Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Dang!, is an expression used by many to voice dissatisfaction or annoyance. Change a single letter - a to u - and you get a word which means animal excrement. The origin of the former perhaps, is a mispronunciation of the latter especially when one suddenly realise that one is standing or stepping on it; from 'dung' comes 'dang!'. But that's just my guess as I am not a student of etymology, mind you. What brought this up though, was an unplanned meet I had just now.

While waiting for the office of a Dr Nasir to open, I walked the row of the new shop lots in Kota Damansara and came across a shop selling 'organic chicken', which was the talk of the town or rather, egroups, several month ago. Now, before anyone gets the wrong idea about this organic chicken being part of genetically modified food chain process meant for human consumption, kindly note it does not. The GM food mentioned, I believe, is more of an urban legend as can be found here, and further reading here. Or, if one is to lazy to click, then perhaps this reply in a forum by a wise ass by the name of Sunshine here, may shed more light about Kentucky Fried Chicken and GM food. Her reply:
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  • CommentTimeJul 9th 2007
I would reckon 90% true, they have to have dropped the name as thier chickens no longer were sourced in Kentucky, bu tmore than likely its because they have six legs and eight heads.

Anyway, the one I'm referring to however, should be safe. Most importantly, it ought to be considered by many Muslims as halal without doubt. I say this because I went to one such farm a year or 2 back, and was totally impressed by it.

For many people who have had a taste of kampung life can easily testify how messy rearing chickens can be as chickens being well, chickens, they tend to drop their poops anywhere and anytime it pleases them. Stepping onto one is one thing, but when you have hundreds of chickens, the smell alone can put off one's white meat diet for quite a while. But this farm I went to, there were no such smell.

Situated somewhere within the Meru district off Kelang, the husband and wife owners breed chicken for want of a halal source. Currently, most chicken farms rely on the pellets made from sources which many say are dubious. Thus this husband and wife team, makes their own pellets from herbs and plants.

When I first arrived there, the chickens were running free within several fenced areas of the farm, unlike the commercial breeding where chickens are cooped in a, well, chicken coop which can be larger than one's house. Packed like sardines, cannibalism amongst chicken is not an uncommon thing, and many likes to peck at another's arse. Certainly, a visit to a chicken farm is a no-no to chicken meat lovers. Perhaps, that is why the orang asli prefer the meat of a monkey to a chicken as to them, monkeys eat fruits and not shit. Hmm...and I'm having fried chicken for lunch! Oops, back to the farm in Meru.

Stepping into the shed which make do as a store cum office, I notice there were no smell at all, and not a dropping anywhere. Flies, which are naturally attracted to any organic matter left uncovered, are nowhere to be found too! As was later told, it is in the food they feed the chickens. The logic the husband said, is very simple "The waste we produce (including chickens), are the products of rejects - what our body do not need or consume". Since I'm no biologist, I simply have to agree. The chicken feed this farm use do not contain chemicals or harmful materials, or even those of dubious nature to Muslims. The same concept it seems, is applied by the shop I mentioned earlier. If anyone is interested to go into chicken farming business, I would suggest they visit this farm which incidentally, provide courses as well; just call Puan Norhaizan at 016-6027469.

There is though, yet another Dang which is unrelated and perhaps the opposite to both the words I mentioned. I say the opposite as this Dang smelled of perfume and was indeed a whole sight better, as she was a Filipina who visited Malaysia sometime early 1990's. Slim, petite, fair skin with slighly curly hair, she was the eye-candy for several of my friends...and that cakapaje guy as well. But that cakapaje guy, being that cakapaje guy, must have been off his rockers then as he never showed interest. I don't know, perhaps he was shy. Anyway, his friends certainly did not take it well when just before she left back for home, she chose to peck both cakapaje's cheeks and no one else. Man, that guy was blushing no end then. And writing this, I guess he still does. Crazy bugger!


Kata Tak Nak said...

woo a peck on the cheek and cakapaje just blushes and nothing else, if it had been that KTN guy, Dang would have regretted it but then again Dang wouldn't give KTN a peck anyway.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Not one cheek, both! :)

Anyway, I guess that may be the reason why she did not peck anyone else...that cakapaje guy is one dang of a shy guy! What a waste! :)

Roti Kacang Merah said...

menyakat orang pemalu, memang sangat menyeronokkan bagi orang perempuan.

sama macam org lelaki suka menyakat orang perempuan yang pemalu, la.


cakapaje said...


Lor...camtu ceritanya ye! Hmm...then, I ought to be more pemalu from now on :)