Friday, May 04, 2007

What's your VisualDNA?

What's your VisualDNA?

Uurgh! That sound pretty much like a pickup line. Sort of nerdy, but a pickup line it would most probably be translated by many. Hmmm....

Ok. I'm a sucker for teasers, personality tests and so on. I don't go searching for them, mind you, but can never resist when one is brought to my attention. And so it goes with VisualDNA. It is another of those personality test of sorts which I had just taken. Pretty accurate these darn things, and I do enjoy taking time out with them. Why don't you give it a try at:

If ever anyone is interested, my username there is Shahrir.

Hmm...this is not the thing I wanted to write here after a week of absence. Quite a number of things actually, but I just can't put myself to it yet. However, I'll write the titles now so I won't forget:

1. The Napoleon Syndrome
2. Licking My Wounds.

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