Monday, November 06, 2006

The Life and Time of a Party President.

At the time of writing this, P.O.B. has yet to be registered neither as a party nor as a society. It should be stated, however, that the fault of this non-registration does not lie with the Registrar of Society, contrary to the opinions of the party members. The ROS, it must be stressed here, have been most responsive, responsible, and even cooperative, to say the very least. The fault in this whole fiasco lies within the party itself. To be precise, the membership of the party leaves much to be desired.

It is with a heavy heart that I, as the interim party president, have to document this confession in a public manner; but I do so for the greater good of this nation, particularly, the very party itself: we have failed!

POB was initiated more than a decade ago by a group of individuals who believed that its formation would, and could, harness the creative minds and seemingly boundless energy of the untold number of individuals in Malaysia whom, the party pioneers thought, their pursuit of a common interest are being laid to waste without the leadership and direction of an organisation that would charter a path towards the successful realization of the ideals that is shared by these like-minded individuals.

Sadly, this party has been betrayed from the very beginning, not only by its members (party membership provides for automatic qualification or disqualification based on information and updates - provided on weekly basis – by the Ministry of Information, Ministry of (then) Welfare, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Internal Security, and the various government agencies such as LHDN and even bodies of all the faiths in Malaysia), but even by the pioneers themselves! Even before the first anniversary of its interim formation, several of the pioneer members betrayed the ideals of this party, to the point of denouncing the party at private gatherings where, by Malaysian Standards, would be witnessed by at least a score of individuals from other parties who are bent on the destruction of POB!

That the funding of such gatherings have been derived from sources which are anything but legal have never been questioned by these individuals, nor thrust to their unthinking minds; acts which are politically and morally wrong, as their mind and even soul are being controlled by the enemies of P.O.B., using every media available to discredit, tarnish and slander, while at the very same time it – the media – glorifies the leadership of our enemies to the point where not a single fault lies within them. To borrow the words of a former leader of this nation: the playing field is not level; the treachery and injustice upon us goes untold and unbridled.

Ogilvy once wrote “I am so old, so tired…”, and I now begin to understand his words.

There still remain loyalist amongst the pioneer members, but the number is thinning. Together with them, I have tried my best so that P.O.B may rise to be an equal, but that now seem an elusive dream. As such, I have no alternative but to offer my resignation as the interim President of P.O.B., in hope that another may succeed where I have failed.

To my comrades who remain loyal to the ideals of P.O.B, and even anyone who may chance upon this document, I have not a single doubt in my mind that I will be seduced to betray P.O.B. and that the seduction may even succeed. But know you, friends and foes alike, I will not give up without a fight.

By the way, especially for those who may not be aware of the existence of P.O.B., its full name is Partai Orang-Orang Bujang.


Poppy In Bloom said...

:D hehehe means u have found your agent of betrayal meh? to leave the party? heheheheh

cakapaje said...

Well...its more like they, me. But off course, thats more like wishful thinking. Sigh...

I'm also waiting for the right agent. Maybe a lady ninja? Now, that'd be a true seduction :)

Esah GRO said...

Is POB and exclusive men's club or can a female join?

cakapaje said...

Esah, like the Arabs would say: Ahlan, wahsahlan! Haiya! Haiya!