Sunday, April 30, 2006

New Kid On The Blo(g)ck.

Hehehe...I'm back! I'm back! I'm back...don't know for how long this time. though.

Its been several months now since I last wrote anything anywhere. In the world of emails and what not in this cyberage, that's like eternity! Hmm...its a wonder though I can still remember my password.

What brought me back? Good question! In all honesty, I really do not know. But if there is a reason for it, guess a little episode several days ago drove me back here. And hey!, here's not a bad place to be. I mean, I can go rambling and mumbling forever, and no one, not a shit would care. After an eternity's of absence, who would want to be looking into this blog? No one! Unless you count that mosquito hovering between my face and the screen and wondering "Now, where am I going to get my life juice from next?".

Anyway, that little episode I mentioned earlier goes like this: I stumbled into a website which, I would call cool, if cool is word that transcend all age groups with the very same meaning:, that is what its called.

Now, like anything and everything else in my life, I like to go rushing headlong into things, only to stumble on the minutest of pebble and fall few centimeters short of, horse droppings. Ok, I'm exegerating. But such an episode was a true life event sometime back in 1986. Later though.

Back to Muslimspace: Like Custer at Little Big Horn, I rushed into MuslimSpace and found myself gaping in wonder (more like lost, actually) at the things there. Never have I been in a website or portal with so many muslim...ah!

As I browse through the site, I did what I would normally do in such a situation - I went googoo-gaga! That, is the typical 'cakapaje' bloke who's writing you're reading now.

Ok. It seem to the law of nature that anyone who goes googoo-gaga to fall flat on their face. Yup!I was indeed not an exception to that law.

Anyway, with so many '..'ah's' around, I found one that strikes me the most and had me thinking she was a foreign muslimah from a land where muslims are like natural diamonds in Malaysia! Turned out, she's as Malaysian as I am but with a mix of Arab. Who? Now, now, now, that would be telling wouldn't it?

Having found her there, I tried to emulate Custer's charge in the Battle of the Bullrun. Unlike Custer then, I misreably failed. But like Custer in Little Big Horn, I was...massacred. Well, if you consider a broken heart flayed over and over again a massacre, then yes, I was massacred. If you don't happen to think alike, that's your problem fella.

Thus, what else could a guy do in such a situation? Yup, I followed Napoleon and the Wermacht army example of making an abrupt retreat. Still, all is not lost.

Glancing over the episode like Napoleon did while in Elba, I decided to salvage some pride and brave a new front., I decided, shall be the international launching pad for the webtv I'm associated with now.

Unfortunately. Don't you hate it when such a word is brought into play when you least expect it? (You did? Oh!).

Unfortunately, due to a glitch in their system caused by the migration to a new server, neither the blog space nor the general information area is not working for now. After several futile attempts to get the host to assist, I have decided to temprarily give up on it. What remains in my page now are 2 photographs and some biodata, which makes the page looks like the remnants of a civilisation long gone.

Alas, perhaps its for the better. For I soon found out to my further dismay, that I was very much in the company of young people - many, many, very young people! Its such that there was now way at all I could introduce myself as...a new kid on the blo(g)ck! Sigh....

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dey dude! you wrong! somebody's watching ya!