Saturday, May 07, 2011


Wow! Didn't realise it but it's been more than a year since I wrote anything here. Now, should I continue keying the words or should I just shut my trap and damned be to the world? Not that the alphabets I tap to form some (hopefully) legible words would make any difference, but one do sometime find the need to scream the lungs out if you know what I mean.

To be honest, been wanting to do this here for quite sometime now. Somehow though, there were always something or the other that made me held back my piece, and one of the culprits is an apps associated with an internet platform where quite a number of friends have migrated to, and strangely, one that I was trying to resists for umpteen years! Er...make that weeks. But in cyber world, guess that ought to count as a decade already, hehe. So, what am I doing back here then? Well, guess I do miss this blog of mine. As silly this blog may have been, it is, I believe, not repulsive as a certain video made available on the internet by a trio of people or people connected to the trio. Oops, hang on! This being my first tapping on the keyboard after a long time, I really do not want to go into this. Suffice to say, this link here echoed the very thought I have been putting to some. Must be said though, initially, a few of the some did not take well to my thoughts. But, so what?

OK, enough said for the moment. Wishing all is well with my blogging friends out there.

ps. Need to do some Spring Cleaning.


Kata Tak Nak said...

Well look who's back. Yeah we have away for quite a long time haven't we?

cakapaje said...


Salam. Yes, we have Sir. And I do miss your entries.

Snowflake said...

Hello... Im back too... Haven't read your post though. Will read later. Want to establish blogging friends again. Ok or not? Hi to SayNo.:)

cakapaje said...


Can, can ;D oledi or not? :D