Saturday, December 23, 2006

The 3 Amigos

Once in a land not very far from where I'm writing, there lived 3 brothers under one roof. Fate has it that each brother took different course in life leading them to where they are now. We shan't be bothered about the course they took for that was the past as this posting is solely for the benefit of the eldest of the 3.

Of the 3, the eldest grew to be the Prince Charming. With oriental looks, he had bevies of beauts clamouring for a piece of him throughout his life...till he got hitched. He also happened to be the most trendiest and creative of the lot. He made his name as a Creatice Director in the advertising industry, and is now into landscaping and interior designs.

The second brother is the brains. This does not mean to say he's not good looking though. He too had his share of 'excitement'. But unlike the eldest, the second brother has a norther Indian or Bangladeshi looks...comparande?

Now, the third brother...suffice for me to say, he's quite like Don Quixote; an ultra-Javanese lookalike Don Quixote.<- that's a full stop! :) Anyway, when they're riding together, no stranger would believe they're siblings. Hence my reason for naming them the 3 Amigos. Anyway, like I mention much earlier, this posting is specificaly for Emi, the eldest of the 3. He seeked my assistance to advertise his landscaping and interior design business. If you're interested, please visit I've tried to cut and paste two of the pictures of Emi's designs from his website. If they turn out, well and good; if they do not, you may just have to visit the link.


Cherio! :)

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