Monday, December 15, 2014

A Horse, Tethered

Just the other night I managed to catch a rerun of an old Western movie, The Magnificent 7 Returns.  Having seen the first movie, TM7R may not be much to talk about. Still, it was nice to watch especially it has been years since I last saw Lee Van Cleef  in action. 

Like millions of kids growing up in the '70s, a Western movie was something eagerly waited. Never mind many of the movies then were not Politically Correct, as the phrase itself might not have existed let alone understand its meaning. Perhaps what we wanted to see were the gunfights where the hero always win. Oh, we knew it then that heroes never die (they just fade away) but it was still thrilling to watch them in action. 

There was a posting I made ages ago in this blog about how I love to watch them smoking in the rain where somehow the cigarette was never doused by the rainwater. Another kind of scene that came back to me while my stay in the hospital was of the horses were tethered to a branch and sometimes even a twig and yet, the horses never runs off even though the tie was a simple loop. Amazing, I thought then. Cowboys and horses, how I love them.

Many years later, I had my first ride on a real horse and thought of doing just about everything those cowboys did. Suffice to say, a Show Jumper, I'll never be. But that's alright.

Tomorrow, of this posting's date, I'll have to go back to the hospital where hopefully, the doctors there will remove the Conduit Bag attached to my kidney. Somehow though, I do not think they will as these past 2days I noticed more fluids and blood filling the bag and I fear I may be warded again until wound completely heals.

Staying in the hospital is not as bad many think. The medical and support staff in my ward have been kind, gentle and friendly. The bad part though comes in two. First, a lengthy stay can mean an idle mind where boredom sets in. And anything more than 2days can drive one crazy, and I was in there for a total of 2 weeks! Another, is related to the horses mentioned above.

Having a Conduit Bag attached to one's kidney can be quite a bother especially when one needs to take a shower. In the hospital, the bag had to be carried around instead of strapped to the leg. Whenever I take my shower then, I had to hang the bag on any metal bars or tap and this greatly curtailed my movement. A simple slip of the mind on the matter would find me being 'reeled' back - constantly. My thoughts then, I was just like a horse tethered.

To the medical and support staff of Ward 9TD, PPUM, I thank you for your patience and kindness towards me and would like to dedicate this song to you. Also to my family members and friends: Doc TA, Abang Lan and Eleena, and especially Aiman for helping me. Keep up with your good work and may Allah s.w.t. bless you.

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