Wednesday, January 07, 2015

A Donkey's Tale

Foremost, anyone out there who is familiar with this blog might just think this entry is a continuation to one in the past entitled 'Story About Jackasses'. No, this is not. Nor is it about anyone prominent to the likes of spending a vacation with his family some north of here and then spinning a lie that it was an official trip until a tabloid laid bare his lie, much to the shame of the nation.

Then again, perhaps this should be a continuation to SAJ, especially a certain Jackass who should be kicked in his rear and sent flying to a country which lay somewhere west of Kamchatka and one that was once led by a famous warrior who it is said to have lived with a code of honour that this prominent Jackass have no inkling about.  But no, as much as I very much would like to I have decided not to ridicule anyone. And this would include the 47% Jackasses of a certain august house somewhere in this world.  Enough said.

Now, this entry came about after reading about Don Quixote meeting with Si Luncai, a man in the same standing of fables quite like the Don himself. The story about this meeting is itself not true but if given the time may well tall amongst the ranks of other fables including that of the Don and Si Luncai.

Another thing that spurred this entry is an Arab proverb I came across quite recently. As one might have guessed, yes, it is related to a donkey. Some might read it hilariously just as I did, while others may not. One thing to remember though, the proverb I will be penning in a while is a translation from Arab to English. I was told that the original version sounds and read much better.

"He who brings a donkey up a minaret, will he himself bring it down".

Honestly, I do not know the real meaning but my read is simple: He who does a stupid thing shall then undo it himself. It's like if one is in a prominent standing and then do something stupid (or many stupid things), one should the honourable thing such as the sepuku. Although that may not atone for the wrongs done, it would, I think, give some people a peace in mind. But hmm...I'm digressing. No, this entry has nothing to do with anyone but me in the lead role of the donkey in question.

You see, I have this pain in my abdomen somewhere near where the appendix should be. It can't be the appendix as the surgeons took it out when I was 7yrs old. And the pain bothers me only when I am in need of the Rest Room. When I consulted a Nurse friend, she said it is due to the Stent - a 24cm wire - which connects my right kidney to my bladder, courtesy of the surgeons.

So what has that got to do with my being a donkey, one might ask. Simple. Since I do not drink enough water, it affects the areas where the Stent is. To stop being a donkey, I would need to drink at least 2liters a day, just as everyone should. Thing is, like I told my younger sister: "What? You want me to drown?" I was, of course, just being my playful self with her.

But seriously folks, do drink lots of water. Otherwise you might be going through the inconveniences I am now. And as for the sepuku, well, come this 29th Jan and in a minor surgery, the surgeons will be taking out the Stent. Not a real sepuku but close enough.

Er...any ladies out there care to own a donkey as a pet? Just kidding ya.

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