Sunday, May 10, 2015

Keep The Donkey Alive

Unfortunately, there are no real wolves here in Malaysia. Only a particular group of donkeys with a dominant female and male sitting precariously up a minaret. They are there with the assistance of a jackass who is ever so determined to bring them down. How true then the Arab proverb I included several entries ago: He who brings a donkey up a minaret, must he himself bring it down.

Now, before anyone think this has got something to do with the situation in our country, let me just tell you, no, it does not. I am just in one of wicked moods to write a horror-fable, in hope of improving my English. Another, it might help to distract my mind from the going-ons which were I to write my angst, might have this blog of mine certified as triple x on the accounts of the expletives and other nasty words I may use. The writing too, would not go well with my struggle to reform myself from being barbaric against animals, donkeys in particular.

Coming back to my story, the jackass who helped the two donkeys there has admitted that he is a jackass. What, knowing donkeys being donkeys, defecates wherever they please and one of the two mentioned here have a string of records of the places he has done so before ascending the minaret. Yet, the jackass has the audacity to say that he thought this donkey was clean. Hmm...should I use the word 'idiocy' instead? Pardon me for asking out loud as this blog is the only place I can practice English Language.

In a land where humans live side by side with donkeys, the  latter have been known to take hunans in a roller-coaster ride of mole-hills while insisting that they, the donkeys, are there for the sake of humans.  Countless generations believed in them until one day, a group of people decided to look closer at the mole-hills and discovered donkey-manure instead. And try as this group of people did, their telling others were met with disbelief. The disbelief turn into anger, and anger into hatred against their kind till one by one, when they themselves began to lift the veil of lie, the pong of manure hit them hard in the face.

Meanwhile, the two donkeys up the minaret goes on with their merry way and disclaiming anything to do with all the manure, even the recent stench up the minaret. But the donkey population is running thin. Due to inbreeding and deaths, the remaining donkey are feeling the tremors surrounding the minaret and looking for ways to stop it and the barrage of the people who have began to gather together believing the word of the jackass that the two donkeys have to go.

Suddenly, a very small group of people begin voicing their concern. They believe even if the said two donkeys are chased out much like Frankenstein was, there would be other donkeys to replace them. So, it is best, they believe, that the people wait until in one given day, the people can rid the world of these donkeys and build a new one from then on.

* I have to think of the conclusion of the story but do like the way it is going.

By the way, I was thinking of adding a bit of spice. Perhaps the donkeys could have a serial killer squad, killing people who may cause problems for them. Perhaps, 3 ladies and even an entire village.

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