Sunday, October 16, 2005

A Belly Dancer No More...

Got home late afternoon yesterday. As per my normal routine, the first thing I would do once I shut the gate is to look at the fishes in the water tank. To my horror, the Big Momma, I found her floating sideways like some floatsam or debris of a shipwreck. Almost as quickly I pulled her out with a net and placed her in a pale of water.

Now, a House or Becker I am definitely not. But, eventhen I could tell she was not well and wondered if I should administer CPR on her. Then, on second thoughts, I decided to wait till tomorrow and send her to the vet.

Later that evening, I walked out to check on her, and she was gone! No, I mean she disapeared! A quick lookaround the bushes and drain failed to show any signs of criminal activity by those feline creatures that regularly visit my house since the water tank was brought over. A tinge of sadness crept in and daylight too failed to show any signs. Nothing I can do now, except mull over her disapearance.

The Big Momma, she's a belly dancer no more.


Maya said...

Condolence on the demise of your Belly dancer. What is it they say? ..."Stuff Happens"

cakapaje said...

Thanks Maya...and perhaps its for the best too. I mean, I would not want to live in the water tank for the rest of my life, would you?