Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Black, Please

Title: Table For Two, Please.
Location: Sungai Damansara

A prank message received in a whatsap group I am in reads(translated from Malay):

xx1 (a husband): Be careful when posting edited photos of nation's leaders, politicians and VIPs as the Multimedia Commission now monitors communications daily and would take action on violations and whatnot under the Print and Media Act. Several people including civil servants were detained recently.

Attention: on your mobile screen, press *#06#.
If only an image appears, you are safe.
If /01 appears, then your mobile is under the Police watch list.
If /02 appears, then the Multimedia Commission is watching you closely.
If /03 appears, your wife is monitoring you.

xx2(a single): Oooo, I'm safe! I have /01 and /02 on my mobile but not /03!

Less than 5 minutes later another reply came.
xx3: How do I know what my number is? 


Communication tools play a wonderful part in life today. But not too long ago, some people view them with caution and even disdain, citing their presence for the loss of social interaction in their close-knit community. I believe this sentiment was echoed world over, my current neighbourhood included.

Oops! I'm feeling lost here. The topic and words I thought of writing have all disappeared like the wisp of smoke due to constant interruptions by the very thing that my mind wanted to write about. But since I wanted to post today, I'll just publish this regardless, then sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee. You should too. And do watch the video below. Life, I was told, is not like a box of chocolates.

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