Friday, April 24, 2009

A Doc Lo'Lo's Invitation To All

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The MP for Titiwangsa, YB Doctor Lo'Lo', invites all to a family and health oriented program as below:

The venue, Dewan Orang Ramai, Kg Paya, is located within Kampung Bahru, Kuala Lumpur. Full itinerary and direction are made available at the YB's blog here. Do tell all and bring your family and friends along.


On a not pleasant development regarding the program above, it seems DBKL really need to have their heads examined.

In planning for this program, the YB Doc, had extended an invitation to the Minister of Federal Territories as the officiating VIP. Now, considering that the YB Doc and the Minister sits on the opposite side in the Parliament, this is a good gesture as any, for the well being of the rakyat. However, the minister, it seems, is unable to attend. And in lieu, DBKL - typical of their Sarkas subsidiary mentality - had invited the Sarkas Cheras Division Chief! What bloody nonesense!

Below, is the text message from the YB Doc, verbatim:

"Salam Dato Duad. Saya kesal kerana DBKL terus dengan sikap tidak profesional dan mengambil tindakan yang jelas sangat partisan. Saya bercakap tentand program Karnival Kesihatan anjuran DBKL & Persatuan Penduduk PPR Cochrane sek 25/4, di mana yang dipanggil merasmikan adalah Ketua Bahagian UMNO Cheras kerana Menteri WP tidak hadir. Saya selaku Ahli Parlimen Titiwangsa langsung tidak dimaklumkan.

Kenapa ketua umno dijemput? Di mana local standi nya?

Kalau begini sikap DBKL, saya syorkan tubuh sahaja umno cawangan DBKL, biar terang lagi bersuluh. Saya akan dedahkan ini dalam akhbar, blog dan website. Sekian."

As mentioned, typical of a Sarkas subsidiary mentality DBKL has. I have no doubt in mind that when that Sarkas chief does officiate, it will receive some attention from the MMS, and the sarkas chief and sarkas itself, will claim it as part of their service when in truth, it is the people's money being used - an ongoing lie by the sarkas since decades ago! Just as in the Bkt Antarabangsa tragedy, the food brought by Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat were repacked with the sarkas logo and name. And it is these people who had called for unity? Go jump into the filthiest of exrement, thank you.


Roti Kacang Merah said...

salam bro shah, you may be surprised if the decision for the ketua bhgn umno cheras khaaakptui to replace the minister to officiate the event may not be from DBKL but from some other political decision that is beyond DBKL's control. fyi, the pejabat cawangan dbkl under dr.lo'lo's area memang penuh orang pas. it's equally not easy to be 'lil bilis' yang selalu tersepit, you know...

cakapaje said...

W'salam Alin,

No, I won't be surprised at all, which is why I mentioned dbkl as its subsidiary. Personally, I know a few in dbkl who are real good people. The same goes with many ministries, which is why we need to cut off the head of the sarkas, separate it from the body, and throw each into a vat of molten lead. When they each solidify, we put them in a solyuz craft, and shoot them straight into the nearest and biggest nebula other than out Sun.