Sunday, July 06, 2008

Beautiful Sunday

I would have elected to use Bill Wither's 'Lovely Day', except that Me...OB is currently using it. And with Cikgu and Ydiana trying to sue my pants off for a cut of a commission, I think I would be more prudent for me to use the song above; it was, after all, a beautiful Sunday.

After tapau-ing emak's breakfast as well as some kuehs for yours truly, I rushed to the MPPJ Stadium. The thought on my mind was not the Police, but where to park since I anticipated people spilling out the stadium. Pictures of the infamous 'police riot' at the Jalan Kebun gathering nearly a decade ago too, flashed through my mind (police personnel were captured on film breaking windows and denting cars belonging to civilians), prompting me to think hard for a safe parking, perhaps, even within the complex of my old office at Kelana Centre Point. However, my fears for a safe parking and 'police riot' soon turned needless; as I turn into the road off the Subang Airport Highway, there were no signs of the Police, and the anticipated huge crowd turned out to be a mere trickle.

I parked the car in a nice spot and soon as the camera was loaded, walked the short distance to the stadium. Along the way, I got into a chat with several people, who were also complaining about the poor turnout. However, the day being still young, I shook off the disappointment and walked into the stadium, making a beeline to Wak, who already had his camera on tripod on the tracks. As we talked, a hair-trimmed and plummer Amin Black joined us. And the crowd size, soon swelled.

Leaving Wak at his post, I began moving along the crowd before taking position at the Podium, where I met YB Tn Hj Sha'ari Sungib, and had a small chat with him. But when the Hindraff supporters began chanting and singing, we parted ways as I tried to take shots of them. Unfortunately, the angle where I was standing was poor and the crowd watching blocked the little view I had. Since I was nicely positioned for the Podium, I refused to budge for fear that other cameramen might take my place, so I let Hindraff be. And true enough, soon, more cameramen made their way up, including Kamal of Malaysiakini TV.

After getting close-up shots of several speakers, I joined Wak for a short while before making my way around again. By then, more people had streamed onto the track.

As I mentioned in an earlier entry, I do find the need to get myself a Digital SLR as there is so much a video camera can do. And in a crowd estimated around 20,000, there were certainly an abundant of shots begging to be taken. Off course, these would also include shots of...ahem, natural beauties.

Moving around, I spotted a well-built man with a black serban rolling a rokok daun, and sat beside him. After the salam, we got to know each other where I bummed one of his hand rolls. The man said he is from Terengganu and had come with 7 others in 2 cars, specifically for this event. He also mentioned that there were several roadblocks along the way here, and saw several buses being turned back, a repetition of events preceding 10-11. But perhaps the funniest thing he said was "Takdok FRU tak syoklah!", as though the FRU has become a personal thing to him and perhaps, to the veterans of such events as well. The same sentiment was later repeated by several others, making one wonder the state of affairs we are living in; even Harris of People's Parliament mentioned of others saying the same thing to him. But mostly, Harris and I touched on our school days.

As I was shooting the other end of the covered stand, my eyes caught the sight of an elderly man sitting cross-leg on a block of cement. His looks are unmistakable for anyone else and soon as his eyes met mine, I rushed to him and we hugged each other in joy for its been more than 10 years since we met. Cikgu Hasbullah, is an old family friend and was very close with both my parents. And like my parents, he too is now a pensioner, and now living with one of his sisters in Subang Jaya. But boy, had someone taken shots of our hugging, I would have to say goodbye to any political aspirations I might have. Good thing I don't. But it was like 'Drama In Real Life', or a Hindustani movie, if you prefer.

By 1pm when the emcee announced a break for the day, I was ready to head back. The event, however, resumed at 2pm and will continue on till midnight tonight. InsyAllah, there will be a Solat Sunat Hajat after Isyak, which I believe will be lead by Tok Guru Nik Aziz. I, however, will not be able to join them. And after that, Amin Black too will be performing. As for the video shots, I guess all of us will have to wait till webtv8 converts them. This time, I definitely will ask for a copy which I will put in this blog, insyAllah.

ps. Bro Zul, if you are reading this and was referring to the ISA as written by Ustaz Saiful, then believe me, I stand for their cause too. Way sometime back, I, being a blog writer of no significance, wrote something about it which can be read here.


Zul said...

Salam Brother Shah,

Read today, what you wrote in 2005. Have not found you then. Thanks for sharing. Hats off for your sincerity, Brother Shah. Though sincerity is in the heart of the owner, I can sense your's. May Allah bless you, and all of us too.

Ydiana said...

Hi Shah

Salam. hehehe. When you give me commission, I take cash only...not pants ok.

What an interesting day. You must love your job very much. Do write a story on the main event, what is the outcome, any favourable news, etc.

Kata Tak Nak said...

The only thing that aches today are your eyes from rolling so much looking at pretty dames. I am sure you were hoping for one ro be in distress so that Prince Charming could go to the rescue.

Exactly my sentiment, no FRU where got syiok one.

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam bro Zul,

Bro, I am humbled by your comment, thank you.

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam ydiana,

Cash only? Alamak! Soon, I'll have more pants than I do cash :)

By the way, yes, I do love doing work for webtv8, but as a volunteer. But most of the time I am there as a camera crew. Being one and a roving camera unit at that, my mind is not on the main event - speeches and what not - but getting focus of subjects, especially of the people attending to capture the mood of the day. For the news itself, it would be best to read it at harakahdaily or malaysiakini.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Your first para....ssshhhhh! :)

As for the FRU, yup, that seems to be the mood now. Honestly, soon we'll have to start pitying them.

minah said...

aummmm chak!!


kueh for yours truly only, ahh??


dah berpunya rupa2nya

kueh for 'your obedient servant'

takde ke?? :(

hehe..janganlah merajuk ;)

bak mai satu hengget

nak beli kueh sendiri..

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam mk,

Dah berpunya apa? Aweks? Lor...keliling rumah! lol!

Snowflake said...

I hope that you are fine after a half day affair at the PROTES!
However, apart from clicking at HD and MKini, I discovered that the event went on unfavourably, as what was reported in TKO.
Nevertheless, despite such idiocy of the band, I guessed the PR entourage had their message delivered as to what was originally planned though, sad to say in such a way.

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam snowflake,

Alhamdulillah, I am good, after attending the event for half a day. And yes, it is rather unfortunate that some unruly behaviour occured, but not the doing of the PR supporters. Though some may view the chapter in a dark light, I see it the other way around.

This, was the first event held by PR in an open stadium, and with the notable absence of the police force. Here, the PR supporters have largely shown that they are disciplined and law abiding. Even during past march protests such as Anti-Denmark, Anti-Israel Lebanon invasion and even Bersih, we were disciplined.

Alamak! Ter-long pula jawapan ni. But its also meant for others to read as well.