Monday, August 03, 2015

And So, I Met Thor

Just before this past Ramadhan, sometime late June, my siblings and I had to make a trip to Kota Bharu. Since it was intended to be a day trip, we took an early flight from Subang Airport. Now, I've not been traveling by air these past 8years or so but thought nothing much has changed. I mean, the Stratosphere-Jump Flight envisioned more than 2 decades ago my many in the aviation industry seem to have stalled. The theory, if I remember right, was to shoot a commercial liner up like a rocket and then glide down to the scheduled destination taking advantage of the Earth's rotation. Something like those rockets they send out, and that's all I know. Back to the story, and to my horror, the plane we got on was a propeller! I mean, hello! Can't say much but soon as I found my seat, I closed my eyes the entire short flight. But it was not the flight nor the plane that had me in shock, rather, it was the security. 

As per norm, there's the x-ray machine where you put everything you have on your body for it to scan. Now, I was wearing one of my yesteryear's pants which needs a belt to hold it up. I like wearing them as it gives me more room in my pocket as well as easier to move, But at the security check, one security officer suddenly said out loud "Belts off, please!" Double hello! 

Reluctantly I did as he said and walked through the metal-scanner with one hand holding the pants up. Just as I stepped nearer to a security officer on the other side, he said "Raise your hands, please!" 
 My mind goes "I need a Hero!". 

Growing up with a father who is an avid reader helped my siblings and I to become readers too. While they poured themselves onto school books, one though, found more reading pleasure with comics and uh, comics. Having graduated from British publications such as Beano and Dandy, Great Battle Library and War Battle Library as well as my favourite to this date, the presently unavailable 2000AD, I soon found DC and Marvel publications. And boy, what great reads they were for a boy who was always looking for an adventure.

 The small library of comics I had included the entire X-Men stable (Uncanny, Classic, X-Factor and single issues) Conan The King and Conan Barbarian as well as a new found hero in the name of Dare Devil. Thor, was not to my liking. But as the years rolled by and with the price spiraling up, I soon outgrew them, or so I thought...

Now, before I get to how I did meet Thor, let me just reminisce about the Thor I read as a child.

Just like in the movies, Thor is from Asgard, But when he's not fighting some villains somewhere in the universe, he would assume his alter ego here on Earth as a doctor who limps and walks with the assistance of a cane. Hmm...sounds like House, doesn't he? Anyway, that was the Thor I remember.

 So on that particular day, I was pacing the with of a hall in a hospital while waiting for my number to be called. The pace was tiring, I don't mind telling you but it was kind of worth it for what was to happen soon. As per normal with us Pacers, when we get tired of pacing we find the nearest available seat to rest a while. And as per normal when we do put ourselves at ease, the number miraculously comes up.

 I knocked on the door and peered in. "Come in, come in" the doctor said. I did and took the seat across the desk.
"Give me a minute while I read your blood report" she said. That was it it, the cue I needed.
"I'm sorry Doc" I said, looking down at the floor and putting up a sad face.
"Huh? What's wrong?" and she put down the file and sat erect.
"I did my best but all the places I know, even the wholesalers said it was out of stock"
"Wh...what is out of stock?" she asked with a more sincere inquisitive mind.
"The wholesalers said as it was approaching mid February, everything's gone" I said, ignoring her question.
"Wha,,,what's gone?" with a serious look on her face.
"Mosquito Heart" I said softly.
"Mosquito Heart" I repeated and continued "The Lady of Mount Ophir said it was a prerequisite to win a woman's heart".
"Who?" she had the confused look on her face and so I said "Puteri Gunung Ledang".
Whack! She hit me on my left hand with the nearest long medical equipment she could get her hands on. Then she laughed and we became friendlier.

My best bet is that it must be difficult for a doctor to do her duty while trying not to laugh and at the same time be friendly with a patient. She got on the phone and asked another doctor to come in and assist.

The new doctor walked in tall and erect and while the 2 doctors were talking about something medical not relating to my case, I noticed the name tag.
"No! It can't be!" my mouth must have been opened wide and I must have said it loudly for both the doctors looked at me. There was no cane and the walk was without any limp.
"You can't be Thor" I said pointing my fingers at the name tag. But the doctor is.

Thor, to my surprise is real! The greatest shock is that Thor, is a lady doctor! She is, and she's currently serving in a hospital bordering KL and Petaling Jaya. And while she admit to not being a superhero, she is rather attractive.


To all my Muslim friends, brothers and sisters, I do apologise for not doing this sooner but Eid Mubarak! May we meet the month of Ramadhan next year.

"First Encounter"
Theme: Nature, Flowers
Exposure: 25seconds
Lighting: Torchlight.
*Cropped - I do not own macro lens.

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