Monday, November 24, 2008

Of Lionheads and Dungheads

The Lionhead bobs its head on the surface of the water. Its mouth, ever in motion of opening and closing like it is chewing on something. And its protruding eyes, looks at the man standing on the edge of its world with a look bordering on self-pity. The man looks back at those dark eyes, and feels the guilt of having one of Allah's creation confined in a space which, were the Lionhead a human, can be torturous and suffocating. Nonetheless, it still is.

The once small, white gleaming body which made it the adoration of many lookers, is now fat and round; its very growth, sadly, had led it to become a mass of undesirable sight to some. As it wobbles in the water, its silky white tail move in counter direction; the only part of the Lionhead which still retain its beauty. But looking beautiful is the least of the Lionhead's concern. It is hungry, and it needs food. And its very behaviour now resemble a dog standing on its hind feet and begging for food from its master. A pitiful sight. For any of God's creatures.

In the wide open world of a lake or river, the Lionhead, like many other creatures, would be free to roam its realm in search of food. It would be free to choose the direction to swim to, and the mate it wants. But here in the enclosed space which can be a mere fraction of the world mentioned, it has no choice but await the mercy of the man looking down on it. In more ways than one, the picture speaks of cruelty.

Man, the race, was chosen by Allah s.w.t. to be the Khalifah of this world. We are supposed to be the noblest of God's creation. Yet, many times than not, we renege on our promise to Allah, and behave in manner lower than that of an animal. In doing so, we call on others to join the thoughts "4 legs good, 2 legs bad", while slowly chanting the vile words "But some 4 legs are better than others!". Not surprisingly, there were many takers.

When their thoughts are challenged or revealed by persons or bodies, the 4l-legged human seek the comfort of a channel they have long manipulated for, and towards their cause; some 4 legs are better than others!. Definitely, this is not what Napoleon died for. Can we not stand upright in pride, and accept the humble truth that we are nothing but an overgrown blood clot, a product that came to be with the help of another whose ego was too big for himself? Or, must we live the glorious moments of freedom and justice as told by George Orwell?

Picture Credit: Mr Moh of flicker.

Pity the Lionhead, abolish the Internal Security Act. Better still, dismantle the BN sarkas and its goons. Or, better known as dungheads.


Ydiana said...

Salam Shah

I actually like the flowerhorns. I heard they're very intelligent.

alinaabdullah said...

salam abg shah.

semakin lama entri semakin berat dan bagus.

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam ydiana,

Flowerhorn, intelligent? Hmm...I have to check that out. But, they are carnivorous though.

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam alina,

Eh, ye ke? Tak perasan pula. Hati tu tengah panas si polisi halang pelancaran anti ISA.