Saturday, May 26, 2007

Living Next Door To Alice

In the song, Alice had been the girl next door for the past 24 years. That long neighbourly period had made the singer/songwriter taken things for granted and procastinate any action which would have developed the relationship onto the next step...till, Alice called him to say goodbye - she was moving away! Hmm...can't remember what happened towards the end as I have totally forgotten the lyrics.

In a real life scene though, Alice did not make the telephone call; she and that cakapaje bloke was on the opposite side of the fence when the news was told; Alice will be moving off to Singapore to continue her studies and at the same time teach the lower levels. After slightly more than 24 months as a neighbour, we never really did get to know each other aproper, prefering to talk through the fence. Have to admit, I will miss her.

Can't say about the character in the song, but the Alice here, is a sweet young chinese lady, whom, had I not known her better, would have thought she is of the baba-nyonya descendant. A devout Christian, she currently teach English at a local college and in her spare time, a private piano teacher. Alice real life name is Sandra.

For the past 24months or so we've been neighbours, I have had the pleasure of listening to her playing the piano. She keeps the piano in the rear upstairs bedroom, closing all the windows in an effort not to disturb the neighbours. Though faint the sound may be (I don't think she use the damp pedal), I do enjoy listening to those classical pieces, they make me wish I have of my own. Does not matter whether its grand or upright, so long as I can play my pieces.

Hmm...that last sentence does not seem quite right. Before anyone gets the wrong impression, let me just say this: after more than 2 decades of not having a place to practice playing the piano, my wrist and fingers are as stiff as nails. But I would love to, given the chance, play several pieces. Its not difficult to imagine. Just picture an orangutan hitting the keyboards!

Back to Sandra, here's to you sweet lady! May Allah grant you hidayah and make you a muslim.

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