Monday, February 23, 2009

Cloud Watchers

Some people love to watch clouds. I don't blame them as I do so too, ever since a wise man told me to do so every time I have worries. Today however, was a different story as something in the sky - the cloud formation, to be exact - caught my eye. Thus I took a picture of it and later, on closer look, found something quite relevant to a situation in Selangor, particularly.

The Sarkas, along with the new anti-corruption-whatever-name-they-call-themselves, think they are on cloud 9 now, having announced that they have evidence on the corruption and abuse of power by the MB of Selangor. Great for them! I mean, if the MB is really in the wrong, even the Pakatan Rakyat would support the actions to be taken; a wrong is still a wrong, no matter which way one look at it. Except, off course, if it involves the Sarkas as no matter how many wrongs they have committed, all those abuse of power and corruption cases reported, nothing have come out from it. Corruption like the violation and destruction of Bukit Cerakah Forest Reserve; stealing sands from the river; the khalwat case involving 2 of their DUN; the wrongful use of the Police and local authorities to destroy, arrest, and evict landowners and residents such as the cases in Kampung Berembang, Kampung Rimba Jaya, and several more; and a multitude more of cases that has been swept under the carpet by the previous Sarkas government. The ACA then, were quiet and hardly uttered any statements on any case involving the Sarkas. But now, suddenly, on its transformation or whatever it is they went through, they have begun offering their opinion...on an alleged wrongdoing involving an official car used by the current MB, and the purchase of cows by State agencies, and which are meant for the people of the state! Bravo, ACA or whatever it is your name! Perhaps next, you can investigate the case of a PR assemblyman who fell asleep in his office? I mean, that's a serious crime, wasting electricity and what not. But hang on!

ACA or whatever you call yourself, there is a bona fide case here for you. Reported on ABC News here. a MAS Pilot was detained in Australia for trying to smuggle in child pornography pictures. Now, that not only blemish our country's good name abroad, but it is a blatant abuse of previlege by the pilot, not to mention the crime of child pornography is hineous itself. So, will we see ACA or whatever their name is taking actions there? Not a chance, mate! The pilot, it seems, is the son of their boss! (read here).

Sigh. Just when you thought something real good would come your way, they turn out to be false. The ACA or whatever, is still as cloudy as they were before. My hope now, is that they will become extinct, just like the dinosaurs. They are, after all, quite like the picture of the cloud formation at the top. On closer examination, they turn out to be a false t-rex. Boo, on you ACA or whatever you are.


mOEha Aziz said...

salam ya akhi...

love to watch cloud too... used to... hehehehe

let them b... they'll choke on their own excitement... hehehehe

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.. I saw the connection between the cloud and the T-Rex! What a clever boy I am!

Kata Tak Nak said...

This gives me an idea. I think I would draft the MACC oath or Ikrar.

cakapaje said...

W'salam ya Muha,

I understand, tapi takpa Muha, ada hikmahnya untuk anda yang lebih disayangi Allah dari yang menulis ini :)

cakapaje said...

Salam boe,

You saw the connection? Great! Knew you would.

Btw, everyone has always known you to be clever. But a boy? Which between the 2 have you recently discovered? ;)

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Wah! I hope the oath you will be drafting will not force them to eat fishes, small fries in particular :)

CelloTape said...


T-Rex tu cute...but the story behind sungguh menyedihkan!

BTW...aku suka tengok awan juga...specially the colour on sunset time...BEST! hehe

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

but the crap will be of the same story. not as old as dinosaurs but close. the MACC-ai will come out with statements like lacking the concrete evidence to press charges against the previous gvment.

mem-Besar said...


Saya pun suka tengok awan .. ramai orang berangan nak mencapai awan!!

Its like an old car using a new registration number!! Memacam badut-badut tuk duk buat nak beri orang suka nengok sarkas diorang!!

cakapaje said...

W'salam Cello,

TRex cute? Mak ai! Takut den :)

Hmm...sunset kat Karambunai, den pun suko. Tompek makan seafood kek situ pun sodap.

cakapaje said...

Salam kerpie,

Yo bro, that, you are correct. Damn no brainers they are.

cakapaje said...

W'salam mem-Besar,

Eh! Angka Sawan kito dah molopasi awan tu ha! Cumo, tak sampei bulan je :)

Aaah! Botul tu mem-Bosau, nombou saja baru, tapi keto lamo gak lagi. Baik pakai keto lombu.

rerama salju said...

Salam CA,
Apa kabau?Cantiklah lukisan T-rex ni?hehehe..
U rasa our MB dapat bertahan tak dengan asakan2 mcm ni?

cakapaje said...

W'salam rs,

Cantik ke? Hehe, tapi bukan lukisan saya, cuma ianya terbentuk begitu dalam kumpulam awan.

MB Selangor? InsyAllah. Sesama kita do'akan yang terbaik ye :)