Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pot of Honey

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Even as it is still feeding on the nectar of one flower, a butterfly is already eying its next meal, of another flower of the same plant. Soon later, it flutters towards it, its flight path almost haphazard as it navigates the gentle breeze blowing. To add to its problem, the butterfly, like all or most insects, have compound eyes. While the compound eyes gives the butterfly and all around vision, it cannot however, focus on particular subjects the way a human can. In other words, the visions of a butterfly are as blurry as a person with a very weak eyesight and not wearing glasses.

"Quite like the story today" quipped Manan as we compared pictures we snapped for the day. Not understanding his statement fully, I asked how so.

"Well," Manan said "imagine for a moment that the flower the butterfly is on is called Perak. Only a brief moment ago the butterfly landed on it and began feeding. Somehow, it finds the nectar of this flower not as sweet as it would like, but nonetheless, still feeds on it."

"Then somehow..." Manan paused a moment as he stuffed tobacco into his pipe and lit it.
"Somehow, the butterfly's instincts reminds him of another kind of nectar. Thought darker in colour, it oozes with the richness that makes honey pale in comparison."

"Only problem is," Manan continued on "is that the butterly's can't see very well and thus the reason why it goes from one flower to another, like your butterfly there. In fact, if there's another butterly there, the two might just fight over the flower, and even killing over it".

"Butterfly fighting and killing? You're off your rockers" I shot back to him.

"Well, if it is just about the butterflies, I may very well be", replied Manan. "But, what if the flower they're fighting for is named Ganu, and the fighting are done by those here". I, off course, had a good laugh over it.

Yes, Manan's right; those people he refers to do need to have their eyes checked. Heads, rather.


Kerp (Ph.D) said...


its not a secret they cannot work with the current mb, right from the word go. tapi terpaksa la...takut menderhaka la katakan...hehehe...nak tak nak kena buat muka plastic.

cakapaje said...

Salam kerpie,

Talking about plastic, please read Pok Ku's take on the same subject and have a good laugh on it. Well, at least, I did :)