Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Home Alone...

I'm at home....alone. Its dark out there. Has to be, its night time! Hehe...

Ok, emak's sleeping over at Emi's new house tonight. Why? Well, Emi went off to Kuantan or somewhere, looking at a new landscaping project. And since his new house is still going through some renovation works, he needs emak to accompany Maya, his maid. Hmm..me think that's not a well-thought plan. I mean, sending emak? So I told emak "why don't you follow Emi to Kuantan and let me accompany Maya? It'll be a short break for you (and a big one for me! hehe)". Hmm... you should see the expression on her face! Hey! I was just joking!

Incidentally, I'm on MC today and maybe tomorrow as well. Had a half day yesterday, on the accounts of a fall I had on Sunday. The physical kind, mind you, and not matters relating to the heart.

It was, as usual, my left leg that had me sprawling on the road on the way back from a surau meeting. Funny thing though, the whole incident was like one slow motion movie being played. And that honestly, had me scared. Can't explain it though...don't know how to.

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