Wednesday, November 26, 2014

May You Forever Be Young

 A man walked into a computer store and headed straight for the cashier, ignoring the 2 or 3 customers milling about in the shop without any apparent reasons. Late forties-early fifties, the moment he reached the counter he spoke in Malay asking "Ada Pandu Ibu-Jari?".
Noticing puzzled looks all around, he raised his right arm and flicked his thumb then said "Thumb-drive". That, raised a roar of laughter from those few in the store.

A few minutes later as the man was walking out, a much elderly man approached him, shook the man's hand and said "May you forever be young".

These past 2years have brought some changes to my life. returning from a short journey abroad, I was struck down by a virus attack, one which somehow plague me every 8-10years. This time however, it seem the worse yet as I was knocked out for more than 60hours, waking up in between just long enough for several sips of drink. By the time a week passed, I had lost more than 9kilograms of weight.  Looking and feeling frail, I had to move around with the aid of a walking stick. But time heals everything, so it is said. By the third month I was feeling much better. Still, I was not out of the woods as one ailment after another befell. Perhaps 'return' would be a better word to use.

A frozen leg of lamb is a nice thing to have once it is roasted or grilled. However, a case of frozen shoulders on both shoulders is not one would look forward to, and that was exactly happened. Luckily the left shoulder was not in a bad shape as the right allowing me some comfort in movement. While I would not use the term 'rigor mortise', my sleeping position certainly felt like one as I could not lie on neither right nor left shoulder. Hmm, certainly not the best time of my life, I must say. Then, another 'old friend' returned bringing with him 'someone new'.

Kidney stones. Minute in size as it is, is no minor thing for many people the world over, yours truly included. Mine, come and goes as it please this past 20years but this time it is different - he brought along a 'big brother'!

Seems, lodged in my right kidney was a growing concern that went unnoticed. It was only after being CAT-Scanned that I found out I have a large stone which goes by the name of Staghorn Calculi or Staghorn Kidney Stone. It is named so as on film the stone or stones do look like the horns of a Stag. The Specialist at the hospital I was referred to, took one look at the films and said 'kena tebuk, bang' (loosely translated: got to dig it out). Scarry as it sounds, that 'tebuk' is the only way to get the stone/s out as it is measured at 4cm. Not the largest, mind you, but large enough to warrant a surgery. And that is the whole reason for this entry which otherwise I might have totally forgotten about.

Granted, this is not a good blog to read and nor is my English on par with the standards of many. Whem I first began to blog, it was for meant entirely for me to write as I please. Somewhere between then and now, the blog began receiving readers and comments and soon, ashamedly I admit, I lost my bearing. By the time I realise it, the damage was done and I had, several times in the recent past, thought of deleting it and start a new identity. And perhaps I may well do so after this.

Come this November 28 morning, I am scheduled for a surgery to remove the Staghorn. It may be a minor surgery but not one without complication as the 2 previous surgeries I had (but not related to kidney stones) been. On both occasions, I had breathing problems which made me feel like drowning and gasping for air. I tried ti call out and even tried flailing my arms but nothing happened. All I can remember was fading out into darkness again only to find myself awaken in sadness much later. I cannot explain the emotion I was going through but on the last surgery, I found a hand on my chest and grabbed that hand to my face and began crying.

Emphysema. An ailment which many had in the past been mistakenly diagnosed as asthma. Under anesthetic, a patient may stop breathing. That, is what I have and that is the complication which the surgeon and doctors at the hospital fear. (That, and the Frozen Shoulders where the pain and stiffness still lingers).

As a Muslim and as most Muslims are taught, to seek forgiveness for one's mistakes and wrongdoing at any point of time, most especially when one feels the end is near. Now, before I go on, let me get to the point: to all my friends and blogger friends, as well as to anyone who may hap upon this blog: I, Cakapaje or Shah Rir, seek your forgiveness for anything that I may have wronged you and in turn I forgive you of yours (if any) to me. And if you are kind enough, please pray for me and that the surgery will go though without incident.

In ending, I wish everyone, especially my friends and family members: May You Forever Be Young.


Eleena said...

Assalamualaikum Tuan Shah, semoga Tuan tabah menghadapi dugaan ini. Allah sentiasa berada bersama hambanya dan ini adalah dugaan yang pasti akan membawa sesiapa sahaja ledih dekat kepadaNya. InshaAllah, Tuan antara yang terpilih. Semoga Tuan mendapat rahmatNya yang dengan rahmat itu Tuan layak ke jannahNya tanpa dihisab. Aameen.

Apa Kau Nak said...

Salam Abang Shah, :) I was just checking my old (now dead) blog and teringat kat you and hopped here and was surprised to be greeted by this news! I hope the operation went well and you are in good health. I no longer blog or FB but once a while I do read blogs.

Take care - Intan Suzana/ Eskapisminda

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam wbt, Puan E.

Alhamdulillah, semoga benar kata Puan dan terima kasih di atas do'a itu.

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam wbt, Intan.

Thank you for dropping by and most especially for your wishes.

Yes, blogs (some, at least) are beginning to make a comeback. I'm pretty sure mine will too soon after my 2nd surgery this coming Monday. Get your up again too, please.

cakapaje said...


I tried to visit your blog but was denied.