Saturday, May 09, 2009

Gulible People

I am no political writer, just a simple man with a simple wish - quite like many other Malaysians - for peace and justice to prevail in this country. After 6 odd years of dedicating my time and effort and most of those time, alone, I thought of taking a long rest and allow the new blood - some who suddenly proclaim themselves as heroes already - to carry on with the struggle. Never a man for spoken words, I now find myself feeling very guilty and distressed at the recent events in Perak. And I am very sure many Malaysians feel the same way too - from which ever side of the coin they are looking at. Ironically though, what prompts me to write my simple thoughts here, are not the mentioned event, rather a movie I had just watched, and only the tail-end of it, I must add.

When disaster struck the WTC on September 11, I was one of the many who were initially elated that it happened. However, when senses reigned, I began to feel sorry and even pity for those victims...and anger towards the perpetrators: How could anyone be so vile as to carry such crimes against the people of their own nation? My anger, as evident with the question, was aimed at the Americans who conspired with that illegal entity in Mid East, and not against those who were accused. After looking at the video, listening to some talks, and reading several articles, I think it would be safe to say that the WTC was part of a major conspiracy cooked up by certain quarters for some financial and material gains. Unfortunately, a small number of people where sadly, some were friends, would rather believe the news as distorted by the media.

One such news, was the finding of a 'suicide note' of one of the hijackers of a plane that smashed into one of the towers. Though even then many would find it highly improbable that such a note could escape the destruction, there were a number of believer that it did. And when I saw the reenatment on the movie just now, it only strengthened my belief that the letter was nothing but a stupid 'evidence' to crucify the Muslim world: amidst all the rubble, dust and debris, fire that nearly turned the tonnes of steel there into a molten lava, could a self incriminating letter written on a piece of flimsy letter survived? But the believers of the lie stuck to their belief. Now, nearly a decade later, and the matter of the letter seem to have disappeared, so too it seem, their memory and belief...until a new lie rear its ugly head.

Undoubtedly - as I have met a few - there are people who tend to believe the msm and sarkas's view of the story: That Sivakumar's position as the Speaker for the DUN Perak has been 'legally' removed, and replaced by some obscure figure whose name I even loathe to mention here. Undoubtedly, they will support the sarkas and quote another obscure figure of man from Johor statement's like the one here; and no matter how the truth is conveyed, they will not listen and keep to their belief (that too if one can call it that). Amongst them, some friends including bloggers many know of. And of these, some chose to believe simply because they prefer to remain ignorant, or claim to be partial. Well, eat this:

How, can a proceeding of official matter ever take place if it has yet to be officiated?

In the case of the DUN Perak, the chaotic scene of the House took place before it was officiated! House Speaker, YB Sivakumar was physically removed by force by several people whom reports mentioned as police personnel.

As mentioned by a Malik Imtaz here, the police do not have any jurisdiction in the House. How was it they were there then? And how was it they were allowed to do what they did?

The call for this assembly itself was unlawful as it was not issued by the Speaker. Yet, all the officials of the sarkas came a begging there. Why, did not the authorities respect the assembly when it was initially called for much earlier? Why did the authorities close the House, forcing the assembly to be held under a tree?

Off course, all these may seem irrelevant to the few mentioned as it comes from a PR activist who rely more on the alternative media than the sarkas-owned TV3, Utusan, NST, Berita and even Bernama. Well, then read it from another sarkas man who hae the guts and honour to speak out (here). (Sorry, I used to read him for a short while and thus no longer keep him on my list).

To those people I am forced to write this to: if you still prefer to remain partial and aloof despite the events which makes a mockery of democracy, justice, and all those relevant which allow you do so, then you are no different than a top hound who railed at those detained activist for being undemocratic. Yet, it was he who uses force: Go to your kennels, the lot of you!

ps. To sarkas: with this latest in Perak, are there any more talks about working together? Not on your life. If you can rape the rule of law, justice, democracy, and the people's trust, you are not worthy of any trust!

* Now, that's done, I can continue being the village idiot again :)


Anonymous said...

macamana polis masuk dewan sama dengan macamana C4 boleh dibawa keluar kot?

Kata Tak Nak said...

Shah, some of the bloggers were not duped into believing or wanted to believe that the sarkas did right. They know it is wrong but being bloody bastards, they pretend to not see the truths. These are the biggest bastards.

These bastards were sent to blogosphere for a reason: get Pak lah, and now that the deed is done, these chameleons do not care to even change colours anymore.

Some are very richly rewarded; getting very high positions in whore publication houses. These bastards will now spin stories, something they accused others of sometime back.

These whores are not worth it Shah. To me, they are pariah dogs. They have no conscience and do not know the meaning of justice.

Anonymous said...

Salam brother Shah,

Trust you are doing pretty well there (wherever you are).
Well brother, this the so-called "demokrasi terpimpin", thus what you see is what you get.
We have a position here whereby the institutions created by the principle of democracy is way more supreme than the principle itself.

Pak Idrus said...

Shah, it is painful to see and hear of the happening in Perak but that is the nature of politic. I am an optimist and believe that the rakyaat would eventually prevail.

cakapaje said...

Salam E,

A'ah ek! Camna C4 leh dibawa keluar? Dan camna mereka yang telah dilantik bersalah kerana politik wang dilantik ke majlis tertinggi sarkas? Kerana sarkas itu tidak lain dari najis korupsi yang hendak bermaharaja lela kut.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

You are absolutely right - they are whores, with sarkas as the pimp! And you are also right, they are not worth the spit.

But my writing here is to vent out my anger, frustration, and sadness, that there are some good Malaysians who believe all the yarns spun out.

Sadder still, when this type of anger is shown, they label people like me as being unruly. Blind are they that the true crimes perpetrated by sarkas goes unbridled? That, is what truly sickening sad.

cakapaje said...

W'salam bro Shirzad,

Alhamdulillah, I am, as you trust and kindly do'a. The same I pray for you.

Your last sentence smack true bro: sarkas regard themselves as way above all principles that is fair, just, and democratic. And yet, we still have good Malaysians believing them.

cakapaje said...

Salam Pak Idrus,

InsyAllah, as you mentioned, the rakyat will prevail. I too strongly believe it. That hope, do lessens the pain, thank you.