact, contribute further to my worsening condition, causing a laureate to write in the foulest manner possible. For that, he was ridiculed by my keepers. In the meantime, the condition of my being slips to a point of ridiculous where broken tiles and dirty water flood the floor. To make matter worse, crimes are now being committed without conscience. Still, visitors come to me. Not as many as before as a high number have decided enough is enough. The evil thoughts that now reside within me, laugh at those ingrates; do they know not, that I am by far the most important thing in this house?

Yes, it does seem the laureate was correct in his words. But what care do I have for them? My loyal visitors, throng to me in numbers not known before. Drunks and misfits they may be, but I love them to bits. Without them, my life would be empty. However, a worrying presence is beginning to manifest itself.

For the past several years, brickbats have been hurled towards me by some writers, causing a considerable damage to my reputation. Initially, I had thought them to be silly and undignified people with nothing better to do but write unfounded allegations against me. But now, I take a slightly different view: they are, admittedly, people with conscience and noble intention. Come this 29th November, I have been informed of another secret meeting that may probably take place at their Castle of the Kinghts of Asam Pedas (read here).

I would be lying to say that I do not fear them. Working alone, many of them has managed to cleanse the minds of the people. Together, they can easily bring me to my knees. What more, I hear this time, apart from my nemeses DocTA Strangeglove, Goldfinger Madsalo, Ironside kerpie, and Aristotle Jaflam organising the meet, a Cikgu No from Penang will be attending it too. The meet this time, I was told, would be to discuss the people's 'Quantum of Sorrow'. This, could well be my death knell.

My name, by the way, is Barn. Jarm Barn.

Though the video seem to have been purposely blurred many have heard it, do listen to the music and lyrics of the theme to my life.