Sunday, March 15, 2009

Going From Bad To Worse?

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The depression's here already. No, not the financial depression, but ameno's wrangling with the legal system and throwing almost everything back to before The Dark Age. Honestly, when you look at the news these past weeks, we might just one day end up like the Boat People of Indochina soon after the Communist took over the region. To cap it, we will also be either 'shooed' or 'shoot' away, just as Musa Hitam was purported to have mentioned to the media at the height of the exodus. And if the tide Malaysia is in is not reversed, perhaps one day, our people may be swimming to foreign shores in search for a better life.

The week certainly did not begin well with some money matters. While many went fuming when the salary for Puncak Niaga's Chairman was revealed at RM5.1 million, a few actually welcome it citing professionalism has it price. What professionalism, when the company concerned has a debt of RM4.1 billion and at the same faces cashflow problems? That, is a sheer rip off abetted by the previous state government of Selangor. Especially when one compare to the pittance 4.5% dividend EPF may announce for the year 2008 (or has it already?). Pray tell what happened to the money the BN government so conveniently borrowed from EPF early this year in an effort to supposedly support the KLSE? Did not the finance minister promised gains for EPF on the the amount borrowed? Or, has the money mysteriously disspeared as did the RM4 billion the federal government 'saved' when the petrol price was hiked by more than 30 cents last year? The amount 'saved' was meant to improve the public transportation system, but came to a naught.

Some said that with the new Finance Minister, things will improve. Bull! Just take a look at his track record, and one will find nothing but failures littering it. There's the housing for Military Personnel and their family in Lumut Army Base which when completed, were so full of defects that they were not fit to live in. There's the PSNC patrol boats which till date, only one has been completed. And that too way past the dateline given, and the billions paid out may not be recovered. There's also the question mark about his brother being the CEO of a bank, which may raise concerns of conflict of interest. In fact, when one look at it really deep, there has been nothing which the new Finance Minister can be proud of. He, may just be the antithesis of the Midas Touch. The person concerned here, has been, since day one of his return from studies, a total blundering oaf who can never get things right. His latest - the Perak issue - has even received criticism from his mentor (read here). I really do dread this month end should he ascend the post. Here, in retrospect, Pak Lah makes a better candidate. That however, in no way mean he has my allegiance.


Anonymous said...

Nice. Except for the bit where you mentioned something called ameno.

Is that something like an amino acid? Perhaps its some other biochemical substance?

Or was it a typo?

cakapaje said...

Salam MB,

Some toxic biochemical, more like it :)

Kata Tak Nak said...

Oh, toxic biochemical? I thought it stands for swine excreta?

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Er...I thought swine excreta is listed under toxic biochemical. If not, it rightly should be.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

TDM's view on the Perak issue was completely blacked out by the MSM. imagine if it was reported, it will certainly open up a whole new saga all together.

cakapaje said...

Salam kerpie,

As always, when the news contradicts the bn's stand, nothing is aired.