Sunday, February 21, 2016

Off to the Fields

Somewhere in the corner of the brain, a synapse comes to life triggering a memory of an image of a Chinese Brush painting of a villager walking out of the frame with a hoe slung over his shoulder and a straw basket on his back. The painting was published in a magazine and was viewed only once and remained hidden until - subconsciously - it was reproduced via digital photography several decades later. A poor reproduction, it must be admitted, especially in view that the original artist must have been a master of his art.

Title: Off to the Fields
Exposure: 40secs, F11
Lighting: Torchlight
* background edited. Ironically, lighting used to dispel shadow 
revealed too many blotches of the background wall instead.

It used to be the tradition for Chinese community world over would take a very long break from work to celebrate Chinese New Year. Beginning from Day1 right up to the Chap Goh Mei - the 15th day - this would be a stretch of a much needed rest having worked hard throughout the year. However, with changing times and with it, so do working conditions as well as economic needs. Where once it may have been a taboo to work during this period, now it would be considered normal for a man or woman to be driving the taxi or opening shops even on the second day. The days of a long break are almost over for many just as I hope the day will be ending soon for a few.

To my friends, here's a belated wish for Chinese New Year.

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