Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Big Powwow

They were all there; all the big chiefs of warring tribes you could think of here. In lieu of the peace-pipe, a microphone was used to remind the tribes of the injustice brought about by yellow-legs. In the absence of the war-drums, Amin Iskandar @ Black and friends were invited to add spice to the occasion. They were good, but the crowd wants blood! (figuratively speaking).

For too long now, the yellow-legs and their judicial system have spread their lies and deception, bringing about wanton destruction to a land that is so beautiful. For too long now, the people have been lulled with firewater and other diseases that followed the yellow-legs. For too long now, the suffering of the people were draped with blankets that were used by other disease-ridden victims of countries many moons away. This, have to be stopped. It is time for the accursed yellow-legs to go!

The big powwow mentioned above was the Konvensyen Rakyat, held last night at the Chinese Assembly Hall, Kuala Lumpur. It, and other upcoming powwows which will be held throughout the country, is a prelude to an even bigger powwow tentatively scheduled for November 10, 2007. Come one, come all!

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