Thursday, July 17, 2008

Modern Day Valley of the Blind - Story Review.

While at the pharmacy buying emak's medicine just now, I found this leaflet of a story review. Though the title sounds very much like The Valley of the Blind by HG Wells, this story is supposedly a contemporary version.

In the original story, a one-eyed soldier stumbled upon a valley filled with blind people, i.e. people who are sightless, but not illiterate. In this modern day version, there is no soldier, but there is a valley filled with people who are not only sightless, but illiterate as well. Now, before anyone thinks differently, kindly note that the leaflet of this story is being distributed nationwide and will be published by Valley Fable Master Incorporated, and I am just an interested reader. Anyway, the parallel the 2 stories ends there as from that point onwards, the modern day version has 2 central characters, while the original had only one.

According to the Valley Fable Master, these 2 individuals with the strange names of Anw and Raj, have committed great sins to the citizens of a valley. And for that, the Puppet Doraemon Ringgit Mesia (something like the Gestapo-on-the-string, if I read it right), were directed to bring the 2 to justice. However, the sins committed by both individuals are rather contrasting; while Anw fought against a slander, Raj was accused of making one. But both are already judged guilty by the Unroyal Circus even before the Puppets could draw up the charges.

Another strange thing is that in both cases, 2 different substances with names sounding quite alike was used. While one was organic in nature, the other was synthetic. Still, both are explosives in nature. And by that, I guess the Fable Master meant something more than the kababoom sound normally associated with explosions - a Seefool and a Seefoul.

But not all the citizens of the valley are totally blind. Some, having learned from experience or taught by outsiders, are slowly learning to read (braille, I guess). With that, comes knowledge, and with knowledge, they began to see. But when they did, they had a shock that many cried "Oh no! I don't want to see! Its so terrible and ugly, I don't want to see!" But they have seen. And soon, the Puppet Doraemons will need a longer leash, oops, I mean strings, to bring more people to the Unjustice Department.

I believe if this Modern Day Valley is published, it would certainly be a best seller. The selling point here is the charges against the two individuals. Can't say for sure whether it was an over or under sight by the author, but whatever the outcome, it will certainly create an uproar. I mean, the Unjustice Department certainly cannot find both individuals guilty where one is accused, the other accusing, both against or by different parties. Unless, off course, like any twist in a story, the author comes out with something drastic. So, don't miss out on this story, ye.


Ydiana said...

Salam Shah

After thinking hard, thinking.., thinking..., programming, assuming, strategising, mesmerising, I finally began to understand the review. Whoa!

Well, what's new? Gulity people are injusticely claimed innocent before any trial, not even being called for trial, with SD or not. Then another SD, suddenly managed to twist around with a contracdicting SD by another clown-wanna-be. There's so many clown wannabes here aka. opportunist.

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam ydiana,

Wah! Reading your opening statement, I gather my review is confusing? Alamak! Keep it under your hat please. Otherwise, the publisher will not pay my review fee, lol!

But then, when you look at the whole thing, the story itself is more confusing even more seasoned military strategists and mathematicians.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Did you know that an evil version of Yoda, the previous master of the valley, said that the present masters of the valley couldn't be that stupid as to trump up the same allegation all over again?

Is he admitting that they are clever, which means that he is stupid.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Fulamak! Now, Yoda is brought into play! Oops, not him, but his evil doppleganger!But honestly, I think they both are.