Tuesday, February 03, 2015

A Longing

Been slightly more than 2years since I held my camera. Last, was on the short journey after which Emak and I both fell ill for a long duration. Too long, it seems. And it is only now that I realise how I miss going out for a shoot. Never a people-photo kind of guy. My love was nature, especially birds but could not pursue them much. Finally, flowers became the most convenient subject. Sadly, with my being alone at home and unable to tend the plants, many died. Before I send the wrong thoughts to anyone, let me say this: a good photographer I was not. I am simply one, like many, who loves taking shots of anything beautiful.

My Canon 500D is now gathering dust in its cabinet. For the moment, my shoulders still cannot lug even it for more than several minutes, what else the bag and accessories. Not much there though. Just several filters, a few lenses, and the tripod. The hobby, as many can testify, can be rather expensive.

Long exposures. They became my pursuit before I fell ill. Unable to leave Emak alone for long periods of time, I made my own small studio on the front porch, sometimes wondering if the neighbours might think I was kind of looney when they see torchlight beamed high and low as I try to perfect the needed lighting. One, like the photo below, belong to my 'Dark Series'.

My apologies though as it is only a reduced copy of the original, I am unable to give the Exif, if ever one is interested. With only slight adjustment to the brightness and whatnot as permitted, almost none of the photos were edited.

 Hmm...now that I have uploaded it, I wonder if anyone from a social network I was in would recognise and identify me. If you're one of them, I do apologise for not returning to the fold. As much as I would like to, I just can't find it in me to do so. Perhaps I'm still nursing a broken heart after the last General Election and my heart stand defiant against it.

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