Saturday, December 19, 2015

Putting the Genie Back

It's been quite a while since I saw Robert De Niro in a good movie. About a year or so ago, the movie he acted in was so slow moving that I actually fell asleep. No offence meant as by now I should know that having a good cast does not mean a good movie. The story, the directing, the line, the cinematography, and many more contribute to the make of a good production. Let's not forget the twist and turns - however painful some maybe - which makes the audience sit up just as the they thought it was predictable. And it does not have to be an action movie at all. No sirree, it does not. One fine example is the latest De Niro movie 'The Intern'. That, by my reckoning, is a gem and a must watch. Oh OK, I've watched it so it is now listed as a 'must watch again'.

Now, before I continue, I think I should state that I am not a film critic. However since this is my blog, I can pretty much write my opinion on what I think is good or bad (smile), hoping that in no way at all the words I write or have written, can be considered seditious. Speaking of which: Prof, do hang in there, buddy. Now that more academicians have begun voicing their concern particularly about your freedom, you may yet walk free. OK, so I'm not one of those academicians. In fact, I'm not even an academician but who gives a shit, right? But I'm with you just as I believe many more academicians, and not, are. And Prof, just think this episode as one of the twist in movies (easy for me to say, huh?).

With a fine cast which include the hot Anne Hathaway, the twist in the movie may not be as profound as I mentioned above. In fact, one can describe it more as subtle even to the point of not noticeable. But it is there and one just have to follow the dialogues pretty close to catch it. That. however,  can be somewhat difficult when one's eyes are glued to that Ms Hathaway who  is in a role far different from those sci-fi/action movies I've seen her in. In 'T.I', she play a precious almost innocent-looking young mother and wife who heads her own on-line sales company.

De Niro, meanwhile, has a role which is not of a toughie, but one I love best. It may not win him the Oscar, but to me, it was simply the best I've seen of one of the best actors around. In a scene where he and Ms Hathaway had a snack late at night, Ms Hathaway said a line which became part of the title of this entry: Can't put the genie back in the bottle. Oh babe, you looked so darling precious! Oops! Want to know more the scene and movie? Watch it. Honestly, I am anticipating a sequel. But just as in real life, somethings are better left as it is. The same, sadly, cannot be said about the situation in this country of ours.

Of late, the news are splattered with stories about the rebels within that political party, a name that not only I, but many loathe even to mention. A hideous, heinous, party with a 4letter(word) acronym where members think of nothing but themselves and their party. To date, only one - and he is actually walking the plank now - had the brains to think about the nation first before that party. Even then, it was uttered only once and since then, never again.  I pray that there'll come a day when the party and all its members, most especially the office bearers and all affiliated with them, will come to and end soon. We may not be able to put the Genie back in the bottle, we can then start looking for a better future. Till then, we just have to accept their presence and menace as another twist in the history of this beloved country of ours.

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