Monday, May 01, 2006

Not a Good Monday...

Foremost, when exactly is Monday a good day?

Having spent the entire weekend with your family's constant pleading to take them places other than a relative's house, you are left wondering whether the word 'I' or 'my' does exist in a family. I mean, having worn yourself out during the weekdays, many would give an arm just to laze on the sofa watching nothing on the television.

Even then, while you're watching nothing, your ears just cannot help but pick up the sounds of kids fighting, bawling and yelling their little lungs out. It may even reach the extent that you begin to think that you are like Bethoven, writing loud music hoping to hear even if the sound is more like a whisper. Except, in this case, the unwarranted music is being written by your family. as a parent must be tough!

To placate the kids and your wife/husband, you take them out to places, wherever that may be. Normally, for a husband, that's the best part as the wife tend to be the parent kids cling to. For the wife though, it can be quite a torrid moment I imagine. Apart from the kid, there's the husband that needs tending to as well! Oh boy!

Anyway, by the time you reach home, its almost dusk. Your weekend dream of lazing on the sofa watching nothing soon turn to lying on the bed watching the ceiling and wishing its Friday evening already. You're worn out by the weekend's activity, only to be worn out by the weekdays' activites! Like I mentioned earlier, it tough to be a parent! Good thing I'm not one...yet!

Still, that does not mean my Monday's are better off. For one, only this morning, after spending more than an hour cleaning the fish water-tank, I'm almost drained out already. Not for any reason, but the fear of my fishes. Remember the ammonia pollution to the water supply in the Klang Valley? I fear it may have happened again.

On that particular day, I had just cleaned the water-tank. To my horror, several of the fishes were soon to be found floating dead! Over the next several days, the scene repeated itself killing some of the best species. The whole episode ended only when the pollutants to the water supply was drained out.

This Monday morning, soon after I cleaned the tank, several of the larger species began to surface for air even though the water and air pump was running as per normal. This behavior is simiilar to the episode mentioned earlier, leaving me to dread what the evening will bring. I can only pray that the whole epidose will not repeat itself as this time it may wipe out all the fishes in the tank.

But come to think about it, my fear for the fishes may be real silly. I mean, I'm worrying for the fishes when it is my neighbourhood I should be thinking of! If indeed the situation is repeating itself, then the whole Klang Valley will again be eating and drinking ammonia-polluted water! When will this end?


Anonymous said...

duh! monday, moonday, they all the same.

Totally Depleted said...

Your fishes keep dying, don't they? Ever considered another hobby?

cakapaje said...

Well, yes, thank you, I am thinking of one - taxidermy (hope I got the spelling right).

Unfortunately, my guinnea pig is far out my reach currently. He's in BK3 of Bandar Kinrara! :)