Friday, July 27, 2007

Breakfast at...

Heavens, no! It certainly can't be breakfast at Tiffany's! For one, I do not even know where or what Tiffany is; do pardon me. And the other, its going to be at Kota house, to be exact. Come to think about it, breakfast has always been there. Unless I'm off to somewhere.

Anyway, with Emak now leaving her poor 44-year young over-grown baby quite often to fend for himself, it left me with no choice but to pick up my long lost culinary skills, one which I had locked in the far corners of my mind some many, many years ago, and had the keys thrown away in the other far corner. Thus there I was, in the other far corner of my mind, rummaging through items and memories some of which I have no recollection of their existence! Its like living in a twilight zone and does get pretty scary, mind you. But never mind that. Let me introduce you to some delights which will make a woman go wild!

Now, where are those keys? Ah...there they are.

Ok, pretty much like every one else, I start my day with a good cup of coffee. Used to drink them black, but Emi taught the family to use milk. Thus, every once so often then, I make coffee the way I like them: strong! And I call it Pitch Black Coffee. Off course, I had to use large spoonfuls of coffee to drown any hints of milk! Not possible, you think? Think again, then.

Now, after lubricating my inside, the next thing we need is some good food! My favourite then would be beef sausages, fried eggs, mixed vegetables and toast. Off course, there was a time when I put everything together in a pan and fry them. Then I learn, ok, that's not the way one makes omelet. Gee, who was it that said growing up is easy?

Now, the main dish, beef sausages - has to be beef as chicken is too soft - is a real masterpiece. I'd cut the sides so that the heat would cook the whole thing evenly. Once they seem well done, I get to work on the eggs - sunny side up! Hmm...I'm salivating already.

The mixed veges was easy - throw them in a sieve and pour hot water. Its the toast which is tricky. But ever since we use a toaster-oven instead of a toaster stand-alone (think that's IT terminology), I think I've come to making a perfect toast: heat the oven full-blast for 5 minutes, then chuck in the toast. Wait 1 full minute, then yank them out as fast as you can. Oh, a word of warning: make sure you switch off your smoke alarm first.

Once the food's done, I just lay the table and prepare myself for a feast.

On my right, I've put my second cup of coffee. I'm about to sit down but somehow I keep thinking about roti canai. But never mind, that will be for lunch. For now, my 'All-Blacks' (not the rugby team, mind you), is ready, and its called 'Cinder Black'! Hmm...perhaps its time I learn how to use the cooking oil.

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