Monday, November 06, 2006

Shifting Gear

With Raya now more than a fortnight passed already, several houses are already running out of dishes and kuehs to serve guests. Likewise with this house which I only realised when serving 2 dear friends whom I have not met for more than several years. Amidst our conversation, I found to my dismay, that we're at the tail-end of our madu angsa and wajik, not to mention the raya cookies. My facial expression must have been pretty obvious that A offered to take me to a shop in KL that still sell delicious raya cookies as soon as S leaves. And soon we were on our way there in his brand new BMW.

Not bad, I thought to myself. For a chap who comes from a small town somewhere in Sabah, A seem to have it made. So I asked him what he does now. Off course, I cannot reveal his story, only that he asked me to join the rat-race. mind was going like 'I've never been a rat, how do I join the race?'

As he is one of those 'once started, difficult to stop talking' guy, I just listened. All along the way he was telling me of how well he was doing and the contributions he'd made as a supplier to some of the major developments in KL, and how those developments would contribute towards the flow of furthers successes, especially for the common good of the people. It had begun to rain even before we reached KL, and traffic was begining to pile. But he did not seem to be bothered about it, and may as well not have noticed the crawl we were in. I mean, we were really in a milimeter-by-milimeter crawl that even those padestrians who were braving the rain seem to be moving faster than us.

Anyway, after a long while, the traffic situation improved. As we approached a bank, he suddenly pulled over and said he needed to make a rather urgent transaction, and asked me to drive the car around the block till he comes out. I was like "huh? Is this guy serious?" I mean, I've never really been in a 6xxx series BMW, let alone drive one! But, I was also like "wow! Here's my chance to drive one!"

As I moved to the driver's seat, I began feel the adrenelin going through me and thought about the invitation to join the rat-race. Hmm...not a pretty bad idea, I thought. And I was really begining to get fire-up about the whole idea when a car behind sounded a horn rather rudely. 'Ok! Ok!' I shouted by myself as I put on the belt and revved the engine.

The mere touch of the steering wheel was electrifying for me to want to be a monster. Oops!, rats, I mean, rat. My right leg kept revving the engine as my left hand reach for the gear. My left leg..."Hey! Who stole the clutch pedal?"


Kak Teh said...

Make sure your left leg keeps in touch with the brain. It is easy to get swayed in today's rat race and then lose our way. I have become so intuned with the slow pace of life here that I can't imagine leading a life like that. For one, I cant afford a BMW 6xxx series.

Poppy In Bloom said...

erk! tak faham! what happened to the clutch pedal?

cakapaje said...

Kak Teh: Too right, kak teh. In my current situation, even keeping a wira is already a burden, whatelse a BMer!

As for brains, you mean rats do have one? Oops! Me and my mouth...sorry. I'm like you, rather the slow pace of life than a hectic one.

Poppy: Heya Poppy! Thanks for dropping in. The clutch pedal? That's the whole big question I'm asking myself...but I guess them euro, japs and US cars now all come without one. Auto's I guess.

Poppy In Bloom said...

oh! yeah aaa... hehehehe... too much caffein today after hopping from starbucks to coffee bean then to naily's

Esah GRO said...

Boys and their toys! Hope you enjoyed yourself, sweetheart

cakapaje said...

Esah Darling, thank you. Yes, I did enjoyed myself, for the brief moment it was.