Thursday, March 01, 2007

They're Playing My Song...

Well, not exactly. But, they - webtv8 - are airing some of the interviews and press conference I attended for them. Guess what? I cannot even dare to claim those were my scoops! I was merely a parrot for questions prepared for the interview with Dato' Ibrahim Ali; lip-synchronising, would be the better term, I believe. And for the Cuban Embassy Press Conference, I was - as mentioned in previous post - a big A! Still, it was quite an experience.

One thing I should mention about the Cuban Embassy PC, there was an unexpected reward for it. As per norm with most PC's, the host would treat the media team with some delicacies and what not. There were several plates of Cuban dishes as well as Cuban Ice Cream, which was surprisingly, a total delight. But the icing of it all must be the Cuban Cigars! It is, afterall, an icon for the island nation, one which even non-smokers should know, I think.

But back to Dato' Ibrahim Ali, I must admit he is a totally different person than I imagined. Well, not totally, but...rather different. Though we were acquainted once before, this time it was on a one to one basis, and that made it a rather personal encounter. Putting aside his political belief and all, he is, as he personally put it, a misunderstood man with a firm political belief. And just what is that political belief, you ask. Well, you'll have to view the interview webtv8 is playing on .

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