Thursday, November 13, 2008

Black and White

Black and white. 2 colours that cannot exist without the other, though some would argue that white is not a colour, but a colourless feature. I'm not going into a debate with them, accepting their point as it is.

Black and white. In the world of movies, they remind me of Charlie Chaplin. However, I was never into b&w movies. I am, on the other hand, a fan of b&w still pictures such as the one below.
Reflection of a pillar on a rain-soaked walkaway.

The thing about b&w stills, is that they invite 1,001 thoughts and questions, and may be interpreted in perhaps as many. I find this especially true when the still has a human subject in a pose which one may find intriguing. Stripped of colour which distracts a viewer's mind, the subject of the still comes to the fore and provokes the mind into a deep thought. Sometimes though, there is none or a need for any; a simple look is all that is called for. The same, sadly, cannot be said for certain black and white subject.

Apart from being use as a slang for the police force (notably US), b&w is also a term to denote documents which may be enforceable by law. The ink used to write or type a document is normally in black and set against the white backdrop of a paper. Hence, you get people exclaiming 'lets see it in black and white first', referring to an arrangement between 2 or more parties. This, as mentioned, can be enforceable by law. Or perhaps, the written law itself.

As many are aware now, in their bid to stem the rising opposition against their greedy and mindless rule in Malayisa, the Sarkas are beginning to step up their pace again. The law, to them, are meaningless, and only meant to be used towards achieving their goal, and the suppression of democracy in Malaysia.

LanH writes (read here) how a kindergarten's case is being blown totally out of proportion. PASTI, or Pusat Asuhan Tunas Islam, is a preschooling system run by members of PAS, in hope of instilling Islamic values into the children enrolled there - the children are taught simple prayers and moral. However, since the Sarkas view them differently for fear that these children will grow up with strong political leanings towards PAS, local authorieties(LA) are being used to deny or cease the operation of PASTI in their area, like the one mentioned by LanH regarding the PASTI in Melaka.

It does seem sickening that a simple case of being ACCUSED operating without a CF has led the case to be mentioned under Criminal Act, and is being heard in the High Courts! I may be able to agree should the LA stick the operators with a summon IF the PASTI there is operating as accused! But to use the High Courts and labelled as criminal proceeding? Have all the authorities have nothing better (or worse) to look into? Or, are they, like what the Botak Minister implied, afraid of catching real crooks and criminals, only to change his Parliamentary Statement later with a different story regarding the closure of the Police Beat in Chow Kit? And perhaps, that is how this high ranking Police Officer learn to tell a lie.

Read Malayasian Joe here, and took the video below from here.

In commerating the BERSIH 10-11 March, a group of citizens gathered in PJ. While they were singing the NegaraKu, the police rushed in to disperse the law abiding citizens who was standing still to the national anthem...and the police were not! If you remember the inverted flag episode, wouldn't you agree now it is the police who is 'kurang ajar'? Worse still, the Selangor Police Chief denies the incident, not knowing perhaps, it was recorded as in above.

So now, apart from lying crooks and criminals and ameno ministers and members, we also have the police lying to the honest citizens too! Pray tell, who can we believe in now?

My nephew, Aiman, snapped the picture of the guy above. Perhaps, this guy is wondering about the state of affairs in Malaysia, where many rakyat still do not see the true colour of the treacherous ameno and their many goons.


Kata Tak Nak said...

Black has also been used to suggest evil and white, purity. Black is darkness and uncertainty while white is light and hope. Black is the devil and white is the angel. Black is the gomen and white is the people.

eugene said...

ya,i like b&w pictures too,they appear so authentic and give you a sense of focus,they keep you still for awhile when you look at those pictures.

Old is gold stil holds water,i believe.

hey nice meeting you,routed from "Aku" blog

take care now mate

Pyanhabib said...

program dicurve tu kat mana? jam berapa? berita lanjut akses kat mana?

alinaabdullah said...

salam shah.

ya. saya ada di perhimpunan itu. saya saksi. bila lagu negaraku berkumandang. soljah soljah gaban merempuh.

aduh negaraku ini.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

You said it, Cikgu. And I couldn't have said it better. Black, after all, was the colour Darth Vader wore.

cakapaje said...

Hi eugene,

Glad you dropped by. Been noticing your comments at ::aku:: too for quite a while. And gladder still that we both like b&w pictures :)

cakapaje said...

Salam pyanhabib,

Bro,ni perjumpaan informal maka melainkan blog Cikgu KTN, DocTokasid dan saya, tiada webpage dibuat khusus untuk perjumpaan ini. Datanglah nanti ye :)

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam Alina,

Soljah soljah itu telah melakukan jenayah derhaka kepada rakyat mereka sendiri. Bukankah dalam sumpah setia mereka kepada raja dan negara, mereka turut berkhidmat untuk mempertahankan rakyat dan bukan amenosial dan sekutu mereka. Celakalah kepada mereka.

rerama salju said...

I love black n white though!

cakapaje said...

Salam rs,

Glad you do.

Jangan lupa datang nanti ye. KK tu, cancel kan :)

rerama salju said...

Ok...c u !

cemana nak kenal u?u pakai name tag apa?boohooo!!

Ydiana said...

Salam Shah

Do me a favor. If you happen to know the guy in the picture, maybe you need to ask Aiman who he is, please ask him to cheer up!

Black 'n white is not that bad!

cakapaje said...


Nanti you gi Restoran Asam Pedas, betul betul belakan hotel Royal Bintang. InsyAllah, kami akan berada di situ dan si cakapaje tu akan pakai t-shirt kuning ye.

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam ydiana,

Why, that's very kind of you. But I think that guy is a OK, just that perhaps, he needs to see A doctor ;)
Will check out the you tube, thanks.


salam shah,
diatas jemputan jazakallahukhairan khasira. salam dari saya untuk semua di sana nanti.

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam afrar,

Sayang, Tuan tak dapat hadir bersama. Namun, insyAllah, sedaya yang boleh saya akan sampaikan. Afwan.

Eskapisminda said...

Salam CA, saya suka foto hitam putih kerana kontras dan jiwanya. Suaranya lebih lantang.

Kehidupan juga penuh dengan kontras yang meraut keindahan dan kejelikan.

...teringat juga tahun 1997, di kejar polis dengan rotan besar kerana kebetulan menunggu bas sewaktu balik kerja di Lebuh Ampang saat Reformasi kuat dilaungkan di Dataran Merdeka. So, I'm not surprised with their "MELULU ACT".

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam Intan,

B&W pictures it seems, do appeal to a lot of people.And I am glad you are another, but sad you were caught in the line of fire during the reformasi of 1997.