Sunday, March 08, 2015

Cuckoo Time!

The man stood facing the wall with his upper right hand raised waist level.
"Good!" said the lady. "Now, slowly race two fingers up the wall to your height. Keep repeating till I get back", and she scoots off.
After several times of repeats, the man starts to feel uncomfortable.
"Am I in a Primary School class all over again..." his mind begins to wonder, "or is this a looney ward?".
Not wanting anyone he know walking in and thinking him as the latter, the man picks up his jacket and walk out the room quietly.
"Hey! Where's my patient? the physiotherapist ask her colleague.

Some very many entries ago, I related a joke told to me about the 2nd Penang Bridge. Initially, some took it seriously but a few who caught the catch-word had a good laugh. The whole story is rather long but it sums up to this:
A father and son team won a bid to build the bridge. Their winning pitch was "I'll begin building from the island while my son will do the same from the mainland. Hopefully, we'll meet in the middle of the straits". /-

Don't ask me about engineering as I know nuts (and bolts) about them. And those nuts and bolts is all about precision. Thus when the father in the above story said 'hopefully'...

Time passed and the joke faded away until I saw the photo below in ViralNova via a link at
Free Malaysia Today. Mama mia!

Slightly on a serious side but looney all the same, a write-up I thought I read in TheAntDaily bur am not able to find it now. The writer is not the looney here but the person she wrote about most certainly is.

Seems, the person in question had asked all or any Malaysians who do not like the government to leave the country. Wow!

The writer thought that it is an outrage for the person to say this seeing the opposition won 52% of the votes in the past General Election. Allow me to expand on that last part.

The current population is estimated at 30million. I don't have the figures at hand but let's just say of that number only a third were eligible voters, that would make 5.2m of the voters who tried to vote out the government and only4.8m who voted for. Logistically speaking then, it would make more sense even if it is a tad easier, for the 4.8m to leave rather than the larger number. Thus, the person who uttered this must surely rank none other but a cuckoo.

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