Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Surprisng Watch

Many a times it has been said 'There's nothing like a good read'. This may hold true especially for fiction novels made into movies where the latter would have a hard time to stay true to the story. While one or two movies may have been said to even surpassed the mark of the writer, purist would vehemently argue and even deny such statements. The illiterate that I am, I do have the tendency to lean slightly with the purist. However...

Before I get to my story, I do have a confession to make: Ever since I left my last position and later, as a volunteer with webtv8, I have not been on the move to capture or write new topics, personal problems aside. Living more like a hermit although, surprisingly, hermit crabs are more sociable than thought to be, I've had very few good reads left, relying more on old ones which can, and does, give a deeper insight with each turn of the worn-out pages. As such, my writings on this blog, is getting to be more of an open diary of my life which I am pretty sure more than a soul or two would akin it to being illegible were the tapping of the keyboard a pen, and the electronic scriptures which visualise my thoughts, the ink. But a write is still a write even if it is a form of release. Reading this para again, I now feel lost. Don't take me too seriously.

'One Hundred Foot Journey' was a beautiful movie. I say this because I have yet to get hold of the hard copy, and reading online anything more than a few pages long is not my idea of a good time. So until I get my hands on the real thing, I will continue to say that 'OHFJ' was a good movie. Of course, just like anything else in this world, there were some flaws. For one, the character Helen Mirren played, crumbled too easily. The director should have focused and captured her bitterness a tad more so that when she does crumble, it would be a scene of humility that would evoke more compassion towards her by the viewers. The rest, you'll have to see or read it yourself.

Then from a trawl of good movies, some good, some bad...and yes, I think I'm watching just a wee bit more than I should, suddenly, come a movie with an unexpected storyline and one  that was not based on a book, but the idea from one. But before that, if you're into scifi drama, do watch 'Predestination'. I may be giving away too much but I find it to be good tkough somewhat in line with 'Source Code', 'Deja Vu',  'Edge of Tomorrow' and the entire 'Twilight Zone' series, and yet, standing on its own. My apology to anyone noticing the slight tease there but... no buts.

'A Man From Earth' is about 5 friends wanting to wish farewell to one but found themselves stuck in a mesmerising but provocative tale of a man who has been living for 14,000 years. It is not a film for scifi or action movie viewers. In fact, a quarter way through, I would imagine this film turned into a stunning play. Not that I am a fan of stage-plays but yes, it could. The dialogue was great and some lines found me laughing all by myself. Sadly no, it is not a comedy, not the way you think. But it can be viewed as one in a loony way simply because it affronts Judaism and Christianity - revealed halfway though. And what affronts the core belief of the 2 religions, affronts Islam, my religion. But watching the movie just made my belief stronger. I will not go on about the movie and leave it up to you to decide yourself. Enough said.

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